Smoothie Recipes

Mix up something delicious with one of these smoothie recipes. Browse our collection for healthy smoothie recipes, including strawberry banana and green smoothie recipes.

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Fruity Shakes & Smoothies to Keep You Cool

Hello, watermelon slush, banana split smoothies and strawberry shakes! All the recipes for smoothies you love are in one super-cool recipe collection.

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The Best Green Smoothies

Our green smoothie recipe is far from the humdrum spinach health drinks of yore. It’s nutrient-packed and bursting with bright

Blueberry Papaya Smoothie Bowl

1 review

Some of my favorite foods are blueberries, almond milk and date syrup, so I used them to invent this blueberry...

Pineapple Coconut Refresher

This tropical drink is lower in calories and fat than most smoothie recipes. It's quite refreshing and packed with vitamins...

Chocolate Black Bean Smoothies

5 reviews

In an effort to keep my cholesterol in check and incorporate more beans into my diet, I started to explore...

Strawberry Banana Smoothies

Sometimes a simple, healthy smoothie is all you need to start your day out right. This strawberry banana smoothie also...

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How to Make the Best Green Smoothie

Brighten your mornings with this green smoothie recipe. You'll have a flavorful, and not to mention healthy, drink in just...

Frozen Pineapple Smoothies

This pineapple smoothie with take you to the tropics! It uses frozen pineapple and banana for a refreshingly frosty drink....

Disney’s Dole Whip

2 reviews

Your kitchen will be the happiest place on earth when you serve this sweet-sour treat. The recipe comes directly from...

Spinach Smoothie

1 review

Get a jump-start on all the nutrients you need by starting your day with this smoothie. Use nondairy milk and...

Date Smoothie

Smoothies are a quick and easy way to start off your day. They also make healthy after-school snacks that older...

12 Smoothie Delivery Options for the Easiest Breakfast Ever

If you are looking to add more fruits and vegetables to your weekly meal plan, check out these smoothie delivery...

Mean Green Smoothie Bowls

This delicious bright green smoothie bowl recipe contains powerful antioxidants. Top with cucumber slices and fresh parsley sprigs for a...

11 Smoothie Recipes For Kids

Healthy and delicious! These smoothie recipes for kids are just what your little ones are craving.

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The 13 Best Superfood Smoothies to Jumpstart Your Mornings

Your healthy breakfast just got even better with these nutritious ingredients and recipes.

7 Tricks for Making a Healthier Smoothie

These tips can help you make a healthy smoothie at home.

Lime Coconut Smoothie Bowl

6 reviews

This Key lime and coconut smoothie bowl is the most refreshing thing on the planet! —Madeline Butler, Denver, Colorado

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Berry Smoothie Bowl

3 reviews

if you love smoothies but sometimes want to linger over breakfast instead of sipping it on the go, then this...

Blueberry Pancake Smoothie

8 reviews

My family loves this pancake smoothie in the morning. I don’t normally measure the blueberries, so go crazy! If you...

Creamy Watermelon Smoothie

I love this refreshing watermelon smoothie recipe and the bright, summery flavor. The key is to freeze the watermelon cubes...

Kale Smoothie

I enjoy drinking a kale smoothie for breakfast or as an after-school snack. The fruit and agave nectar give this...

Tropical Smoothie Bowl

1 review

This wake-me-up smoothie bowl with fruit, oats and cinnamon helps me start the day feeling satisfied. Sometimes I top it...

Nectarine Smoothies

3 reviews

This nectarine smoothie recipe tastes great on a warm summer day. Enjoy it on your patio or at a picnic!...

Peanutty Strawberry Banana Smoothies

2 reviews

I like that this strawberry banana smoothie recipe is fairly light, but the peanut butter gives it some protein to...

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Tropical Berry Smoothies

This fruity, healthy smoothie is a big hit with kids and adults alike because it tastes like a treat and...

9 Energy Smoothie Recipes to Keep You Powered Up

Ready to power through the day? These energy smoothies can help keep you full and focused.

How to Make a Mango Smoothie

Whip up a mango smoothie in a snap with our tropical recipe. It's sure to be a treat for breakfast...

15 Jamba Juice Recipes to Blend Up at Home

Get a bright and fruity start to your morning with these copycat Jamba Juice recipes!

Power Berry Smoothie Bowl

3 reviews

While you can't taste the spinach in these smoothies, you'll get all its nutrients along with big berry flavor. —Christine...

How to Meal Prep Smoothies

When you're in a time crunch, meal prep smoothies are a lifesaver. Learn how to make these no-fuss drinks in...