Apple Recipes

Here are the best recipes with apple, including apple pie, turnover, strudel, crisp, fritters, applesauce and apple butter.

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      Apple Recipes to Make This Fall

      Crisp, crunchy, juicy and sweet, apples are plentiful and delicious in the fall. After a trip to the orchard and a little time in the kitchen, make the most of your harvest with these recipes with apples.

      Apple Pie Recipe

      I remember coming home sullen one day because we'd lost a softball game. Grandma, in her wisdom, suggested, "Maybe...

      Here’s How to Eat an Apple the Right Way

      Who knew there was a wrong way to eat an apple?

      Cranberry Apple Sheet Pie

      1 review

      My husband loves pie, so I made one with apples, raspberries and cranberries. This apple cranberry slab pie is so...

      Sausage Sweet Potato Empanadas

      An easy recipe that can be used for appetizers or pair it with a salad for a main course. Bonus...

      The Best Apple Pie Recipes in the World

      Homemade, fresh-from-the-oven apple pie is one of the most satisfying comfort foods around. Check out the best apple pie recipe...

      Puff Pastry Apple Strudel

      This puff pastry apple strudel is such a fun recipe. It can be served alone or with a side salad....

      The Best Place to Go Apple Picking in Every State

      Consider this your (apple) bucket list. From family-fun farms to orchards growing the juiciest heirloom apples, these are the best...

      Savory Rice-Stuffed Apples

      My family has several apple trees, so I am challenged to create new recipes each fall. This side dish is...

      Maple and Cream Apple Pie

      The cream in this pie makes it so rich and delicious. If you're looking for something a little out of...

      Apple Cake with Homemade Buttermilk Sauce

      This apple cake with buttermilk sauce recipe is super easy. Top with spiced apples, drizzle with the warm sauce and...

      Apple Matchstick Salad

      Cutting apples into matchstick-sized pieces makes them more fun to eat, don’t you think? Toss them with chopped pecans (or...

      Grandma’s Apple Cake

      2 reviews

      My grandma's apple cake recipe is perfect for fall gatherings. With lightly spiced apples and a sweet glaze, each slice...

      Apple Maple Chops

      1 review

      This apple and maple pork chop recipe is one of my family's favorites—my children just love it. The pork is...

      Spiced Apple Muffin Bread

      2 reviews

      Instead of sprinkling with cinnamon sugar before baking, you could also add your favorite streusel topping to make this bread...

      Mean Green Smoothie Bowls

      This delicious bright green smoothie bowl recipe contains powerful antioxidants. Top with cucumber slices and fresh parsley sprigs for a...

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      How to Make Apple Spice Cake (with Brown Sugar Frosting!)

      Serve up a slice of fall by learning how to make apple spice cake. It's so good, you'll reach for...

      How to Make Traditional Caramel Apples

      Learn how to make homemade caramel for out-of-this-world classic caramel apples.

      The Best Apples for Baking, Cooking and Eating

      With so many apple varieties, it can be hard to know which ones to pick! Here's your guide to the...

      How to Make Easy Caramel Apples, Step by Step

      We love to eat caramel apples this time of year. You can learn how to make caramel apples at home...

      40 Apple-Cinnamon Baked Goods We Can’t Get Enough Of

      From pies and crisps to breads and cakes, these apple-cinnamon recipes are practically the definition of cozy.

      31 Amazing Ways to Enjoy Pork and Apples

      Pork and apples are a match made in heaven. Try this seasonal flavor combo in roasts, skillet suppers, sandwiches and...

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      11 Apple Cookies and Bars We’re Making This Fall

      Step aside, apple pie! These apple cookies and bars are on the top of our list this season.

      15 Diabetic-Friendly Apple Desserts

      These diabetic-friendly apple desserts will satisfy all the cozy sweetness you crave.

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      How to Make the Best Apple Crisp

      Learn how to make apple crisp—the easy homey alternative to classic apple pie.

      How to Store Apples and Keep Them Fresh

      Whether you picked apples at an orchard or bought them at the store, learn how to store apples to keep...

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      Our Best Apple Desserts

      Love apple desserts? So do we! These best-loved recipes for apple pies, cakes, strudels and more are the sweets you...

      The Best Apple Recipes from Every State

      We picked the tastiest apple recipes from every state. You'll find dishes using almost every apple, for every course.

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      How to Make German Apple Cake Just Like Oma

      Embrace fall flavors and homey feelings with German apple cake—an old-fashioned dessert that's so delicious, we keep making it today.

      The Best Apple Peeler for You, According to Our Test Kitchen

      Sick of peeling apples by hand? So are we! That's why our Test Kitchen tried four common apple peelers to...