Lemon Cookie Recipes

Take a bite out of these sweet and tart lemon cookie recipes. We have ideas for lemon crinkle cookies, healthy lemon cookies, Italian lemon cookies and more.

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I Made Giada De Laurentiis’ Viral Lemon Ricotta Cookies, and They’re Heavenly

These soft-baked lemon ricotta cookies by Giada De Laurentiis are the perfect treat when you're craving something lemony and sweet.

Lavender and Lemon Biscochitos

1 review

Biscochitos are the state cookie for our home state of New Mexico. They are traditionally made with anise seeds, but...

How to Make Soft and Chewy Lemon Cookies

These delightful lemon cookies taste like summer sunshine.

31 Lemon Cookies for Lemon Lovers Only

Indulge in tart and tang when you bite into one of these lemon cookies. They're sure to satisfy any lemon...

Lemon Blueberry Whoopie Pies

9 reviews

These pies are soft, cakey cookies studded with tart, juicy blueberries and filled with tangy cream cheese frosting. I bring...

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Air-Fryer Lemon Slice Sugar Cookies

Here's a refreshing variation of my grandmother's sugar cookie recipe. Lemon pudding mix and icing add a subtle tartness that...

Lemon Snowdrops

8 reviews

I save my snowdrop cookies for special occasions. The crunchy, buttery sandwich cookie has a puckery lemon filling. —Bernice Martinoni,...

Dipped Sandwich Cookies

5 reviews

With a lemon filling and chocolate coating, these buttery sandwich cookies are often requested at my house, particularly for special...

Lemon Drop Cookies

29 reviews

After we'd visited at her house, my sister sent a "care" package for the trip home. Tucked inside were these...

Gingerbread Cookies with Lemon Frosting

4 reviews

When I spread these spicy gingerbread rounds with my lemony cream cheese frosting, I knew I had a hit. Cardamom...

Citrus Gingerbread Cookies

1 review

Orange and lemon zest give gingerbread cutouts a refreshing twist. Brushing a honey glaze over the top adds a subtle...

Lemon Cornmeal Cookies

Anything lemon makes my day brighter and these soft cookies have a fabulous lemon aroma and a subtle lemon flavor....

Citrus Almond Cookies

1 review

These frosted goodies were a "must" every Christmas in my mother's family. I think the blend of milk chocolate, toasted...

Lemon Cooler Cookies

2 reviews

Baking soda helps brown these crisp, lemony, shortbread-like goodies created by our Test Kitchen experts. If you’re a fan of...

Lemon & Rosemary Butter Cookies

3 reviews

Cooling lemon and aromatic rosemary make these butter cookies stand out at the holidays. I use them to punch up...

Lemon Tea Cookies

18 reviews

These sandwich cookies taste rich and buttery and have a lovely lemon filling. The recipe has been in our family...

Lemon Meringue Pie Cookies

5 reviews

Here's a way to have the refreshing flavor of lemon meringue pie in a hand-held cookie. The meringue base is...

Lemon Lover’s Cookies

38 reviews

These light cookies will melt in your mouth. They're sure to be a hit wherever you serve them. —Virginia Dillard,...

Lemon Thins

4 reviews

These irresistible thins have a tart lemon taste and crisp texture. To create a simple but special dessert, place some...

Mom’s Lemon Sugar Cookies

6 reviews

These tender, soft sugar cookies have just a hint of lemon. If you like more lemon flavor, go ahead and...

Lemon Zucchini Drops

16 reviews

When we lived on the East Coast, a nearby fruit and vegetable stand had a bakery featuring these soft, cakelike...

Italian Lemon Cookies

4 reviews

Christmas wouldn't be the same without my grandmother's cookies. A plate full of these light and zesty cookies is divine!...

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Holiday Sugar Cookies

2 reviews

I add a hint of lemon to these delightful Christmas sugar cookies. For make-ahead convenience, freeze the dough up to...

Lemon Oatmeal Sugar Cookies

5 reviews

My grandmother always made these cookies for us for Christmas, and now I have inherited that task. I make them...

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Lemon Anise Biscotti

3 reviews

With the growing popularity of gourmet coffees, cappuccino and espresso, I’m finding lots of people enjoy these classic Sicilian dipping...

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Lemon Shortbreads

9 reviews

Every year my mom and I collect cookie recipes we want to try and then get together in early December...

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Lemon Oatmeal Cookies

25 reviews

This is an especially fun recipe to make with kids because they can roll the dough into balls and flatten...

Lemon Shortbread Cookies

2 reviews

I received this recipe for lemon shortbread cookies from my cousin, who tried to duplicate cookies she loved from a...

Lemon-Butter Spritz Cookies

18 reviews

This recipe makes a lot of terrific cookies! It's great for Christmas when all the kids and grandkids visit. They...

Lemon Meltaways

12 reviews

Both the cookie and the frosting are spiked with lemon in these melt-in-your-mouth goodies. Your family won't be able to...

Lemon-Ricotta Cookies

5 reviews

I work for a special education school and our students run their own catering business. Every time they make this...