Pizza Hut Just Made the World’s Largest Pizza

Updated: Jan. 31, 2023

The chain teamed up with YouTube star Airrack to make a 14,000 square feet pie. Guinness named it the world's largest pizza.

What’s made with 13,653 pounds of dough, 4,948 pounds of pizza sauce, 8,800 pounds of cheese and 630,496 pieces of pepperoni? The world’s largest pizza, a 14,000 square foot pepperoni pie created by YouTuber Eric Decker along with Pizza Hut, to promote the return of its Big New Yorker style pizza.

Guinness World Records was on hand to officially declare the pie the world’s largest. It beat the previous Guinness record, set in 2012 by a group of chefs in Italy.

Why Did They Make This Colossal Pizza?

Decker, who goes by the handle Airrack, explains that he promised to attempt the stunt for two reasons. First, he celebrated hitting 10 million followers (he did!). Secondly, it was to erase the childhood trauma of his eighth birthday.

Once Pizza Hut learned of the challenge, the pizza chain pitched in with the sponsorship to make it happen. Airrack sold tickets to attend the pizza party and merchandise boasting “Everybody gets a slice.”

How Did They Make The World’s Largest Pizza?

The team, made up of Pizza Hut workers and friends of the YouTuber, worked around the clock for 48 hours in the Los Angeles Convention Center. They used rectangular slices of dough, with sauce, cheese and pepperoni added on top. A cooking device hovered over the pizza to cook it. In all, there were 68,000 slices, and all the pizza was donated to Los Angeles charities.

Meanwhile, Pizza Hut’s Big New Yorker pizza will be available at restaurants nationwide for a limited time only starting Feb. 1.

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