Crab Cake Recipes

You don’t have to hit the coast to get the best out of crab cakes. These crab cake recipes come dressed in Old Bay seasoning and baked to perfection. Dig your claws into these.

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Crab Cake-Stuffed Portobellos

22 reviews

Served as an hors d'oeuvre or a light main dish, these stuffed mushrooms are pretty and delicious. Canned crabmeat becomes absolutely elegant. —Jennifer Coduto, Kent, Ohio

Eastern Shore Crab Cakes

12 reviews

In Delaware, we’re surrounded by an abundance of fresh seafood, particularly terrific crab. The secret to great crab cakes is...

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Bob’s Crab Cakes

When I had my first crab cake, I was hooked from the first bite. I tried many recipes, adding and...

Crab Cakes with Red Pepper Sauce

2 reviews

Don't forget to have lemons on hand so you and your guests can squeeze some fresh lemon juice over these...

Heavenly Crab Cakes

6 reviews

When I switched to a low-fat diet, I thought I'd never be able to eat crab cakes again. But then...

Avocado Crab Cakes

I created this recipe because I like the pairing of crab and avocado; plus I wanted a baked rather than...

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Baked Crab Cakes

1 review

Reel in a breezy taste of the seashore with these easy and delicious baked crab cakes. For a heftier "burger,"...

Classic Crab Cakes

13 reviews

Our region is known for good seafood, and crab cakes are a traditional favorite. I learned to make them from...

Seasoned Crab Cakes

4 reviews

At the National Hard Crab Derby in Crisfield, Maryland, these scrumptious crab cakes won me first place. I entered them...

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Easy Crab Cakes

60 reviews

Ready-to-go crabmeat makes these delicate patties easier than other crab cake recipes. You can also form the crab mixture into...

Sweet Potato Crab Cakes

2 reviews

Mild sweet potato flavor and a chipotle kick complement the fresh crab in these hearty cakes. Serve them with your...

Herbed Cornmeal Crab Cakes

I created these crispy crab cakes to include some of the fresh herbs from my garden. My husband loves them...