9 Exceptional Tart Cherry Juice Benefits for Your Health

From cancer protection to better workouts, tart cherry juice may be the best-kept secret to more vibrant health.

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Improves Memory

Stay on your game with a daily glass of tart cherry juice. The antioxidants in it can help with improved cognitive function, and it’s even been found to improve memory and language skills in patients with dementia. That’s just one of the reasons why tart cherries are the new health hero.

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Prevents Muscle Soreness

Skip your post-workout sports drink and reach for tart cherry juice instead. Studies have found that drinking cherry juice regularly can decrease inflammation and reduce muscle soreness after exercise. Pour some into your post-workout smoothie recipe.

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Reduces Risk of Colon Cancer

The high antioxidant content in tart cherry juice is believed to be the reason it’s linked with lowered inflammation and reduced risk of chronic disease. A study in the journal Cancer Letters found that consuming tart cherry juice slowed the growth of colon cancer cells in mice.

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Decreases Blood Lipids

If you’ve been watching your blood lipid levels with your doctor, pick up a bottle of tart cherry juice next time you’re grocery shopping. A study found that when obese participants drank tart cherry juice daily for 4 weeks, their blood lipid levels decreased.

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Supports Your Immune System

We’ll try anything to ward off the germs, especially during cold and flu season. Research has found that one of the compounds in tart cherry juice has antibacterial qualities and may help fend off illness.

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Cherry juice with fresh berries
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Lowers Blood Pressure

Watching your blood pressure these days? Tart cherry juice can help. Studies have found that drinking it every day for 6 weeks can significantly reduce blood pressure readings. Add this to your list of foods that lower blood pressure when you need a little extra help.

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Boosts Endurance

Not sure you’re up for training for a marathon? Maybe a smoothie made with tart cherry juice will change your mind. A recent study published in the Journal of the American College of Nutrition found that drinking tart cherry juice (or taking a powdered supplement) significantly improved performance in endurance sports like running.

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Promotes Quality Sleep

Raise your hand if you could use more sleep in your life! In a recent study, participants noticed an improvement in the quality of sleep after 5 days of drinking tart cherry juice.

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Improves Vision

Tart cherry juice can do a lot more than fend off a little muscle soreness after your spin class. One study found that patients with glaucoma reported improved vision and decreased symptoms after taking anthocyanins, a compound that is found in tart cherry juice.

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