This Stuffed Waffle Maker Takes Breakfast From Dull to Delicious

Updated: Sep. 24, 2023

This super-inventive stuffed waffle maker is a breakfast lover's dream.

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Breakfast, as a meal, has big potential. But we’re so exhausted in the mornings that we often resort to foods that are as tired as we are. (Looking at you, cold cereal and granola bars.)

All you need is an inspired appliance to pull you out of that slump, and we’ve discovered just the thing. We’re not talking about a standard waffle maker, electric pancake griddle or coffee maker, either. We’ll do you one better than all three with the Presto stuffed waffle maker.

What is a stuffed waffle maker?

Presto Stuffed Waffle Makervia merchant

The Presto stuffed waffle maker is a kitchen novelty that allows you to create Belgian-style waffles loaded with your preferred sweet or savory toppings.

To use it, plug in the tiny appliance and position the circular waffle tongs onto the edge of the cooking surface via the handle. (These tongs are about 2 inches deep and contain the sides of the stuffed waffle as it cooks.) Allow the machine to preheat for 10 minutes.

Then, add about 1/2 cup of your prepared waffle batter (no need to oil beforehand!) until the grids of the iron are thinly coated. Add your desired fillings so the contents reach halfway up the sides of the tongs. Fill the rest of the way with remaining batter. Close the waffle maker, then flip the unit using the handles of the tongs. Let cook for about eight minutes.

When your treat is ready to eat, transfer the waffle to a plate using the tongs, then pull apart the tongs’ handles to release. Repeat with remaining waffles or wait for the waffle maker to cool down, then wipe it clean.

The gadget is fairly compact for easy stowing. The iron and tongs themselves flip upright, so the appliance has a small footprint that can fit in the back of a pantry or a large cabinet.

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Why I Love It

This smart little stuffed waffle maker lets you experience all the ingenuity and tastiness of loaded restaurant waffles without leaving your home—or creating a mess. From Nutella to blueberry pie filling to anything you can think of, you can fill your waffles so that they’ll surely beat the frozen ones you have in your freezer.

Imagine a PB-banana or strawberry-mascarpone waffle in which all the aforementioned goodies are snugly tucked inside a golden-brown pocket. The Presto appliance comes with a list of recipe ideas, so the two I mentioned are just the tip of the possibilities. My mouth is watering just thinking about them.

There are various stuffed waffle makers on the market, but this one stands out for its sturdy construction and smart features, such as the flip function and waffle tongs that make extraction of your decked-out waffles simple. Plus, cleanup is a cinch. Thanks to the nonstick surface, a quick wipe-down of the interior of the unit once it’s cooled is all that’s needed. No more scrubbing batter off electric griddles or draining fat from frying pans as part of your gourmet breakfast!


I LOVE THIS THING!!! I don’t like breakfast food that much but I want one of these EVERY MORNING! It’s amazing. It will change your life! #breakfast #waffle #stuffedwaffle #stuffler #stufflerwafflemaker

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But Don’t Take My Word for It!

I first heard about stuffed waffle makers from one of our Community Cooks, Jolene Martinelli, who’s a big fan—so much so that she posted about her newfound favorite appliance on Facebook.

I spoke with her regarding her experience, and just as I suspected, she had nothing but good things to say about having a stuffed waffle maker. And she assures us she’s “not one to usually jump on social media trends.” So, take it from her.

“I love this product because it’s great for ‘clean out the fridge and pantry’ meals,” she says. Notice how she didn’t specify which meal. That’s because she uses it for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

She’s made waffles inspired by chicken Parmesan, strawberry cheesecake, the famous Elvis sandwich, chicken cordon bleu and tacos, to name a few. “They are great for packing in lunch boxes or for a quick meal I can reheat and eat at my desk,” she adds.

Where to Buy a Stuffed Waffle Maker

Presto Stuffed Waffle Makervia merchant

Thankfully, this gourmet gadget is available on a number of sites, including Amazon and Walmart, for about $70 (but it’s currently on sale for $50 on Amazon). You’ll make mornings—or any time of day, for that matter—so much yummier when you have this waffle maker in your repertoire.

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