25 Romantic Desserts That Will Make Your Date Swoon

Get ready to fall in love with these romantic desserts. Be sure to grab two spoons!

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A great meal is the foundation for a classic date night in. But the sweetest way to conclude your romantic dinner comes in the form of showstopping desserts. Try these sweet recipes for two or explore more romantic desserts that make use of some of our favorite lovely ingredients: chocolate, berries and a splash of champagne.

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Flourless Chocolate Cake

This rich and decadent cake is one of our favorite romantic desserts. Top it with a bit of ganache or fresh berries for your next date night. —Taste of Home Test Kitchen

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Raspberry Meringue Hearts

Here’s a lovely dessert that your guests will think is almost too pretty to eat! I love the graceful heart shape of the raspberry meringue. It’s perfect for a romantic occasion. —Mary Lou Wayman, Salt Lake City, Utah
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Slow-Cooker Chocolate Pots de Creme

Petite Mason jars are just right for single servings of these lush treats. Enjoy them at home or pack them in your picnic basket for date night. —Nick Iverson, Denver, Colorado

It’s love at first bite with these romantic Valentine’s Day dinners. Elegant scallops, flavorful steaks, and more impressive meals will have your sweetheart swooning in no time.

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Cheesecake-Stuffed Strawberries

These luscious cheesecake-stuffed strawberries are the perfect bite-sized dessert. —Stephen Munro, Beaver Bank, Nova Scotia
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Black Tie Mousse Cake

You may recognize this cake from the Olive Garden menu, but trust us: the homemade version is even better. —Taste of Home Test Kitchen

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Creme Brulee

The recipe for this smooth-as-silk creme brulee came from a local restaurant years ago. With its broiled topping it looks pretty in individual cups. I love to serve it up as a romantic dessert.—Heidi Main, Anchorage, Alaska
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Pears and Cranberries Poached in Wine
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Pears and Cranberries Poached in Wine

Elegant and romantic desserts don’t have to take tons of work. Tart and refreshing, this simple-to-make treat is a tasty dinner finale. —Eva Amuso, Cheshire, Massachusetts
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Mini Chocolate Wafer Cakes

I first made these cakes for a friend when I lived in the dorms at college and had no access to appliances. Little did I know I would be making them 20 years later for my children! —Lara Pennell, Mauldin, South Carolina
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Elegant White Chocolate Mousse

Simply elegant is a fitting description for this smooth treat. Whipped cream teams up with white chocolate to make this easy white chocolate mousse recipe extra special. —Laurinda Johnston, Belchertown, Massachusetts
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Champagne Truffles

Who can resist champagne truffles? Especially when they are so very easy to make! Serve them in gold foil candy cups for an elegant look. Here are some tips for opening a bottle of champagne with ease. —Deirdre Cox, Kansas City, Missouri
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Raspberry Chocolate Puffs

This chocolaty, flaky dessert is one of my favorite show-off recipes because it makes a spectacular presentation. The best part? It’s actually surprisingly easy and quick to make. —Anneliese Deising, Plymouth, Michigan
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Hot Cocoa Souffle

A friend invited me to go to a cooking demo at her church years ago, and one of the recipes prepared was this luscious souffle. It was so easy—and absolutely delicious. —Joan Hallford, North Richland Hills, Texas
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Creamy Cherry Cheesecake

The inspiration for me to find this recipe was my husband. He loves cheesecake! —Julie Sibley, Kenai, Alaska
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Semisweet Chocolate Mousse

A friend shared this rich velvety chocolate mousse recipe with me. I love to cook and have tons of recipes, but this one is a favorite. Best of all, it's easy to make. —Judy Spencer, San Diego, California
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Strawberry Jam Cake

Every year I make this special strawberry jam cake for the Relay for Life cake raffle. It has raised lots of money for a good cause. —Tammy Urbina, Warner Robins, Georgia
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Spiced Chocolate Molten Cakes

This splurge dessert is the kind you just have to linger over. Plunge your fork into one of the cakes and the chocolate and conversation start flowing. —Deb Carpenter, Hastings, Michigan
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Chocolate Truffle Pie

I discovered a fast recipe for a delectable chocolate mousse some years ago and thought it might make a good filling for a pie. The chocolate lovers in our family endorse this scrumptious dessert, saying that it “melts in your mouth”! —Keri Scofield Lawson, Fullerton, California
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Chocolate-Dipped Strawberry Meringue Roses

Eat these pretty treats as is or crush them into a bowl of strawberries and whipped cream. Readers of my blog, utry.it, went nuts when I posted that idea.—Amy Tong, Anaheim, California
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Berries in Champagne Jelly

This sparkly treat makes for a light and refreshing after-dinner treat. It’s one of my favorite romantic desserts. Don’t forget to serve up the extra champagne with dinner. —Andrea Barnhoom, Scottsville, New York
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Rich and Creamy Tiramisu

Tiramisu is Italian for pick-me-up, and this one is definitely true to its name! My version of the classic Tuscan trifle has both coffee and espresso for layers of java flavor. —Lauren McAnelly, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
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Cheesecake Berry Parfaits

The summer berry season is a real treat. This is an easy way to enjoy berries with cheesecake, which is a refreshing change from traditional pudding and fruit parfaits. —Patricia Schroedl, Jefferson, Wisconsin
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Chocolate Bread Pudding

This is a fun recipe because the chocolate makes it different from traditional bread pudding. It's a rich, comforting dessert. —Mildred Sherrer, Fort Worth, Texas
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Sweetheart Coconut Cookies

Ruby red jam and coarse sugar add a festive look to these crisp sandwich cookies that are the perfect gift for loved ones. My husband likes coconut, so I make these for his birthday. —Jo Ellen Helmlinger, Columbus, Ohio
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Chocolate Truffles

You may be tempted to save these chocolate truffles for a special occasion since these smooth, creamy chocolates are divine. But with just a few ingredients, this truffle recipe is easy to make anytime. —Darlene Wiese-Appleby, Creston, Ohio
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Strawberry Biscuit Shortcake

It seams Mom was always making biscuits. She served them plain for breakfast and dinner, especially when we had stew or baked beans. My favorite was when she served them like this—topped with fresh strawberries and whipped cream! —Elaine Gagnon, Pawtucket, Rhode Island

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