French Toast Recipes

Wake up to the best French toast recipes, made easy on the stovetop or baked for a crowd. Whether you want classic or unique, the results will be fluffy and delicious.

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    How to Make Pain Perdu, with Leigh Ann Chatagnier

    This cookbook author found her love of food in Louisiana—and now she's sharing her favorite Cajun brunch recipe.

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    The Best French Toast

    6 reviews

    There's no question that this is the best French toast recipe ever. The caramelized exterior meets a soft custardlike center...

    Pumpkin French Toast with Bacon Maple Syrup

    1 review

    My two great-grandsons helped me create this pumpkin French toast. Each of the boys took turns prepping and offering suggestions....

    Air-Fryer French Toast Sticks

    Learn how to make air-fryer French toast sticks with this quick and easy recipe. They're nice to have handy in...

    PB & Banana French Toast Bake

    This is a nice treat for breakfast or brunch. Peanut butter is tasty and full of protein. Spread jam or...

    Air-Fryer French Toast Cups with Raspberries

    These air-fryer French toast cups make any morning special. I made this recipe for my mom last Mother's Day, and...

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    32 Fall French Toast Recipes

    Beat autumn's chill with these cozy French toast recipes. Easy, fast and so darn yummy, you can't go wrong with...

    Lemon Blackberry Tortilla French Toast

    2 reviews

    This twist on crepes is tart-sweet with a creamy lemon filling and juicy blackberries. Think of this as a cross...

    Pressure-Cooker Cinnamon Blueberry French Toast

    1 review

    Healthy and hearty! That's the best way to describe this satisfying breakfast. It's one dish worth jumping out of...

    Raspberry Coconut French Toast Slow-Cooker Style

    3 reviews

    I put the ingredients in the slow cooker crock the night before, refrigerate it, then pop the crock into the...

    French Toast Fingers

    6 reviews

    Kids love anything on a stick. Bite-sized French toast skewers make a fun breakfast for them to munch before heading...

    Rabanadas (Portuguese French Toast)

    I find this dish a comforting reminder of my childhood. The creamy custard center contrasts deliciously with the cinnamon sugar...

    French Toast Custard

    11 reviews

    I usually make this dish for brunch, but it's also wonderful for breakfast or dinner. Guests have said it just...

    Coconut French Toast

    8 reviews

    This coconut French toast is coated with coconut flakes for a special breakfast treat. —Charlotte Baillargeon, Hinsdale, Massachusetts

    Baked French Toast with Home Style Syrup

    3 reviews

    This variation of typical French toast is both simple to prepare and delicious. And the homemade syrup has more flavor...

    Overnight Caramel French Toast

    19 reviews

    Because this recipe can be prepared the night before, it's perfect to serve overnight guests. So it gives you extra...

    Pistachio French Toast

    I came up with this bake while on a beach trip with some friends. It turned out so well they...

    Stuffed French Toast

    3 reviews

    French toast gets special treatment from Edna Hoffman of Hebron, Indiana. She stuffs each thick slice with Swiss cheese and...

    Sausage Stuffed French Toast

    1 review

    Kids like to help stuff the sausage and cheese into the bread, so this is a good holiday treat. I...

    Apple Butter French Toast

    4 reviews

    I give a special treatment to my baked French toast. I top the slices with cinnamony apple butter and toasted...

    Overnight Orange French Toast

    Kristy Martin of Circle Pine, Minnesota uses leftover slices of cinnamon bread in creating this awesome overnight brunch dish. With...

    Family-Style French Toast

    5 reviews

    Hennie Scholten of Edgerton, Minnesota can serve a crowd by baking a big batch of this sweet, cinnamony French toast....

    Crunchy Baked French Toast

    4 reviews

    What do you do when one child wants cereal and the other wants French toast? You combine them for a...

    Make-Ahead Orange French Toast

    Leftover bread came in handy one weekend when I had unexpected overnight guests. I had just enough to create this...

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    S’mores Stuffed French Toast

    1 review

    I had a craving for something sweet one morning, but all I had around the house was a handful of...

    Maple Bacon French Toast Casserole

    3 reviews

    This is my go-to Sunday breakfast. It's easy to put together and put in the fridge Saturday night then bake...

    Pear Sundae French Toast

    2 reviews

    Coming upon this creation in a potluck line, I left with a full plate and the recipe. Now my family...

    Orange-Cinnamon French Toast

    11 reviews

    Everyone eats at the same time when you fix this tasty oven-baked French toast. —Bernice Smith, Sturgeon Lake, Minnesota

    Maple French Toast Bake

    13 reviews

    This yummy French toast casserole is a breeze to whip up the night before a busy morning. My family loves...

    Orange-Cream French Toast

    My citrus-flavored toast adds a refreshing fruity twist to standard brunch fare. It's also a convenient make-ahead dish.