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31 of the Cutest (and Easiest) Halloween Cookies Ever

Be the house to beat this season when you surprise trick and treaters with the most adorable Halloween cookies ever. Silly, spooky and oh-so-simple, these Halloween cookies will win over fall bake sales and trick or treaters.

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Halloween Party Cutout CookiesTaste of Home

Halloween Party Cutout Cookies

I've been making these Halloween cookies for about 40 years—first for my children and now my grandchildren and all their friends, too. I make about 20 trays a year to give away to trick-or-treaters. —Pamela Shank, Parkersburg, West Virginia

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Halloween Chocolate Cookie PopsTaste of Home

Halloween Chocolate Cookie Pops

Our children look forward to making these cute cookies each year. They've become experts at making silly faces with little candies.

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Candy Corn CookiesTaste of Home

Candy Corn Cookies

Get a head start on these buttery cookies by shaping and chilling the homemade dough ahead of time. When you're ready, just slice and bake the tricolor treats. —Taste of Home Test Kitchen

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Meringue BonesTaste of Home

Meringue Bones

This unique treatment for meringue travels well, too! You will certainly get requests for the recipe, and folks will be surprised at how simple it is! —Taste of Home Test Kitchen

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Eyeball CookiesTaste of Home

Eyeball Cookies

All eyes will definitely be on these adorable cookies when they're set on any buffet table. I created them for my son's kindergarten class for Halloween. —Sherry Lee, Columbus, Ohio

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Day of the Dead CookiesTaste of Home

Day of the Dead Cookies

I make these Day of the Dead cookies for all occasions. In the spring, I cut them in flower shapes and insert a lollipop stick in them to make a bouquet. Using candies, food coloring and a wild imagination, try your hand at this Halloween-inspired version. —Kristine Fossmeyer, Huntley, Illinois

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Owl CookiesTaste of Home

Owl Cookies

I came up with these cookies as a treat for my kids’ class parties. Not only do they look cute, but they are also delicious.—Starrlette Howard, Ogden, Utah

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Kiss from a Vampire CookiesTaste of Home

Kiss from a Vampire Cookies

Raspberry jam eerily oozes from these soft butter cookies. One bite, and you'll have a hard time stopping! —Taste of Home Test Kitchen

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Dancing MummiesTaste of Home

Dancing Mummies

Use a gingerbread boy cookie cutter to make these Halloween mummy cookies. —Dore' Merrick Grabski, Utica, New York

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Halloween Peanut Butter Cookie PopsTaste of Home

Halloween Peanut Butter Cookie Pops

A miniature candy bar is hidden inside these fun pops. Colored frosting and candy faces make these addicting cookie pops the perfect Halloween treat. —Martha Hoover, Coatesville, Pennsylvania

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Freaky Frankenstein CookiesTaste of Home

Freaky Frankenstein Cookies

They're alive! Each year when the Halloween invites start coming my way, I create a little treat to bring. These cute cookies bring a lot of life to every party. —Philia Kelnhofer, West Allis, Wisconsin

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Pumpkin Spice CutoutsTaste of Home

Pumpkin Spice Cutouts

Through all the years I've been baking, I’ve never come across a pumpkin cookie recipe that you can actually cut out with cookie cutters. (Most I’ve found are drop cookies.) Each bite tastes just like pumpkin pie—delicious! —Marion Kearley, Ladner, British Columbia

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Ghost Shortbread CookiesTaste of Home

Ghost Shortbread Cookies

Pac-Man was my favorite video game when I was growing up. For a party, I decided to get creative and shape my go-to sugar cookies into the ghosts from the game. —Jamie S, Regina, Saskatchewan

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Candy Corn Conversation CookiesTaste of Home

Candy Corn Conversation Cookies

Add these candy corn-shaped sugar cookies to your Halloween treat platter. —Dorothy Jennings, Waterloo, Iowa

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Bones & BloodTaste of Home

Bones & Blood

Like a zombie, you'll be desperate for more of these bone-shaped cookies and dip. Fight nicely over them—no biting! —Taste of Home Food Styling Team

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Black & White Spider CookiesTaste of Home

Black & White Spider Cookies

Those eight-legged creatures aren't so creepy when you turn them into cookies. Make these treats any time of year—just skip the cobwebs and spiders. —Taste of Home Food Styling Team

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Tombstone TreatsTaste of Home

Tombstone Treats

My brother loves Rice Krispies squares, and my mom loves sugar cookies. I came up with a cute treat they'd both like.

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Quick Ghost CookiesTaste of Home

Quick Ghost Cookies

Spruce up store-bought cookies for the holiday. These are a real hit with "goblins" of all ages. —Denise Smith, Lusk, Wyoming

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Gingerbread SkeletonsTaste of Home

Gingerbread Skeletons

Any small gingerbread boy cookie cutter can take on new "life" with these classic cookies. Give him some cat friends, too. The more the merrier! —Dore' Merrick Grabski, Utica, New York

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Frightening FingersTaste of Home

Frightening Fingers

These cookies have become somewhat famous at the school our children attend. One year, I made more than 150 of these "fingers" for their classroom Halloween parties.—Natalie Hyde, Cambridge, Ontario

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Goblin ChewiesTaste of Home

Goblin Chewies

These light, crispy cookies are packed with fun ingredients perfect for Halloween. —Bernice Morris, Marshfield, Missouri

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Acorn TreatsTaste of Home

Acorn Treats

You only need three ingredients to make these super simple acorn cookies! —Jane Stasik, Greendale, Wisconsin

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"Boo"-rrific KissesTaste of Home

"Boo"-rrific Kisses

The Taste of Home Test Kitchen turned cute meringue cookies into these whimsical kisses, perfect for Halloween. With just 15 calories, each little treat can be enjoyed guilt-free! —Phyllis Schmalz, Kansas City, Kansas

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Black Cat CookiesTaste of Home

Black Cat Cookies

Our children look forward to helping me bake these cute cat cookies each year. They've become experts at making the faces with candy corn and Red Hots. —Kathy Stock, Levasy, Missouri

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Owl Eyes CookiesTaste of Home

Owl Eyes Cookies

These cookies are a real hoot, and they taste as good as they look. Each fall, it was a tradition for my Grandma to bake batches of Owl Cookies. The sweets were so tasty that we'd beg her to make them before the leaves had even begun turning. —Liz Clemons, Sumter, South Carolina

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Lighter Cookie CutoutsTaste of Home

Lighter Cookie Cutouts

These simple cookie cutouts are so light and easy, you'll want to bake up several batches to decorate in different ways. —Taste of Home Test Kitchen

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Trick-or-Treat PizzaTaste of Home

Trick-or-Treat Pizza

Don’t let your leftover Halloween loot go to waste. Pile your favorite candies onto a monster-size cookie. — Kendra Bowen, Louisville, Illinois

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Halloween Cutout CookiesTaste of Home

Halloween Cutout Cookies

Creativity and Christmas cookie cutters come together for these fun Halloween cookies kids will go batty for. —Taste of Home Test Kitchen, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

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Semisweet Chocolate Pinwheel CookiesTaste of Home

Semisweet Chocolate Pinwheel Cookies

Chocolate and vanilla provide a delightful contrast in their flavor and appearance. —Nancy Arevalo, Brookfield, Wisconsin

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Chocolate-Oat Bat CookiesTaste of Home

Chocolate-Oat Bat Cookies

Oatmeal cookie fans will love this variation that combines oats, chocolate and coconut. They're different then average cutouts, and the bat shape is so cute! —Edna Hall, Aitkin, Minnesota

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Caramel-Apple Shortbread CookiesTaste of Home

Caramel-Apple Shortbread Cookies

There is nothing like seeing my friends almost melt to the floor when they bite into something I made. These cookies never fail to elicit oohs and aahs. —Amber Taylor, Lenoir City, Tennessee

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