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    Tuscan Sun Orange Cranberry Cake

    1 review

    This recipe came to be through much trial and error. Growing up, my family used farina flour in desserts, and I thought it would lend a nice texture to this cake. It's an Old World Italian-style cake, delicious but not too sweet. The orange-cranberry combination is perfect! —Ninette Holbrook, Orlando, Florida

    Spiced Rum Fruitcake

    1 review

    This fruitcake not only can be made weeks ahead, it tastes better that way! You can substitute Brazil nuts, pecans...

    Upside-Down Fruitcake

    2 reviews

    I get tired of people bad-mouthing holiday fruitcakes. It's one of my favorite holiday flavors and I look forward to...

    Moist Applesauce Fruitcake

    5 reviews

    The recipe for this flavorful cake has been handed down in my husbands' family for four generations.

    Coconut Fruitcake

    13 reviews

    A neighbor gave me this recipe when we first moved to this small town, saying it dated back to the...

    Miniature Christmas Fruitcakes

    2 reviews

    I’ve found that people who normally won’t eat fruitcake make an exception when they sample these. Using mini muffin pans...

    Candy Orange Slice Fruitcake

    2 reviews

    My version of yule fruitcake has a citrusy twist. When you share it, be prepared to pass around the recipe....

    Chocolate Chip Fruitcake

    1 review

    "Chocolate chips temp even those who don't care for fruitcake to try this one," says Ruth Peterson, Jenison, Michigan.

    Miniature Fruitcakes

    3 reviews

    "I've been using this recipe for 40 years," reports Ruth Burrus, Zionsville, Indiana. "The cakes make cute gifts."

    No-Bake Fruitcake

    "Keep your oven free for other holiday baking with this easy recipe," suggests Joy Maynard of St. Ignatius, Montana.

    Quick Fruitcake

    3 reviews

    "This moist loaf is the perfect choice for people who don't like the candied fruits that go into traditional fruitcake,"...

    Holiday Fruitcake

    16 reviews

    This is my own fruitcake recipe and it's a family favorite. The mixture of fruits and nuts helps make it...

    Mini Fruitcakes

    1 review

    Fruitcake always looked so festive to me but I did not like the hard citron fruit so I came up...

    Cherry Pineapple Fruitcake

    This is the finishing touch to our Christmas dinner. My family always claimed they didn't like fruitcake, but they love...

    Chiffon Fruitcake

    1 review

    Unlike typical fruitcakes, this tall cake is nice and light. The cinnamon whipped cream adds a bit of festive flair.

    Light Candied Fruitcake

    Light as a feather and full of flavor, this fruitcake from Nancy Adams of Las Vegas, Nevada makes a delectable...

    Heirloom Fruitcake

    2 reviews

    I wanted a holiday fruitcake made with butter, honey , eggs and cream. When I couldn't find a recipe, I...

    Golden Fruitcake

    Fruitcake has been favored by my family ever since my sister shared this light version. It's moist and filled with...

    Jeweled Fruitcake

    3 reviews

    I promise this jeweled fruitcake is simply fantastic. Even my friends and family members who don’t normally care for fruitcake...

    Pecan Date Fruitcake

    2 reviews

    My husband grew up in Louisiana and has fond memories of his mother's fruitcake. I make this for him every...

    Easy-Does-It Fruitcake

    1 review

    These miniature loaves are chock-full of tempting fruit and nuts. The glaze makes them extra moist and tasty. They are...

    Apple Fruitcake

    I love traditional fruitcake, but the rest of my family does not. The apple version I came up with got...

    Apricot Fruitcake

    My husband didn't care for fruitcake (which I love) - till he tasted this one.
    He and I have...

    Date-Nut Fruitcake

    2 reviews

    Unlike traditional fruitcake, with its dark color and dense texture, this fruitcake is light-colored and light-textured, flavored with orange, coconut,...

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    Special Holiday Fruitcake

    6 reviews

    “I got this recipe from my husband's aunt. Everyone likes it, even me, and I was never crazy about fruitcake...

    Festive Fruitcakes

    Having made this fruitcake for many years, I can promise you it's so much better than anything you'll find in...

    FlowerPot Fruitcake

    Here's a new variety of fruitcake folks will surely favor. Mary Kay Calnan of Worthington, Ohio started with a pound...

    Vanilla Wafer Fruitcake

    2 reviews

    This was my dear grandmother's recipe. She was a farmer's wife and a very good cook. Even folks who don't...

    Bite-Size Fruitcakes

    Meet the Cook: Because I didn't care for fruitcake, I had to have the recipe for this after I found...

    Fresh Grapefruit Cake

    5 reviews

    This dessert's particularly good for a backyard barbecue. My husband enjoys it, and our 2-year-old son thinks we're having a...