How to Store Chocolate Truffles

Learn how you can keep these decadent candies fresher for longer.

Homemade chocolate truffles are such a decadent treat. Rolled in cocoa or nuts, a tray of these candies is pretty irresistible. While it can be tempting to eat them all in a single sitting, sometimes you do feel like saving a few for later (just a few). But unlike regular chocolate candies, truffles can’t just be kept in a candy dish. You’ve got to store chocolate truffles carefully so they taste their best.

How Long Do Homemade Truffles Last?

A big component of any homemade truffle recipe is heavy cream. For that reason, truffles have a set shelf life. You’ll want to eat them within two weeks.

Enjoying them within a short time frame will ensure these treats taste their freshest.

How to Store Chocolate Truffles for a Few Days

If you think you can eat all of your truffles within that two-week span, store them in the fridge. Because of the fresh cream, truffles do need to be chilled (and no, a chilly garage does not count!).

To keep the truffles fresh, seal them in an airtight container. This will prevent any fridge smells from infiltrating the delicate chocolate flavors. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to make chocolate truffles.

How to Store Chocolate Truffles for the Long Haul

If you don’t think you can eat all of your homemade truffles within a week or two, you’ll want to keep them in the freezer.

To provide a little extra protection from the harsh chill, pop the candies into a zip-top bag and then store that bag inside an airtight container. They can stay this way for three months without the quality of the chocolate or fillings being impacted.

When you’re ready to enjoy, move the truffles from the freezer to the refrigerator to defrost. They should taste just as delicious as day one!

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