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Looking for meatloaf recipes? Find meatloaf recipes including turkey meatloaf recipes, Italian lasagna recipes, and more recipes for meatloaf.

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Greek Chicken Meat Loaf

I love this recipe. It's so easy to put together and lighter than most other meat loaves. —Maria Romaine, West Babylon, New York

10 Stuffed Meat Loaf Ideas

Think you know meat loaf? Think again! These stuffed meat loaf ideas will make dinner something special.

How to Make Bacon-Wrapped Meat Loaf

This easy bacon-wrapped meat loaf is tender, juicy and topped with a sauce that's sweet and smoky.

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We Made The Pioneer Woman’s Favorite Meat Loaf, and the Recipe Is a Keeper

Wrapped in bacon and topped with a zippy sauce, The Pioneer Woman meat loaf is a true masterpiece.

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I Made Ina Garten’s Meat Loaf Recipe for Dinner Tonight—And Will Again and Again

This classic meat loaf recipe from Ina Garten tastes just like the ones Mom and Grandma used to make.

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How to Make a Copycat Cracker Barrel Meat Loaf Recipe That’s Just as Good as the ...

Get a taste of your favorite Cracker Barrel meat loaf at home with this easy copycat recipe.

Instant Pot Meat Loaf

1 review

I used to make this pressure-cooker meat loaf a lot when my kids were growing up and I was working....

Smoked Meat Loaf

Here's a new take on a family classic—smoked meat loaf. Make several loaves at once to take full advantage of...

Air-Fryer Meat Loaf

3 reviews

If you're looking for a hearty meal perfect for two, then look no further. This air-fryer meat loaf cooks quickly....

Southern-Style Meat Loaf

1 review

When my husband and I moved to the South, we discovered our love for pimiento cheese! Its addition lends flair...

Jerk-Seasoned Meat Loaves

1 review

I wanted meat loaf but also something unique, so I decided to spice up my usual recipe by using Jamaican...

Taco Turkey Meat Loaf

2 reviews

After buying a supersized package of ground turkey, I made this spicy taco turkey meat loaf using what I had...

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Air-Fryer Stuffed Meat Loaf Slices

This air-fryer stuffed meat loaf is a family favorite requested for special occasions. We received it from a fellow faculty...

Peppered Meat Loaf

I came up with this easy dinner one day while experimenting in the kitchen. Everyone who tries it, loves it!...

Mini Meat Loaf Sheet-Pan Meal

16 reviews

I grew up with this meat loaf recipe, but I adapted it to mini meat loaves so that it would...

35 of Mom’s Best Meat Loaf Recipes

Mom always knows best...and creating a tasty meal is no different. Try our roundup of meat loaf recipes created by...

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40 Ways to Make Meat Loaf

Taste of Home meat loaf recipes are all Test Kitchen-approved. Top 'em with bacon, ketchup or cheese—any way you make...

Stuffed Meat Loaf Slices

This is a family favorite requested for special occasions. We received it from a fellow faculty member when my husband...

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Asian-Style Meat Loaves

Here's a family-friendly meat loaf with just a hint of Asian flair. Serve it with pea pods or steamed baby...

Slow-Cooked Meat Loaf for 2

2 reviews

“My husband and I both work late, so it’s great to come home to this classic dish with mashed potatoes...

Basic Meat Loaf

5 reviews

Since I can't have much salt, I've come up with a recipe for easy meatloaf that is really tasty without...

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Ribbon Meat Loaf

This recipe came from a cookbook compiled by my sorority sisters. Leftovers, if there are any, make delicious sandwiches. -...

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Flavorful Cranberry Meat Loaf

A tangy cranberry sauce---with the interesting ingredient of sauerkraut---gives this meat loaf a holiday flavor. My mother and I have...

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Meat Loaf with Sweet Potatoes

Mother often prepared this for supper after Sunday services. Sweet potatoes are a traditional part of Southern cooking. - Kay...

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Sunday Meat Loaf

I try to make special foods for my family. So I add this and that to recipes to create memorable...

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Cheese-Stuffed Loaf

A similar recipe appeared on a campaign brochure for a candidate who was running for office in 1970. I played...

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Tex-Mex Meat Loaf

This specially seasoned meat loaf tastes just like a taco. The recipe was given to me by a friend who...

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Tangy Meat Loaf

The unusual ingredient of pineapple lends a slightly sweet flavor to this meat loaf. Our children took a copy of...

Sun-Dried Tomato Meat Loaf

5 reviews

Our kitchen staff gives Italian flair to this lightened-up meat loaf by mixing in tangy sun-dried tomatoes. The recipe yields...

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Italian Style Meat Roll

I also use this meat mixture for meatballs. Either way, it's mouthwatering. —Janaan Cunningham

Stovetop Meat Loaves

9 reviews

Who says meat loaf has to bake in the oven for hours? For this convenient recipe, all you need is...