You Can Make RANCH Pickles—and They’re Way Better Than Basic Pickles

You'll want to grab a packet of ranch and a jar of pickles.

The juicy, tangy taste of pickles is perfect on sandwiches, pizza and even straight out of the jar. Seriously, so many of us love pickles that brands have even made foods flavored like them! We’re talking potato chips, popcorn seasoning and even vodka that taste like pickles.

People are even making Kool-Aid pickles, and believe it or not, they’re popular! Now, we’re seeing a recipe for ranch pickles all over TikTok, and we’re hooked on this snack. Plus, they are so easy to make!

How to Make Ranch Pickles

In the TikTok below, @mamacookslowcarb shows us how to make ranch pickles with only two ingredients—a jar of pickles and a packet of ranch seasoning. (You’ll want to use our staff’s favorite pickles to make this snack.)

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The first thing you’ll need to do is grab your a jar of dill pickles. This includes spears, chips or any other cut you desire—the flavor will come out the same. Next, take a packet of ranch seasoning powder, the same ones you use for other ranch-flavored recipes. Pour the powder into the pickle jar, stir gently and seal tightly. Then, shake!

Once the powder is evenly distributed and the pickle juice is almost opaque, pop your pickles in the fridge for a day or so before tasting.

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