People Are Making ‘Whiskey Pickles’ and They’re the Greatest Thing Ever

Get ready for boozy, salty, crunchy perfection.

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Lately, pickles have been all the rage—and with good reason! While we’ve always loved ’em in sandwiches and burgers and depending on the pickle they can even be good for you, there’s no denying that the number of pickle-flavored foods we’ve seen lately takes this trend to a whole new level (speaking of trends, you’ll want to check out the genius pickle picker). Plus, it seems that every month, someone’s coming up with a new trick to make pickles even better.

Lately, it’s been adding unexpected flavors or extras. For instance, taco pickles and ranch pickles have taken off, creating a taste that was both savory and sour. Meanwhile, while Kool-Aid pickles have been popular in the South for a while, and lately they’ve been making their way across TikTok.

Now it’s time for a boozy addition to the lineup: whiskey pickles!

How to Make Whiskey Pickles

You only need two ingredients to make these boozy pickles: a jar of dill pickle spears and a splash of whiskey.


To make boozy pickles, simply open your jar of pickle spears and add your desired amount of alcohol to the brine. Then screw the lid back on, give the jar a good shake, and refrigerate overnight.

Here’s a closer look at the method on TikTok:

@delish We like our pickles boozy, hbu? 🎥@jubstinsullivan ♬ original sound – delish

Find the best whiskey for boozy pickles (or making cocktails).

What to Do with Whiskey Pickles

When they’re ready, enjoy your boozy pickles straight from the jar!

You can also use them to make hamburgers and sandwiches like Cubanos. Incorporate them into other dishes, too, like egg salad, potato salad and even pizza. There’s no limit to what you can do with pickles—and boozy pickles are even better.

Don’t forget to use that brine. Pickle brine has plenty of uses, including in marinades (pickle whiskey steak, anyone?) to add a salty zing. You can even sip on the spiked brine straight, or, our favorite—incorporate it into a cocktail. We recommend a whiskey sour with extra sour.

Don’t want to finish the boozy pickles all at once? You can store ’em in the refrigerator! Regular pickles last about 2-4 months in the fridge after they’re opened, and these shouldn’t be any different. Just make sure you seal them well and mark when you opened the jar.

Different Ways to Make Boozy Pickles

The boozy pickle recipe going around right now uses whiskey, but you can also use vodka or tequila. Vodka pickles will use the same method, though you can add an extra kick to tequila pickles by adding a serrano or jalapeno pepper to the jar before it goes into the fridge. Don’t forget to take the pepper out once you’re done refrigerating overnight—otherwise you’re going to end up with some really spicy pickles.

Depending on which alcohol you used, you can even mix up different cocktails, including an extra-pickley pickl margarita or a delightfully briny Bloody Mary.

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