People Are Making Ghosts Out of Chicken Wire for Halloween—and You Can, Too

Updated: Sep. 21, 2021

This is how to light up your front yard in the most frightful way possible. It's a spook-tacular Halloween DIY!

From adorable pumpkins (like the ones in the new HomeGoods Halloween collection) to spiderwebs and giant spiders, we love to see all the Halloween decorations. Some people prop up hilarious tombstones while others prefer ghostly sheets hanging from the trees. Then, there are the neighbors who figured out how to DIY a chicken wire ghost.

It’s a brand-new trend in Halloween decorating. And the ghoulish figures are so realistic, you’ll have trick-or-treaters running amok!

What Is This Spooky Yard Decor?

Each ghost is formed with a frightening amount of chicken wire. The reason people seem to adore them so much really comes back to how realistic they are. The chicken wire holds any shape it’s folded into, so you can make any character to haunt your front yard. And Halloween is the perfect time to showcase all the arts and crafts skills you’ve developed over the last year!

Here are DIY Halloween decorations that will take you no time at all.

How to Make a Chicken Wire Ghost

Fortunately, these ghosties really aren’t that hard to make. First things first, you’ll need to pick up a good amount of chicken wire from your local hardware or home store, depending on how many figures you intend to make.

Now, you’re probably wondering, “How do you sculpt a chicken wire ghost?

And the answer to that is…mannequins! For people who sew or happen to have a mannequin around, this is the perfect Halloween DIY for you. Dress them up in any way you’d like (outfits, hats, accessories) and wrap the chicken wire around. Then, remove the mannequin, and either paint the chicken wire for that ghastly pale look, or add some LED or fairy lights to the bottom to give off an eerie glow.

The last step is to bake a batch of ghost cookies to match!

Ghostly Treats for After You Decorate
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