Juice Recipes

Whether it’s apple or orange, these simple juice recipes can’t be beat! Here’s you’ll find the fresh fruit recipes to start your day off right.

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Sex on the Beach

This deliciously fruity sex on the beach recipe combines all your favorite summertime flavors into a sunset-hued cocktail in a Collins glass.

We Tried an Electric Juicer and Unlocked the Secret to Fuss-Free Homemade Lemonade

Make lemonade quickly and easily in the electric Proctor Silex juicer.

Dark Cherry Syrup

Quick, easy and packed with flavor, this is a perfect condiment for cocktails, desserts, savory recipes or mixing into sparkling...

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Pro Picks: The Best Orange Juice Brands

Complete your breakfast spread or weekend brunch mimosa with the best orange juice. Our pros sampled 10 to find the...

9 Exceptional Tart Cherry Juice Benefits for Your Health

From cancer protection to better workouts, tart cherry juice may be the best-kept secret to more vibrant health.

Pumpkin Juice

1 review

Our family loves Harry Potter. Inspired by the popular series, I decided to come up with a beverage—pumpkin juice! My...

How to Make a Ginger Juice Recipe That’s Packed With Health Benefits

Ginger's anti-inflammatory properties can aid digestion and offer a slew of other health benefits. Find out how to make this...

Uncle Merle’s Bloody Mary

I had a very good friend who was not related to me, but everyone called him "Uncle Merle". He gave...

Picnic Fruit Punch

5 reviews

This fruit punch is a perfectly balanced refresher that can easily be made before the party starts.

Bubbly Champagne Punch

1 review

This bubbly champagne punch combines fruit juices, sparkling and sweet wine, and fruit. The pretty ice ring is a flavorful...

Homemade Cranberry Juice

5 reviews

This refreshing and sweet homemade cranberry juice has a mild tartness level. Its jewel red color looks very attractive served...

Mango Orange Quencher

Serve this beautiful beverage at your next brunch in place of mimosas. Just chill the base an hour before adding...

Spiced Tomato Juice

I always serve this spiced-up tomato juice at our family's Easter Sunday brunch, but it's good any time of year.

Citrus Grape Drink

1 review

My mom made this often while I was growing up and I loved it. When I got married, I requested...

Cran-Grape Cooler

1 review

You’re three quick ingredients away from refreshment with this easy-to-drink cooler that’s bound to keep you, well, cool. Didi Desjardins...

Six-Vegetable Juice

2 reviews

Our family and friends enjoy my vegetable garden by the glassfuls. My husband likes spicy foods, and after one sip,...

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Sparkling Pineapple Grape Juice

I love this versatile, non-alcoholic drink. Not only is it fun to serve for Easter, it goes well with cake...

Tomato Juice Cocktail

3 reviews

This recipe came from my mother-in-law and many say it’s the best tomato juice they’ve ever tasted. It has a...

Cranberry Limeade

2 reviews

When cranberry and lime juice get together, the result is thirst-quenching. Add ice and you’ve got a party in a...


2 reviews

The paloma is a popular Mexican cocktail starring smooth tequila and sweet-tart grapefruit soda. This simple recipe makes a citrusy...

Spicy Tomato Juice

7 reviews

You can drink this juice plain or use it in most any recipe like chili that calls for vegetable juice...

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Bloody Mary

2 reviews

Make the classic Bloody Mary your own with homemade mix and fun garnishes. Did someone say brunch?

Dill Bloody Marys

4 reviews

With a nice level of pepper, and just enough dill from the pickle, these Bloody Marys are sure to please....

Cran-Strawberry Cooler

1 review

This frothy refresher blends strawberries with cranberry juice, white grape juice and ice. "This drink hits the spot whenever you...

Cranberry Glogg

3 reviews

Winter’s a perfect time to cozy up with a hot drink—and this glogg is our family favorite. It’s heady with...

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Spicy Homemade Tomato Juice

This zesty juice is good hot or cold. People love the spicy taste all year-round.
—Martha Philbeck, La Fontaine,...

Frozen Slush

2 reviews

A light and refreshing frozen slush drink is the perfect antidote to hot summer days and nights. 

Spicy Tomato Cooler

The blend of flavors in this recipe creates a very refreshing drink. I often serve it for breakfast, but in...

Cranberry Juice vs. Cranberry Cocktail

DEAR PEGGY: What are the nutritional differences between cranberry juice cocktail and 100% cranberry juice? —L.E., Colorado Springs, Colorado On