How to Throw a Pizza Party Birthday

These pizza party ideas are fit for any little chef. Follow this party guide that's complete with a pizza-themed menu, decoration ideas and more.

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Ah, homemade pizza night. The night carb lovers, parents and little ones look forward to the most. So why not celebrate your kiddo’s next birthday with their favorite food as the theme? Follow these pizza party ideas to transform pizza night into a soiree fit for your little chef.

Pizza Party Ideas

We’re covering all types of pizza party ideas—from pizza-themed decorations to pizza-inspired food recipes. Grab your apron!

Pizza Party Decorations

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These pizza party decoration ideas will set the mood. It only takes a gingham tablecloth, parm shakers and a few extra accents to transform your home into a full-blown pizzeria. Now all you need is the delicious aroma of fresh baked ‘za wafting through the kitchen.

  • We’re not the only ones in love with these adorable pizza balloons. This Etsy listing has a perfect 5-star rating.
  • Have some fun with these photo booth props. Everyone won’t help but giggle when holding up these silly props.
  • A pizza party calls for pizza plates. This pack comes in a set of 48, so you can use them for appetizers, sides, pizza and dessert.
  • Add a touch of pizzeria flair with these red gingham napkins.
  • This customizable pizzeria sign will make your kiddo smile on their big day.
  • Disposable pizza cups will match your pizza plates. You can serve both warm and cold beverages in these fun cups.

Pizza Party Food Ideas

Taste of Home

It’s time to go to town with pizza-inspired appetizers, side dishes, main courses and dessert! Your party-goers won’t be able to contain their excitement when they see these delicious creations hit the table.


Taste of Home

Before you dive for the main course, start things off with a few Italian-inspired appetizers. Pizza always pairs well with a veggie dip and garlic bread. If you can’t wait any longer for a slice, try homemade pizza rolls, mini zucchini pizzas or any of these other pizza appetizers.


Taste of Home

We know, we know. It’s all about the pizza. But, you need a few sides that complement the star of the party. Add a side of pasta (like this tortellini bake), garlic-chive fries or a side salad. Can’t get enough pizza? Try throwing one of these pizza-flavored recipes on the side instead.


homemade pizzaTaste of Home

Think outside the (pizza) box with one of these easy pizza recipes. Whip up one beforehand or, better yet, have a pizza-making station where the kiddos can choose their own toppings. Turn things up a notch by making a dipping sauce bar complete with ranch, sriracha, BBQ and your other favorites.


Taste of Home

Finish off the night with a dessert pizza. We’re absolutely drooling over this chocolate pudding pizza. Looking for a healthier alternative? A fruit pizza won’t disappoint.

Pizza Party Games and Activities

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Once the kids are in the door, it’s time to get the party started with some games, activities and crafts.

  • Make-your-own pizza: Choose from one of these easy pizza recipes. Then, set up a pizza-making station complete with sauce, cheese and your desired toppings. We recommend making pizza dough ahead of time to swiftly move the pizza-making process along at the start of the party. Pop the pizzas in the oven and await your delicious creations.
  • Pin the topping on the pizza: This is a great game while you’re waiting for the pizza to bake. All you need is a big cheese pizza cut-out to stick on the wall, construction paper cut-out toppings (like mushrooms, pepperoni and sausage) with sticky backings and a blindfold. Then, let the party-goers each have a shot pinning their topping to the pizza. If you really want to make it fun, give the player a few spins before you say, “go!” The winner is the one with the most toppings on the pizza.
  • Capture the memories! Take turns snapping photos with this festive pizzeria backdrop and pizza photo props. Round up the party-goers in their full cooking attire—chef hat, apron and all!

How to Make Pizza Party Hats

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Before you sing happy birthday around the dessert pizza, it’s time to make some DIY pizza party hats. Follow our easy step-by-step instructions to make your own.

What You’ll Need:

  • Yellow party hats
  • Red, white, green, black and brown construction paper
  • Tape or glue
  • Scissors


  1. Cut mushroom, olive, pepperoni, green pepper and crust shapes with scissors.
  2. Next, wrap and attach crust paper around the bottom edge of the party hat with either tape or glue.
  3. Finally, glue or tape the pizza cut-outs wherever you’d please!

Pizza-Themed Party Favors

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These pizza-themed party favors are the perfect way to top off the party. Mix and match these adorable pizza-themed goodies (or if you’re short on time, order this pizza party loot bag instead).

  • You’ll need to snag a group photo of all the chefs in this darling pizza party shirt. It comes in a wide variety of children’s sizes, ranging from 6 months old to a children’s large.
  • Every little chef needs their own chef apron and hat. This red and white gingham set is just the cutest.
  • Pizza friendship necklaces? Now, that’s amore! Party-goers will remember the fun they had each time they put their gold slice necklace on.

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