People Are Now Making Spicy Taco Pickles—Here’s the Recipe

Updated: Jan. 05, 2024

The same pickles you crave and love, but with a kick!

Hacks for making flavored pickles are circulating around TikTok like crazy, and people are taking the classic dill flavor to new levels by adding their own seasonings. You can make Kool-Aid pickles that are fruity and tangy—or savory ranch-flavored pickles.

This time around, one TikTok creator has shared a simple recipe for taco pickles. If you’re a pickle-lover and this flavor combo makes your mouth water, this should be all the encouragement you need to grab a jar of pickles and some taco seasoning!

The demand for the classic tangy flavor of pickles is so high that brands have actually released foods flavored like pickles. But who knew that there were so many ways to season and eat pickles beyond the classic dill?

How to Make Taco Pickles

Add a packet of taco seasoning to your pickles of choice, then seal and shake the jar to disperse evenly. Let the taco pickles chill in the fridge for at least 24 hours. Then, get ready for a crunch with a kick!

Flavor will vary based on the taco seasoning that you choose, but you can likely expect the pickles to be enhanced with spices like cumin, paprika and chili powder. If you want a more customized flavor, you can totally make homemade taco seasoning mix, too!

What Else Can I Do with Pickles?

While you’re waiting for the next pickle trend to drop, try out a handful of other ways to use your jar of dills! If you’re someone who’s obsessed with pickles, expand from snacking straight from the jar to using them in sandwiches, salads and on top of pizza with these pickle recipes. And there are plenty of uses for pickle juice in the kitchen, so when you’ve emptied out a jar, check out these ways to use leftover brine.