20 Recipes Inspired by The Office

Updated: May 03, 2024

We all love Pretzel Day and Alfredo's Pizza Cafe. Check out our other favorite recipes inspired by the workers at Dunder-Mifflin.

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Inspired by Pretzel Day

Stanley may be the curmudgeon of Dunder-Mifflin, but he likes Pretzel Day. Go Stanley-style with a straightforward recipe like this one. If you prefer to go over the top like Michael, you’ll want “the works: sweet glaze, cinnamon sugar, chocolate, white chocolate, fudge, M&M’s, caramel dip, mint chip, chocolate chip, marshmallows, nuts, toffee nuts, coconut, peanut butter drizzle, Oreo, sprinkles, cotton candy bits and powdered sugar.
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Inspired by the Stapler in Jell-O

We don’t recommend suspending a stapler in this Jell-O mold, but we do recommend this Jell-O recipe. It’s an easy side or dessert to whip up for your next party.
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Inspired by Kevin's Famous Chili

What Office fan can forget Kevin’s famous chili Remember, Kevin’s signature trick is to undercook the onions.
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Inspired by the Finer Things Club Tea Sandwiches

Pam, Toby and Oscar are the founding members of the Finer Things Club where there’s “no paper, no plastic and no work talk allowed.” Finger sandwiches like these are served at one of their meetings. You can recreate these easily for your own version of the Finer Things Club.
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Inspired by Michael's Favorite Pudding

When Michael limps into the office after the George Foreman grill incident, he has Ryan do his bidding all day. Sick of his whining, Ryan crushes up some ibuprofen and stirs it into a cup of chocolate pudding. It makes Michael feel 100% (surprise, surprise).
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Inspired by Jan's Dinner Party Osso Buco

Who can forget Jan’s dinner party osso buco? Her guests arrive and she assures them that all the work for the party is done, “it’s just the osso buco that needs to braise for about three hours.” This gives the party plenty of time to go downhill.
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Inspired by Dwight's Beet Salad

While Dwight isn’t officially invited to Michael’s ruinous dinner party, he still makes an appearance (with his former babysitter, no less). He brings his own wine glasses, a turkey leg and a fine-looking beet salad. You can recreate this Schrute-approved salad at home with this recipe.
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Inspired by Michael's Pre-5K Fettuccine Alfredo

Prior to Michael Scott’s Dunder Mifflin Scranton Meredith Palmer Memorial Celebrity Rabies Awareness Pro-Am Fun Run Race For The Cure, Michael “carbo-loads” with a huge helping of fettuccine alfredo. While we don’t recommend that for your race day strategy, we do recommend this fettuccine alfredo recipe for your next Netflix night.
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Inspired by Beach Games Hot Dogs

Turn all-American hot dogs into a fun international treat at your next casual party. They get three special treatments in this recipe: Chicago-style, Bavarian and south of the border. Bet you can’t eat just one! —Taste of Home Test Kitchen
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Inspired by Pam's Favorite Pie at Laverne's Pie Stand (Tires Fixed Also)

While no one at Sabre is happy about working on a bus all day, Jim convinces Dwight to stop by one of Pam’s favorite Pennsylvania destinations: Laverne’s Pie Stand. Pam is anti-rhubarb pie but loves the chocolate cream.
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Inspired by Chili's Awesome Blossom

When Michael and Jan were trying to seal a paper deal over lunch at Chili’s, Michael insisted on ordering an Awesome Blossom. This app worked; he walked away with a sale. You can make your own blooming onion at home with this recipe.
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Inspired by Jim's Famous Grilled Cheese Sandwiches

While Michael is away pitching a client, the rest of the office has some fun. First, the gang reads through Michael’s screenplay, then Dwight lights off fireworks in the parking lot. Jim and Pam enjoy the show while eating Jim’s “famous grilled cheese sandwiches” fresh from the break room toaster oven.
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Inspired by Alfredo's Pizza Cafe

Scranton is home to Pizza by Alfredo and Alfredo’s Pizza Cafe. Michael can never seem to remember that Alfredo’s Pizza Cafe is the superior pizzeria. You can replicate their signature pie at home with this recipe.
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Inspired by Angela's Double Fudge Brownies

One Christmas, the office has warring holiday parties. One party has karaoke and margaritas. The other has Angela’s double-fudge brownie. This is a big decision to make. In the words of Kevin: “I hear Angela’s party will have double-fudge brownies. It will also have Angela. Double fudge… Angela…double fudge…Angela…”
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Inspired by Michael's Potato Salad

When Dunder-Mifflin’s CFO David Wallace hosts a party, Michael shows up extra early with a big dish of potato salad, hoping it will turn him from coworker to friend.
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Inspired by Michael's French Toast

We discovered this easy French toast recipe in Mexico. We couldn’t figure out what made the French toast so delicious until we learned the secret was vanilla. Since then, we’ve added a touch of vanilla to our waffle and pancake recipes, and it makes all the difference. —Joe and Bobbi Schott, Castroville, Texas
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Inspired by Kelly's Diwali Samosas

At Kelly’s Diwali celebration, Michael tries samosas for the first time thinking that they’re s’mores. Classic Michael. You can make tasty samosas at home with this recipe.
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Inspired by Michael's Lunchtime Chicken Potpie

This is the best chicken potpie recipe! Chock-full of chicken, potatoes, peas and corn, this recipe makes two golden pies, so you can serve one at supper and save the other for a busy night. —Karen Johnson, Bakersfield, California
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Creed's Peach Cobbler

When Jim takes over planning office birthday parties, he asks everyone for their favorite kind of cake. Creed, our favorite weirdo, says no cake—he’d rather have a peach pie or a nice cobbler.
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Inspired by Jim's 'Big Tuna' Tuna Sandwich

Yes, the sandwich that gave Jim his nickname at the Stamford branch. Is “Big Tuna” the most original name Andy could have thought of? No, but that’s why we love Andy.