If you’re looking for something sweet, try this easy-to-use dessert guide. We have tons of dessert recipes with pictures that will make your mouth water.

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      20 Halloween Cupcakes to Make in October

      Spooky and sweet, we're baking these fun Halloween cupcakes all October. Serve them at a Halloween party, after trick-or-treating or during a scary movie night.

      31 of Our Favorite Halloween Cookies

      Your little goblins will love these ghoulish Halloween cookies. From fun decorating ideas to spooky shapes, these treats are sure...

      50 Sweet and Spooky Halloween Treats

      Planning a fa-boo-lous party? Add these spooky Halloween treats to your menu. We have ideas that are a little scary,...

      Chewy Oatmeal Cookies

      64 reviews

      I packed chocolate chips, raisins, nuts and cinnamon into my oatmeal cookie recipe. These soft cookies are easy to make....

      45 Fall Cookie Recipes That’ll Make Your House Smell Amazing

      These fall cookie recipes are the perfect treats for the changing season. From pumpkin and apple to cranberry and pecan,...

      Easy Peanut Butter Fudge

      89 reviews

      My sister shared the recipe for this unbelievably easy peanut butter fudge with marshmallow cream. I prefer using creamy peanut...

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      50 White Desserts That Are Perfect for a White Christmas

      Even if there's no snow outside, these gorgeous white desserts bring plenty of sparkle to your holiday celebration.

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      Our Absolute Best Thumbprint Cookie Recipes

      From old-fashioned favorites to new-found flavors, we have the best thumbprint cookie recipes to fill your cookie tins.

      Gingerbread Amaretti Cookies

      The classic Italian cookie gets a new gingerbread twist! Don’t overbake—they should be slightly chewy. —Tina Zaccardi, Eastchester, New York

      50 of Our Favorite Pear Desserts

      Fall isn't just for apples! Switch things up tonight with a few of these incredible sweet pear desserts. With recipes...

      Pumpkin Brownies

      1 review

      Chocolate and pumpkin pair up to make a family-favorite fall dessert. These pumpkin brownies are fantastic for parties and picnics....

      Turkey Cake

      Create a simple centerpiece for your Thanksgiving dessert table. This turkey cake comes together fast with the help of a...

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      20 Caramel Pecan Desserts You’ll Go Nuts Over

      Caramel pecan is a match made in heaven! Give this classic combo a try in cookie, cheesecake, brownie and dessert...

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      40 Retro Dessert Salad Recipes We Cherish

      Grandma's menu always includes a delicious dessert salad recipe. Find her retro ideas for ambrosia, molded gelatin salads, fluffs and...

      We Made This 1985 Striped Delight Recipe—and It’s the Potluck Dessert of Our Dreams

      Take this vintage striped delight dessert to your next potluck. Everyone will be asking for the recipe!

      Bourbon Ice Cream

      The brown sugar in this decadent bourbon ice cream gives a hint of caramel flavor, which complements the bourbon. When...

      Banana Pudding Cake

      I love to make cakes, and my family loves banana pudding. One day while brainstorming in the kitchen, I came...

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      45 Vintage Pie Recipes We Still Make Today

      There's something about pie that reminds us of days gone by. From meringue-topped beauties to rustic apple treats, these old-fashioned...

      22 Fall Cupcake Flavors You’ll Want to Try Now

      With flavors like caramel apple, pumpkin spice and chai, it's hard to resist fall cupcakes!

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      Lumberjack Cookies

      After cutting your own Christmas tree, come home to a hot beverage and a plate of these cute lumberjack cookies....


      These Czech Christmas cookies are crunchy on the outside and chewy on the inside. The batter is prepared on the...

      We Tried Joanna Gaines’ Dulce de Leche Apple Pie

      The classic apple pie isn't exactly a fixer-upper, but we were intrigued by a Joanna Gaines twist on the classic....

      We Tried Joanna Gaines’ Peanut Butter Balls Recipe and It’s Getting Dog-Ear...

      This fantastic peanut butter balls recipe hits all the right notes for a sweet-meets-salty treat.

      How to Make Choux au Craquelin (Vanilla Cream Puffs) at Home

      While this choux au craquelin recipe may seem tricky to pull off, it's doable. And with an exquisite smooth, creamy...

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      16 Candy Desserts That Taste Just Like Your Favorite Sweets

      Transform your favorite quick-fix sweet into a treat that dessert that deserves to be savored. These candy desserts take inspiration...

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      15 Authentic Mexican Desserts

      Celebrate every day with these authentic Mexican desserts, including Mexican wedding cookies, fried ice cream, tres leches cake and more.

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      40 Sweet Old-World Recipes We Still Love Today

      Old-world recipes from grandma's kitchen have a special place in our hearts. Find sweet favorites from Poland, Germany, Italy and...

      Southern Peach Toasts

      These mini peach toasts are my creative homage to a beloved southern fresh peach cobbler. It has an upscale presentation...

      Butterscotch No-Bake Cookies

      More like a candy than a cookie, these little butterscotch no-bake cookies are delightful. —Andrea Price, Grafton, Wisconsin

      Cranberry Apple Sheet Pie

      My husband loves pie, so I made one with apples, raspberries and cranberries. This apple cranberry slab pie is so...