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Tangerine Cranberry Sorbet

This is a very easy recipe to prepare and keep in the freezer before a pantry. It's a light and refreshing finish to a heavy holiday meal.
—Pamela Brown, Ingersoll, Ontario

Raspberry Sorbet for Two

1 review

You won't believe that you made this refreshing, fruity sorbet yourself! This healthy freezer fare will satisfy even your sweetest...

Strawberry & Wine Sorbet

4 reviews

Bright and refreshing, this grown-up treat tastes like you’re biting into a just-picked strawberry. White wine and lemon juice enhance...

Cranberry Sorbet

This sorbet's sweet-tart taste is so refreshing after a hearty meal. My mother made a batch at least once a...

Strawberry Mango Sorbet

3 reviews

This is fresh, really simple and will keep in a freezer container…if you don’t eat it all the first day....

Pear Sorbet with Raspberry Sauce

I clipped this recipe out of the newspaper several years ago and then modified it to suit my family’s taste....

Watermelon Berry Sorbet

Strawberries, watermelon and three other items are all you need for this freezer treat that's virtually free of fat. A...

Raspberry Sorbet

8 reviews

With an abundant crop of fresh raspberries from the backyard, it's no wonder why I rely on this dessert for...