Turnips Recipes

Tossed into casseroles or stirred into stews, recipes with turnips are classic yet stand the test of time. Keep it old-school with mashed or roasted turnips, or opt to go trendy with vegan turnip dishes.

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    Speedy Shrimp Flatbreads

    My husband and I are hooked on flatbread pizzas, especially this shrimp flatbread pizza recipe. I make at least one a week just to have something tasty around as a snack. This one came together easily because I had all the ingredients on hand. —Cheryl Woodson, Liberty, Missouri

    Cornish Pasties

    7 reviews

    My Great-Aunt Gladys was from a small mining town in England where pasties were popular. I loved to watch her...

    Root Vegetable Pave

    5 reviews

    This is a stunning side dish to serve company. The robust blend features earthy root vegetables in a lightly herbed...

    Turnip Hash Pasties

    1 review

    This is a great winter recipe. Not only does it include nutritious vegetables, but meat as well. It's a mild...

    Turnip Coleslaw

    2 reviews

    My mother gave this recipe to me, and it's one of my family's favorites. It's popular at church suppers, too.

    Turnip Bake

    6 reviews

    This recipe has been in our family for years. We like turnips with turkey, so my mother used to serve...

    Cheesy Turnips and Carrots

    4 reviews

    Mild-tasting turnips and carrots are wonderfully enhanced by ginger, onion and a mouthwatering creamy cheese sauce in this super side...

    Winter Harvest Vegetable Soup

    7 reviews

    Rich, earthy root vegetables blend with savory spices and the tartness of apples in this wonderful soup from Barbara Marakowski...

    Scalloped Turnips

    2 reviews

    My husband and I have five grown children and 13 grandchildren. This is the only kind of cooked turnips our...

    Root Stew

    1 review

    While inventing a new form of comfort food, I made a stew of carrots, turnips, parsnips and rutabaga. When I'm...

    Truly Tasty Turnips with Greens

    2 reviews

    This savory dish is a hit at every church dinner. Adjust the seasonings as you please to make the recipe...

    Pressure-Cooker Truly Tasty Turnip Greens

    2 reviews

    These savory greens are a hit at every church dinner. Adjust the seasonings as you please to make the recipe...

    Mashed Carrots and Turnips

    3 reviews

    This recipe has been in my family for years. It's an inexpensive and easy dish to prepare.

    Turnip Puff

    2 reviews

    “My family would never eat turnips until I served them this way,” says Debbie Henry from Phelpston, Ontario. This downsized...

    Scotch Broth Soup

    8 reviews

    Early in winter, I make up big pots of this hearty soup to freeze in plastic containers. Then I can...

    Sliced Ham with Roasted Vegetables

    2 reviews

    To prepare this colorful, zesty oven meal, I "shop" in my backyard for the fresh garden vegetables and oranges (we...

    Savory Root Vegetable Soup

    1 review

    Instead of the usual side dishes, consider serving a vegetable-laden soup at Thanksgiving or other holidays. Each spoonful will warm...

    Turnip Slaw

    3 reviews

    I found this recipe in a local newspaper when we moved to Arkansas almost 20 years ago. The recipe was...

    Mashed Peppery Turnips

    2 reviews

    I created this recipe in an attempt to use up a great turnip harvest from our garden, and to lighten...

    Country Turnip Greens

    5 reviews

    If you’ve never tried making turnip greens, my recipe is an easy, tasty way to start. Pork and onions give...

    Scotch Broth

    2 reviews

    “Add a side of bread to this luscious concoction of lamb, vegetables and barley, and you'll have all a hungry...

    Vegetable Soup with Beef

    4 reviews

    I've been making this beef and vegetable soup for more than 20 years. The beer makes people stop and wonder...

    Creamy Turnip Soup

    5 reviews

    In nearby Wardsboro, Vermont, they have a fall festival where one of the entrees is this delicious soup. Reheats wonderfully...

    Root Vegetable Pot Roast

    1 review

    During the hectic holiday season, I make this roast a lot. We've scarfed it down before and after shopping, and...

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