Ground Turkey Recipes

Looking for recipes for ground turkey? Taste of Home has the best ground turkey recipes from real cooks like you, featuring reviews, ratings, how-to videos and tips.

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    Spicy Turkey Stir Fry with Noodles

    1 review

    I created this ground turkey stir-fry recipe when I began my journey to get fit. Healthy eating always sounds so bland and boring, so I wanted to bring life to the world of healthy eating. I think I did it with this spicy dish. —Jermell Clark, Desert Hot Springs, California

    Instant Pot Chili con Carne

    1 review

    Although multicookers can’t replace every tool in the kitchen, they sure are coming close. Chili con carne is one of...

    Southwest Turkey Patties with Beans

    1 review

    These turkey patties are delicious and low in calories. Skip the rice if you're looking to cut carbs. —Dot Carpenter,...

    Taco Noodle Dish

    9 reviews

    I got creative while we were housebound during a snowstorm one winter...and used ingredients I had on hand to come...

    Sage Turkey Sausage Patties

    5 reviews

    When you want to cut salt and saturated fat, turkey sausage is a wonderful option. The aroma of these patties...

    Turkey Quesadillas

    3 reviews

    Loaded with garden-fresh vegetables, this Mexican specialty is sure to be popular with the whole family. Plus, it's a snap...

    Ground Turkey Stroganoff

    8 reviews

    I like to experiment in the kitchen. This stick-to-your-ribs main dish calls for ground turkey instead of the traditional beef.—Jeff...

    Turkey Burger Pie

    2 reviews

    "This recipe saved the day when I came home from the hospital after delivering our son," recalls Danielle Monai of...

    Turkey Meatball Salad

    For a tasty salad with a special meatball on top, try this recipe. The ground turkey mixture is so yummy...

    Turkey Taco Dip

    1 review

    I created this zippy snack when I had a craving for tacos, but didn't want all the fat and calories...

    Holiday Burgers

    Take one all-American patty and load it up Delaware-style topped with mayo, a spoonful of stuffing and cranberry sauce.

    Southwest Turkey Burgers

    I made these turkey burgers with corn, green chilies and taco spice for my parents. They originally weren't sold on...

    Turkey Bow Tie Skillet

    7 reviews

    "I came up with this satisfying stovetop dish after modifying a recipe printed on a ground turkey package," notes Ruth...

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    California Burger Bowls

    2 reviews

    Burgers are a weekly staple at our house year-round. Skip the fries, chips and bun—you won't need them with these...

    Garden Turkey Burgers

    12 reviews

    These moist burgers get plenty of color and flavor from onion, zucchini and red pepper. I often make the mixture...

    Southwest Turkey Lettuce Wraps

    3 reviews

    If you're tired of the same old taco routine, give these a try. I tweaked a friend's recipe to suit...

    Juicy Turkey Burgers

    6 reviews

    My husband enjoys these grilled turkey burgers with their herb flavor and garden-fresh garnish. They make an ideal summer sandwich...

    Cheeseburger Skillet Dinner

    6 reviews

    This skillet dinner is doubly quick. The leftovers-if there are any-can be reheated to make a second meal as tasty...

    Cheesy Turkey Burgers

    1 review

    If you're tired of traditional hamburgers, give these tasty turkey burgers a try!—Margaret Pache, Mesa, Arizona

    Lemon Turkey Burgers

    3 reviews

    My mom used to cook these juicy burgers in butter or a little bacon fat. I do all of my...

    Tarragon Turkey Patties

    1 review

    "These ground turkey patties are excellent with rice or riced potatoes and a green vegetable for a quick supper," says...

    Basil Turkey Burgers

    2 reviews

    "These delicious sandwiches are a superb substitute for traditional beef burgers," says Carolyn Bixenmann of Grand Island, Nebraska. "My husband...

    Turkey Meatball Subs

    1 review

    Here's an easy and nutritious way to make meatballs without all the mess of frying. Slather them with spaghetti sauce...

    Pesto-Mozzarella Turkey Burgers

    2 reviews

    Here's a great way to eat lighter without giving up flavor. These turkey burgers are stuffed with a tasty pesto...

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    Mini Hawaiian Burgers

    4 reviews

    These are excellent burgers for a backyard gathering! I came up with the dish while trying to find something new...

    Caribbean Turkey Burgers

    2 reviews

    Caribbean jerk seasoning--a blend of red pepper, allspice, turmeric, onion and thyme--is an easy way to spice up meat or...

    Dilly Turkey Burgers

    2 reviews

    This recipe originally called for ground lamb, but my family prefers turkey instead. Dill is a great herb to enhance...

    Spinach Turkey Burgers

    2 reviews

    Looking for a change-of-pace burger? Try these pretty sandwiches from C.A. Hedges of Clarence Center, New York. Instead of beef,...

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    Barbecued Basil Turkey Burgers

    My husband built me a patio planter for herbs, so I made a turkey burger featuring fresh basil. We add...

    Turkey Burgers with Herb Sauce

    1 review

    A tangy sour cream sauce complements these moist ground turkey burgers stuffed with feta cheese. “It’s not always easy to...