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    Beef Taco Chili

    This is one of my husband's absolute favorite dishes. It was also voted Best Chili in our county's autumn Harvest Festival. If you like less broth, use just 1-3/4 cups water and 1-1/2 tsp. bouillon. —Dana Beery, Ione, Washington

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    This recipe only takes 30 minutes and one pot.

    Taco Soup with Corn

    We first sampled this soup when we were camping with friends. Cooks around here use beans in lots of different...

    Pronto Taco Soup

    6 reviews

    When out-of-state friends dropped by, I invited them to stay for dinner, knowing that I could put together this mild,...

    Chunky Taco Soup

    13 reviews

    I've gotten great response at our church dinners and senior groups whenever I bring this thick easy-to-fix soup. I usually...

    Simple Taco Soup

    103 reviews

    We first tried this thick-as-chili soup at a church dinner. It’s a warm dish ideal for a cold day and...

    Taco Chili Mix

    1 review

    During the busy holiday season, folks are thrilled to receive a jar of chili fixings for a no-fuss dinner. The...

    Tasty Taco Soup

    51 reviews

    When I serve this soup at parties, everyone asks for the recipe. It makes a lot, so if I'm not...

    Taco Minestrone

    It's nice to have a winter pick-me-up like this soup to call on when I need a speedy and filling...

    Taco Salad Soup

    3 reviews

    Savory and satisfying, this thick chili-like soup has a mild taco flavor and eye-appealing color. "It comes together quickly and...

    Taco Twist Soup

    20 reviews

    The fun, family-friendly twist in this taco soup is the spiral pasta. I lightened this soup by substituting black beans...

    Taco Chili

    Our family loves tacos and taco salad, so I thought it would be fun to make soup that tastes like...

    Louisiana-Style Taco Soup

    1 review

    “This is one of my family’s favorite quick and easy soups on a cold winter’s day,” Julie Whitlow attests from...

    Avocado and Olive Taco Soup

    This is a fun dish to serve when entertaining. Folks can fill their bowls with whatever garnish ingredients they like...

    Quick Taco Soup

    3 reviews

    My family—husband Dave and I and our three teenagers—enjoy this spicy, hearty soup. It's a nice change of pace from...

    Corn Taco Soup

    4 reviews

    If you need a meal in a hurry, this fast recipe fills the bill! When I have time, I like...

    Taco Bean Soup

    4 reviews

    "This hearty three-bean soup is very easy to fix," remarks Sharon Thompson of Hunter, Kansas. "You can add a can...

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    Creamy Taco Soup

    5 reviews

    This is a quick-and-easy recipe to make, and it's one of our favorite meals for cold winter nights.

    Cheesy Taco Chili

    3 reviews

    This recipe was created out of desperation when everyone was hungry and I only had a few items on hand....

    Taco Stew

    12 reviews

    The ingredients are simple, but together they make this awesome stew. If you want to a little added crunch, crush...

    Beef and Bean Taco Chili

    1 review

    This chili recipe is a lifesaver when I'm cooking on the fly. It's loaded with convenience ingredients, but you can...

    Flavorful Taco Soup

    5 reviews

    You’ll get a kick out of this hearty, Southwest-inspired soup from Sandi Lee of Houston, Texas. Feel free to dunk...

    Three-Bean Taco Chili

    26 reviews

    This hearty chili is filling, nourishing and tastes like it simmered all day long. Leftover chili freezes well for a...

    Weeknight Taco Soup

    12 reviews

    This soup turned out delicious on the first try, when I was working without a recipe. You could also add...

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    Taco Soup

    6 reviews

    My family loves Mexican food so I came up with a soup which features all of those wonderful flavors. I...

    Contest-Winning Taco Soup

    5 reviews

    I have to admit that when a good friend gave me this recipe, I wasn't certain I'd like it. But,...

    Four-Bean Taco Chili

    3 reviews

    Amy Martell of Canton, Pennsylvania knows how to heat up the dinner table on a cold night. Her zesty chili...