The Home Depot’s New Halloween Collection Is Here—and This Is the Most Terrifying Decoration Yet

Updated: Nov. 07, 2023

Its wings span 12.5 feet wide!

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It’s that time of year again when new Halloween decorations are introduced for your spooky pleasure. The Home Depot is known for its larger-than-life pieces that standout and, oftentimes, tower over your home. Hello, viral 12-foot skeleton!

This year, the retailer has introduced new scary friends, including the most terrifying creation to date: a 9-foot Predator of the Night, complete with glowing eyes and giant wings. Read on—if you dare.

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What is the Predator of the Night decoration?

Solo Predator Of The Night Lifestyle Courtesy The Home DepotCourtesy The Home Depot

The only thing more impressive than the Predator of the Night’s 9-foot height is its 12.5-foot-wide (!!!) wingspan. That makes it the widest Halloween prop ever created by The Home Depot. It’ll truly dominate your yard and cause passersby to think twice about getting too close. Think of this piece as a frightening creature straight form the underworld.

When it comes to making a decoration scream-worthy, it’s all about the details. The demonic beast has large ears, pointed teeth, long fingernails and toenails and bone and vein details. This animated piece features servo motors to mimic life-like head movements. Plus, it boasts bright LED lights to offer glowing red eyes, mouth and wings. The creature’s posable arms allow you to point them up or down or somewhere in between, and quality construction ensures they’ll hold their position all the way through Halloween night. It even plays eerie shriek sounds. If this decoration isn’t enough to scare trick-or-treaters, we aren’t sure what will!

The Predator of the Night piece is part of The Home Depot’s Dead Water collection, which also includes the 7.5-foot marsh monster, 8-foot LED jack-o’-lantern stack and 7-foot animated Lethal Lily Witch—among other nightmare fuel.

How to Set Up the Predator of the Night Decoration

A giant decoration needs the proper structure to hold it down through rain, wind and other unpredictable fall weather. The Predator of the Night comes with a stand with stakes to hold it in place. Keep in mind that it needs to be plugged in order to enjoy all of its frightening features. The Home Depot suggests that it takes about 60 minutes and two people to set up the satanic spawn, but your efforts will be worth it once the huge piece is on display.

Where to Buy the Predator of the Night Decoration

Animated Predator Of Night Decoration Courtesy The Home DepotTaste of Home, Courtesy The Home Depot

The only place you can shop the Predator of the Night piece, as it’s part of the in-house brand, Home Accents Holiday, is at The Home Depot for $349. If you’re even thinking about snagging this terrifying decoration, don’t delay adding to cart. The Home Depot’s giant Halloween offerings, like the 13-foot Jack Skellington, tend to (unsurprisingly) sell out quickly. Happy Halloween!

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