Sausage Dip Recipe photo by Taste of Home
Total Time
Prep: 15 min. Cook: 35 min.
This zippy sausage dip relies on a foolproof formula of savory sausage, spicy peppers and creamy cheese. Best of all, it's a breeze to make.

Updated: Apr. 11, 2024

It’s a truth universally acknowledged that the only thing a party really needs is a good dip. Whether it’s for a holiday bash, a game day gathering or a simple get-together, dip recipes just make things better. And with its uncommonly complex flavor and simple ingredients, this sausage dip is one of our favorites.

As far as cream cheese dip recipes go, this one is a little spicy, very savory, irresistibly creamy and tantalizingly tangy. It cooks quickly on the stove, and is served a fondue pot or slow cooker to keep it warm. It’s so good, you’ll realize you don’t need a party at all to enjoy it. Make it as a snack any time you have a craving!

Ingredients for Sausage Dip

  • Sausage: The meat in this dip makes it a bit heartier than other cheese dip recipes. The recipe calls for regular pork sausage, but you can use any flavor you want. If you can’t find bulk sausage, use links. Just remove the casings and crumble the meat while it cooks.
  • Tomatoes: Chopped tomatoes add a bit of sweet tartness that balances the richness of the sausage and cheese. If juicy tomatoes aren’t in season, try using cherry or grape tomatoes (which tend to be better year-round) or swap in canned whole tomatoes (drain them and don’t use the juice). You can also use Rotel, which combines diced tomatoes and chiles, though you may want to cut back on the extra chiles.
  • Canned chiles: Green chiles impart smokiness as well as spice. They’re usually mild to medium in terms of heat, which makes them appealing to most eaters. If you like extra spice, swap in fresh jalapenos or add a hot pepper or two to the pot. If you prefer a milder dip, use poblanos or simply reduce the quantity of peppers.
  • Cream cheese: Thick, tangy cream cheese is the secret ingredient in many of our favorite dips. Leave it out to soften for an hour; this will help it melt more evenly.
  • Sour cream: What’s a dip without sour cream? Full-fat sour cream always tastes better in dips, but you can use a lower-fat sour cream if you prefer.


Step 1: Brown the sausage

Cooked sausage, onion and green pepper in a large skillet with. wooden spatulaTMB Studio

In a large skillet, cook the sausage, onion and green pepper over medium heat for about five to seven minutes, until the meat is no longer pink, breaking the sausage into crumbles as it cooks with a spatula or wooden spoon. Drain off any excess fat.

Step 2: Add tomatoes and chiles

Tomatoes and chiles mixed in the sausage mixture in a large skilletTMB Studio

Stir in the tomatoes and chiles. Bring everything to a boil, then reduce the heat and simmer, uncovered, for 30 minutes, stirring occasionally until the mix thickens.

Step 3: Add the cheese

Adding the cream cheese in the sausage mixture in a skillet using a spatulaTMB Studio

Add the cream cheese and stir until it’s melted. Stir in the sour cream and gently heat through.

Editor’s Tip: Lowering the heat when adding dairy products will help prevent them from curdling or separating. You do not want to boil this mixture after the cream cheese and sour cream are added.

Step 4: Serve

Sausage Cream Cheese Dip served with chips placed on a wooden surfaceTMB Studio

Transfer the dip to a fondue pot to keep it warm. If desired, garnish it with minced green onions. Serve the dip with chips, crackers and sliced vegetables like cucumbers, peppers, carrots and broccoli.

Recipe Variations

  • Change up the sausage: Swap in spicy sausage like hot Italian or even chorizo to crank up the heat. You can even use a plant-based meat alternative to make the dip vegetarian-friendly (it won’t be vegan since there’s still lots of dairy in the dip).
  • Add hot sauce: Love spice? Shake a few dashes of your favorite hot sauce into the pot. Or add some smoked paprika or a pinch of cayenne to the sausage mixture.
  • Add garlic: Extra garlic is never a bad idea! Garlic lovers can add a clove or two of minced garlic to the sausage and pepper mixture while it’s cooking, or even a 1/2 teaspoon or more of garlic powder.
  • Use salsa: Instead of tomatoes or Rotel, try adding 1 cup of your favorite salsa to the mixture. Here are the best salsa brands according to our Test Kitchen pros.

Can you make sausage dip ahead of time?

Yes! Since sausage dip keeps well in the fridge, it’s one of our favorite make-ahead appetizer recipes. After making the dip, allow it to cool, then cover it tightly or transfer it to an airtight container. Store the dip up to five days in the fridge. Gently reheat it on the stovetop, stirring frequently.

Can you freeze sausage dip?

Sausage dip can be frozen, but because our recipe has sour cream in it, the texture may turn slightly grainy (a few tips for that below).

To freeze the sausage cheese dip, first allow the dip to cool completely. Transfer it to an airtight container, cover it tightly and freeze it. The dip will keep for up to three months in the freezer.

When you’re ready to serve the sausage dip, the texture will be creamiest if you defrost it overnight in the refrigerator, then reheat gently in a saucepan or slow cooker. If the dip is a bit too thick or grainy, add a spoonful of milk or sour cream. If the dip is a little watery, whisk it vigorously and add extra sour cream or cream cheese.

Sausage Dip Tips

Sausage Cream Cheese Dip with chips served on a tableTMB Studio

How can you thin sausage cream cheese dip?

If the sausage cheese dip looks too thick, stir in a spoonful of milk or sour cream. Mix it well, and add another spoonful or two until the consistency is just right.

Can you serve sausage cream cheese dip in a slow cooker instead of a fondue pot?

Absolutely! Slow-cooker dip recipes are some of our favorites. In Step 4, simply transfer the dip to a slow cooker and turn it to the low heat or warm setting. (Going too high will make the dip dry.) Stir occasionally, and keep the lid on when possible to prevent a skin from forming over the top.

Watch how to Make Sausage Dip

Super Sausage Dip

Prep Time 15 min
Cook Time 35 min
Yield 5 cups.


  • 1 pound bulk pork sausage
  • 1 small onion, chopped
  • 1/2 cup chopped green pepper
  • 3 medium tomatoes, chopped
  • 1 can (4 ounces) chopped green chiles
  • 1 package (8 ounces) cream cheese, cubed
  • 2 cups sour cream
  • Green onions, optional
  • Tortilla chips


  1. In a large skillet, cook sausage, onion and green pepper over medium heat until meat is no longer pink, 5-7 minutes, breaking sausage into crumbles; drain.
  2. Stir in tomatoes and chiles. Bring to a boil. Reduce heat; simmer, uncovered, 30 minutes, stirring occasionally.
  3. Add cream cheese; stir until melted. Stir in sour cream; heat through. (Do not boil.) Transfer to a fondue pot and keep warm. If desired, garnish with green onions. Serve with chips.

Nutrition Facts

2 tablespoons: 75 calories, 7g fat (3g saturated fat), 20mg cholesterol, 103mg sodium, 2g carbohydrate (1g sugars, 0 fiber), 2g protein.

This scrumptious snack will go fast! The sausage cream cheese dip recipe is so easy to make and fits Southwestern flavor to a T. My pot is always scraped clean! —Kaye Christiansen, Freistatt, Missouri