3 Mother’s Day Menus to Cater to Her Tastes

Updated: Mar. 15, 2024

Show mom how much you care with a Mother's Day menu catered to her tastes: classic, elegant or healthy. Each menu takes you from appetizers to dessert with recipes that let her signature style shine.

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Elegant Mother's Day Dining Table
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Classic Mother’s Day Menu

Full of tried-and-true favorites, this classic Mother’s Day menu is for moms who don’t mess with a good thing. These dishes are pulled straight from mom’s recipe book and are made with comforting and familiar ingredients. Before you sit down to eat, gift your mom with a lovely DIY flower arrangement.

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Cucumber Party Sandwiches

This is one of my favorite appetizers. We have lots of pig roasts here in Kentucky, and these small sandwiches are perfect to serve while the pig is roasting. —Rebecca Rose, Mount Washington, Kentucky

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Classic Cobb Salad

Making this salad is a lot like putting in a garden. I “plant” everything in nice, neat sections, just as I do with seedlings. —Patricia Kile, Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania
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Party Potatoes

My grandpa, who gave me this recipe, liked the way the cream cheese and onion dip created a wonderful velvety texture. I often assemble these potatoes the night before, then pop them in the oven the next day. —Mary Kay Elert, St. Paul Park, Minnesota
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Roasted Beef Tenderloin

An overnight marinade provides a savory seasoning for this tenderloin. I’ve served this simple elegant roast on many special occasions. —Schelby Thompson, Camden Wyoming, Delaware
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Dill & Chive Peas

Growing my own vegetables and herbs helps keep things fresh in the kitchen, but frozen peas make this side is a breeze to prepare. —Tanna Richard, Cedar Rapids, Iowa
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Elegant Mother’s Day Menu

This menu is for moms who enjoy the finer things in life! This elevated menu features restaurant-worthy dishes that are still easy enough to put together without a full kitchen staff. Complete the meal with a chic table setting and a specialty cocktail or Champagne bar.

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Watermelon Cups

This lovely appetizer is almost too pretty to eat! Sweet watermelon cubes hold a refreshing topping that showcases cucumber, red onion and fresh herbs. —Taste of Home Test Kitchen
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Honeydew & Prosciutto Salad

For parties, I turn melon and prosciutto into an easy salad with a honey mustard dressing. To add zip, stir in fresh basil and mint. —Julie Merriman, Seattle, Washington
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Portobello Risotto with Mascarpone

Portobello mushrooms add a beefy flavor to this creamy classic. Each serving is topped with soft, buttery mascarpone cheese, which makes it extra special. —Carmella Ryan, Rockville Centre, New York
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Spinach Pork Tenderloin

Stuffed with fresh spinach and artichoke hearts, these pork slices look fancy enough for guests. —Linda Rae Lee of San Francisco, California.
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Lemon-Scented Broccolini

Even the most finicky eaters will eagerly eat this vegetable seasoned with lemon pepper, lemon zest and lemon juice. If you prefer, use broccoli instead. —Kim Champion, Phoenix, Arizona
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Raspberry Chocolate Puffs

This chocolaty, flaky dessert is one of my favorite show-off recipes because
it makes a spectacular presentation. The best part? It’s actually surprisingly easy and quick to make. —Anneliese Deising, Plymouth, Michigan
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Taste Of Home's Contest Winning Grilled Corn Kale Salad Recipe

Healthy Mother’s Day Menu

Just because your mom is on a health kick doesn’t mean you can’t treat her to a fabulous meal. These health-conscience dishes are packed with fresh, seasonal ingredients that are as colorful as they are delicious. Don’t forget to pick up one of these Mother’s Day gifts she’ll actually want, too!

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The Best Hummus

Hummus is my go-to appetizer when I need something quick, easy and impressive. Over the years I’ve picked up a number of tricks that make this the best hummus recipe you’ll ever have. —James Schend, Dairy Freed
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Kale Slaw Spring Salad

My parents and in-laws are retired and like to spend winters in Florida. This tangy spring salad welcomes the snowbirds back for our Easter celebration! —Jennifer Gilbert, Brighton, Michigan
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Roasted Carrots with Thyme

These roasted carrots are so simple but always a hit. Cutting the carrots lengthwise makes this dish look extra pretty.—Deirdre Cox, Kansas City, Missouri
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Grilled Salmon Fillet

Growing up on a family-owned resort, I was expected to help around the kitchen. This grilled salmon fillet recipe became my specialty. —Paul Noetzel, Grafton, Wisconsin
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Grilled Stone Fruits with Balsamic Syrup

Get ready to experience another side of stone fruits. Hot off the rack, these grilled nectarines practically melt in your mouth. —Sonya Labbe, West Hollywood, California