Turkey Chili Recipes

Enjoy these family-favorite turkey chili recipes, including bean chili, chipotle chili, spicy chili, white turkey chili, turkey chili with pasta and more.

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    How to Make the Best Turkey Chili

    When you're craving down-home comfort food—but not all of the fat—turn to this turkey chili recipe. Ground turkey recipes, like this one, are packed with tons of flavor. Here's how to make it at home.

    Our Top Turkey Chili Recipes

    When you need some soul-warming comfort food, turn to these top turkey chili recipes. They're rich, satisfying and packed with...

    Instant Pot Chili con Carne

    1 review

    Although multicookers can’t replace every tool in the kitchen, they sure are coming close. Chili con carne is one of...

    Sweet Potato Chili with Turkey

    4 reviews

    My slow-cooker chili is packed with flavor. Swapping ground turkey for ground beef lightens it up, and sweet potato puree...

    Pressure-Cooker Turkey Chili

    I've taken my mother's milder recipe for chili and made it thicker and more robust. It's a favorite, especially in...

    Turkey Chili

    9 reviews

    I've taken my mother's turkey chili recipe and made it thicker and more robust. It's a favorite, especially in fall...

    White Turkey Chili

    17 reviews

    Here's proof that chili doesn't have to be red. I combined several recipes and changed flavors until the recipe was...

    Thick Turkey Bean Chili

    1 review

    "When our daughters wouldn't eat the spicy chili beans I prepared, I came up with this milder, slightly sweet version,"...

    White Bean and Chicken Chili

    3 reviews

    To create this yummy white chili, I adapted three different recipes. It’s mild, so everyone can dig in. People who...

    Turkey White Chili

    9 reviews

    Growing up in a Pennsylvania Dutch area, I was surrounded by excellent cooks and wonderful foods. I enjoy experimenting with...

    Turkey Bean Soup

    5 reviews

    Substitute your favorite beans if cannellini and lima beans are not to your family's taste.

    Quick White Bean Turkey Chili

    My husband came home from a sales trip to the East Coast raving about white bean chili. This is our...

    Spicy Ground Turkey Chili

    "This chili is a scrumptious change of pace, thanks to ground turkey and the addition of cinnamon and allspice," writes...

    Quick White Turkey Chili

    3 reviews

    Lauri Pobanz combines white corn, great northern beans and leftover turkey to prepare this steaming chili. "I appreciate how fast...

    Turkey Chili with Penne

    2 reviews

    This turkey chili easily turns into a vegetarian dish by leaving out the meat or replacing it with soy crumbles....

    Cincinnati-Style Chili

    10 reviews

    My husband had this type of chili when visiting a friend in Ohio and was thrilled when I made it...

    Zesty Turkey Chili

    For a change from your traditional chili, try this version with turkey. The spices will make it so zippy, you...

    White Bean Turkey Chili

    3 reviews

    Looking for a hearty but healthy chili for your crew? Well, look no further, Dorothy Muenzer serves this robust meal...

    Spicy Turkey Chili

    5 reviews

    "This peppery chili is not for the faint of stomach," assures Margaret Shauers of Great Bend, Kansas. "It's saucy and...

    Chipotle Turkey Chili

    9 reviews

    I combined a few chili recipes for this spicy low-fat variety. It's great with crusty rolls or baked tortilla chips....

    Autumn Pumpkin Chili

    26 reviews

    We have this turkey pumpkin chili often because everyone loves it, even the most finicky grandchildren. It’s a definite keeper...

    Effortless Black Bean Chili

    6 reviews

    My mom found the inspiration for this chili in a slow-cooker cookbook. After a few updates, all of us love...

    Turkey Chili with Pasta

    2 reviews

    Some may call it witches’ stew, but we think this hearty chili is the ultimate comfort food. It’s a perfect...

    One-Pot Chili Mac

    28 reviews

    This hearty entree is low in fat, but full of flavor. I love that you can cook the dried pasta...

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    Hearty Turkey Chili

    1 review

    “My mother-in-law introduced our family to this chili a few years ago, and we can't seem to get enough of...

    Anytime Turkey Chili

    12 reviews

    I created this dish to grab the voters’ attention at a chili contest we held in our backyard. With pumpkin,...

    Guilt-Free Chicken Chili

    4 reviews

    This chili is a keeper. Make it on Sunday and you get lunch for the rest of the week, too....

    Terrific Turkey Chili

    14 reviews

    This satisfying medley is full of tomato flavor and also provides a good dose of fiber. To keep it light,...

    Black Bean Turkey Chili

    3 reviews

    This busy-day chili is packed with flavor. We make it ahead and freeze some to eat later. —Marisela Segovia, Miami,...

    Quinoa Turkey Chili

    25 reviews

    This heart-healthy turkey quinoa chili is not only tasty, it's a vitamin and protein powerhouse! —Sharon Giljum, San Diego, California