People Are Making Bacon-Wrapped Pickles Right Now, and We Love the Trend

The only thing that could make pickles better? BACON.

I’m an honest believer that bacon makes everything better. If you’re a fan of the crispy, greasy breakfast food, you’ve probably tried your fair share of bacon-wrapped foods—dates, scallops, and water chestnuts are some classics.

I’m not sure how, but bacon always finds a way to enhance the flavors of already delicious foods. It only makes sense to combine bacon with our pickle obsession to create bacon-wrapped pickles.

How to Make Bacon-Wrapped Pickles

This recipe is the perfect appetizer for tailgates or cookouts of any kind. The best part? You really can’t mess it up!

The base ingredients for bacon-wrapped pickles are obviously bacon and pickles. But as the chef, you have some liberty to change things up as you please. You don’t have to use pickle spears—chips, halves or bites work just as well. And as for bacon, there are lots of flavors to work with. Don’t be afraid to experiment!

In this TikTok from @richardeats, pickle spears are wrapped in bacon and then generously seasoned with barbecue spices before being cooked on a smoker. For a final touch, they’re dunked in ranch.

@richardeatsBacon Wrapped Pickles. Really glad I found @howtobbqright #Bacon #BaconWrappedPickles #richardeats #easyrecipes #pitboss #smokingbbq #fyp #ranch #food♬ original sound – Richard Eats

The ranch dip is also recommended by @mtolivepickles, so you know it has to be good. But again, after wrapping your pickles in bacon, you have the freedom to use any cooking method you want.

In the TikTok recipe below from @lowcarbnorma, thick-cut bacon is wrapped around pickle spears and then cooked in an air fryer at 400°F for 15 minutes. That’s seriously only two steps to a salty, tangy, bacon-wrapped snack!

@lowcarbnormaBacon wrapped pickles. Easy fast snack or appetizer. #airfry #baconwrappedpickles #pickles #ketosnack #ketoairfry #tiktokfood♬ original sound – lowcarbnorma

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The Best TikTok Pickle Recipes

We’ve talked about pickles a lot lately, and this is no mistake. The internet is currently pickle-obsessed, and we’re here for it—most of the time. (I can’t say that I loved chocolate-covered pickles.)

But TikTok users are thinking outside the box and sharing beloved pickle recipes and hacks. I never would have thought to soak my pickles in Kool-Aid, but apparently, Kool-Aid pickles are a delicious treat. And ranch pickles took the internet by storm, because they’re both delicious and easy to make—all you need is a jar of pickles and a packet of ranch seasoning.

If you can’t get enough of that tangy pickle flavor, here’s a list of pickle-flavored foods we love.

Hannah Twietmeyer
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