Chocolate Candy Recipes

Looking for chocolate candy recipes? Here you’ll find everything from quick and easy chocolate candy recipes to decadent desserts, plus ratings, how-to videos and tips.

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      Homemade Gelt

      Giving chocolate coins to children, and sometimes to teachers, is a long-standing Hanukkah tradition. This homemade version of gelt uses a miniature muffin pan to mold the coins into shape. The sliced almonds add a nice crunch, but the chocolates can be left plain or topped with other ingredients like sprinkles, crushed peppermint candies or finely chopped candied ginger. —Taste of Home Test Kitchen

      Chocolate Pecan Fudge

      Even though fudge is a classic at Christmastime, people are excited for this chocolate pecan fudge year-round. Switch out the...

      Snowman Oreo Balls

      4 reviews

      Get the kids involved with making these adorable snowman Oreo balls. They can help roll, dip and decorate! A small...

      Chocolate Truffles

      17 reviews

      You may be tempted to save these chocolate truffles for a special occasion since these smooth, creamy chocolates are divine....

      Fudge vs Ganache: What’s the Difference?

      Both are rich indulgences that make desserts exceedingly better, but there's a real difference between fudge and ganache.

      How to Melt Chocolate

      Test Kitchen expert Sue Stetzel teaches us how to melt chocolate the right way. Follow her tips and tricks.

      Chocolate Lebkuchen Cherry Balls

      1 review

      Here's my twist on the traditional German holiday lebkuchen—with a surprise inside. Maraschino cherries add a sweet and unexpected punch...

      Sundae Funday Bark

      Any occasion is the right time to serve this easy-to-make bark. The fruits—packed with flavor but not overly sweet—go so...

      Curry-Kissed Coconut Fudge

      If you love Thai flavors and love fudge, you'll adore this creamy coconut fudge sprinkled with a hint of sweet...

      60 of Our Fudgiest Recipes Ever

      Chewy and rich, if it's fudgy you know it's fabulous. Bake up some caramel fudge cheesecake, frosted fudge brownies, butter...

      5 Mistakes Everyone Makes When Making Candy From Scratch

      Who doesn't love a batch of homemade fudge? While it does take some finessing to get right, don't let potential...

      Chocolate Marshmallow Candy Squares

      Children of all ages will enjoy these tall squares of marshmallow and peanut packed candies.—Mrs. Kris Lehman, Jackson, Tennessee

      Chocolate Mousse Balls

      I love working with my grandkids in the kitchen. The key is using recipes like this that really let them...

      English Toffee

      29 reviews

      Each Christmas I make several pounds of candy and cookies for friends, neighbors and business associates. This tasty toffee is...

      Truffle Cherries

      4 reviews

      Chocolate is popular at our house, especially during the holidays, so these double chocolate gems never last long! —Anne Drouin,...

      Gingerbread Truffles

      I never received compliments on my baking until I brought my gingerbread truffles to a party. Every Christmas, family, friends...

      White Chocolate Easter Eggs

      From Niceville, Florida, Diane Hixon writes, "My kids loved these homemade candies when they were growing up. The eggs are...

      Soda Cracker Chocolate Candy

      12 reviews

      "My husband and I make several batches of this easy, chocolaty nut squares for holiday gifts," notes Margery Bryan of...

      Orange Chocolate Meltaways

      8 reviews

      The terrific combination of chocolate and orange makes these some of the best truffles I've ever had. As holiday gifts,...

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      Caramel Truffles

      23 reviews

      These candies disappear as fast as I can make them. The five-ingredient microwave recipe is easy and fun to make....

      Nana’s Rocky Road Fudge

      11 reviews

      We make rocky road-style fudge every Christmas and it’s a tradition, but why wait until the holidays for a recipe...

      Crunchy Chocolate Clusters

      1 review

      This easy candy has a south-of-the-border flavor with cinnamon, chocolate and coffee. Sweet, salty and crunchy, it's a great no-bake...

      Aunt Rose’s Fantastic Butter Toffee

      11 reviews

      I don't live in the country, but I love everything about it—especially good old-fashioned home cooking! Every year, you'll find...

      Perfect Chocolate Fudge

      3 reviews

      This rich chocolate fudge is sure to delight someone you love. —Dorothy Anderson, Ottawa, Kansas

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      Chocolate Caramel Turkey Legs

      3 reviews

      Mention turkey legs made of pretzels and chocolate, and the kids come running. Let them help by unwrapping caramels for...

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      Mini S’mores

      8 reviews

      Combine marshmallow creme, chocolate, graham crackers and more for a summery delight at any time of year. —Stephanie Tewell, Elizabeth,...

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      Three-Chocolate Fudge

      39 reviews

      I make this fudge at Christmastime to give to friends and neighbors. That tradition started years ago when I made...

      Mocha Truffles

      26 reviews

      Nothing compares to the melt-in-your-mouth flavor of these truffles...or to the simplicity of the recipe. Whenever I make them for...

      Cranberry Cashew Fudge

      What berries say “Christmas” more than cranberries? I add those little ruby-red gems to a simple nut fudge recipe, giving...

      Nut Fruit Bark

      Here's a sophisticated version of fruit bark. Dark chocolate turns into a rich mocha flavor with the espresso powder. If...