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23 Heart-Healthy Snacks to Keep You Satisfied

These heart-healthy snacks may be good for you, but they are anything but boring! Here are heart-smart options for when hunger strikes.

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Baked Sweet Potato FriesTaste of Home

Baked Sweet Potato Fries

Sweet potatoes are a nutritional powerhouse. They’re chock-full of antioxidants that protect your heart, plus potassium blunts the effect of sodium, which can help lower your risk of stroke. Try baking them for a healthy and satisfying snack. A serving has 243 calories and 7g fat.

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Peanut Butter on Whole Wheat Toast with Orange Juice and MilkLauriPatterson/iStock/Getty Images Plus

Whole Grain Toast with Peanut Butter

A great blend of fiber and healthy fats, a slice of whole grain toast with natural peanut butter is an easy snack that’s good for the heart. Both the dietary fiber in the toast and monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats in the PB can help improve your cholesterol levels. (Here are more peanut butter nutrition facts you should know.) This combo will run you 235 calories, 15g fat (3g saturated fat) and 10g protein.

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Edamame hummusTMB Studio

Edamame Hummus

A new twist on an old favorite, edamame hummus is a delicious dip that pairs with carrots and celery for a healthful snack. Edamame is full of fiber and folate, which is linked to a lower risk of heart disease. One-quarter cup contains 167 calories and 13g fat.

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Bada Bean Bada Boom Broad Bean Crispsvia

Bada Bean Bada Boom Broad Bean Crisps

Pick up a variety pack of these broad bean (also known as fava bean) crisps, which are packed with protein and fiber, making them a great snack for when you’re on the go. One serving contains just 100 calories, but a whopping 7g protein. Find even more healthy snacks when hunger strikes.

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Lemon chia seed parfaitsTaste of Home

Chia Seed Parfait

Chia seeds are a triple threat—they’re high in fiber, protein and omega-3s, which can help lower risk factors of heart disease, including triglycerides, inflammation and maybe even belly fat. Try them in a parfait that’s perfect for breakfast or as a snack. These flavorful treats have 214 calories, 4g fat (2g saturated fat) and 33g carbohydrate (26g sugars, 5g fiber).

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Ripe red apples in wooden box.Evgeny Karandaev/Shutterstock


You know what they say: “an apple a day keeps the doctor away.” That’s because apples are full of fiber, which can help lower your blood cholesterol levels, and polyphenols, which are antioxidants. They can also help regulate blood sugar and control appetite. One medium apple has just 95 calories.

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Rosemary-Parmesan PopcornTaste of Home

Rosemary-Parmesan Popcorn

Popcorn is more than just a movie snack—it’s a great fiber-filled option for your afternoon cravings. Just keep the salt and butter light, like in this flavorful recipe, to ensure it’s good for your heart. A cup contains just 113 calories, 5g carbs. Here are more health benefits of popcorn.

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Perfect Bar Dark Chocolate Almondvia

Perfect Bar Dark Chocolate Almond

When you’re craving something sweet that’s still good for your heart, try a Perfect Bar. Almost a mini meal, one bar has 310 calories and packs in 12g protein. Almonds contain healthy fats, while dark chocolate has flavonoids, which are associated with a lower risk for heart disease.

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how to cook kale, kale chipsTaste of Home

Old Bay Crispy Kale Chips

If you’re looking to get your kale on, this flavorful snack recipe is sure to be a favorite. Bursting with fiber and potassium, kale can help lower the risk of cardiovascular disease and stroke. Check out more superfoods that kale keeps company with. A serving of these kale chips has 101 calories and no cholesterol.

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Honey dripping from dipper in a yogurt cup next to a glass jar of honey and a tea towel in a rustic kitchen Moussa81/iStock/Getty Images Plus

Plain Yogurt and Honey

Did you know your gum health correlates with your heart health? Plain yogurt has probiotics that promote healthier gums. Pair it with honey for a smart sweet snack.

One cup yogurt with 1 tablespoon honey has about 197 calories, 3.8g fat and 13g protein. Woo-hoo! Make sure you know why Greek yogurt is especially good for you.

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Chili Lime-Roasted ChickpeasTMB Studio

Chili-Lime Roasted Chickpeas

Add some zest to your snacking with these roasted chickpeas, which can help lower blood cholesterol levels. Plus, this recipe’s seasoning blend is sure to be a crowd-pleaser. A 1/3-cup serving has 178 calories, 8g fat and 6g protein.

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mixed nuts in white ceramic bowlP-fotography/Shutterstock

Mixed Nuts

Whether you choose almonds, walnuts or cashews, a handful of nuts provides heart-healthy monounsaturated fats and low levels of saturated fats. Research suggests that people who eat nuts two to four times per week are less likely to have heart disease. Find more heart-healthy foods you should always have on hand.  A 1/4-cup serving of mixed tree nuts has 221 calories, 20g fat (3g saturated fat) and no cholesterol.

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Good Health Glories Kettle Sweet Potato Chipsvia

Good Health Glories Kettle Sweet Potato Chips

Swap out traditional potato chips with these sweet potato chips. Not only are sweet potatoes rich in antioxidants, but these chips are an excellent source of vitamin A, which is a major heart helper. One serving contains 160 calories and 11g fat.

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Strawberry-Carrot SmoothiesTaste of Home

Strawberry Carrot Smoothies

Not only are carrots good for your eyes, they’re good for your heart, too! Red, yellow and orange veggies are full of carotenoids, fiber and vitamins that boost heart health. Try this ultra-easy smoothie that’s full of flavor. A cup of this smoothie has 141 calories and 10g protein. For more inspiration, check out these healthy smoothie ideas.

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Chia Seed Protein BitesTaste of Home

Chia Seed Protein Bites

With oats, nut butter and chia seeds, these protein bites are ideal for heart-healthy eating. Oats are full of cholesterol-reducing fiber, nut butter’s healthy fats are good for the heart, and chia seeds can help raise good cholesterol. A win-win-win. One protein bite has 72 calories and 2g protein. Find even more protein-packed snacks that will keep you full.

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Hippeas Organic Chickpea Puffsvia

Hippeas Organic Chickpea Puffs

This snack not only has a great name, but it’s great for your heart. That’s because chickpeas are full of beneficial fiber that can help lower cholesterol. They also have antioxidants and potassium that support heart health. Give the Nacho Vibes flavor a go. One serving has 130 calories, 5g fat (0g saturated fat), 4g protein.

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Classic Avocado ToastTaste of Home

Classic Avocado Toast

You can’t go wrong with avocado toast, which is perfect any time of day. Avocado health benefits include notably high levels of potassium, which help promote healthy heart contraction. They also include vitamins and fiber, making them a healthy ingredient in many recipes. One slice has about 160 calories.

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Blueberries in crates at farmers market farm fresh organic fruit in the summer for sale with depth of field; Shutterstock ID 393591292N K/Shutterstock


Blueberries (and other berries) are essential to heart-healthy eating. That’s because they have anti-inflammatory phytonutrients, soluble fiber and antioxidants that fight cell damage. One cup has 84 calories, 0g fat and 21g carbohydrates. Add more blueberries to your diet with these juicy recipes.

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Kitchfix Grain-Free Granolavia

Kitchfix Grain-Free Granola

A perfect blend of nuts and seeds, this granola makes a yummy snack. While some granolas can be sugary, this granola keeps the sugar in check, making it a better option for heart-healthy eating. Try it with milk, yogurt or straight from the bag. One serving has 180 calories, 9g carbohydrate and 5g protein.

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Rosemary WalnutsTMB Studio

Rosemary Walnuts

Take your snack up a notch with this zesty walnuts. The blend of rosemary and cayenne pepper makes this a recipe you’ll want to reach for. Heart-friendly walnuts help maintain healthy cholesterol and decrease blood pressure, fighting heart disease. A 1/4 cup serving of Rosemary Walnuts has 166 calories, 17g fat (2g saturated fat) and 4g protein. Find more fan-favorite walnut recipes here.

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Seeds and nuts trail mixTMB Studio

Nuts and Seeds Trail Mix

The best thing about trail mixes is that they’re customizable to your tastes. This mix starts with heart-healthy seeds and nuts, then adds dried fruit and dark chocolate to round it out. Dark chocolate is filled with antioxidants that make it an easy go-to when you’re craving something sweet! A 1/3-cup serving of this trail mix has 336 calories and 11g protein.

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Food Should Taste Good Multigrain Bean Chipsvia

Food Should Taste Good Multigrain Bean Chips

Not only do these bean chips have healthy multigrains, they include flax, sunflower and sesame seeds for extra heart-healthy benefits. Grains are a fiber-filled food that help lower blood pressure and cholesterol, while the seeds have “good” fats that boost your heart health. A serving of 10 chips contain 130 calories and 6g fat.

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Overnight Cherry-Almond OatmealTaste of Home

Overnight Cherry-Almond Oatmeal

Oatmeal is not just for breakfast—this option makes an anytime snack. Known for lowering bad cholesterol due to their large amount of soluble fiber, oats’ health benefits also include fighting high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes and weight gain. A 3/4-cup serving of this recipe clocks in at 276 calories, 4g fat (0 saturated fat), and 5g protein.

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