19 Recipes That Start with a Bag of Butterscotch Chips

Move over, chocolate chips! These butterscotch chip recipes pack a serious flavor punch.

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Butterscotch Toffee Cookies

If you’re pressed for time, look no further than these butterscotch toffee cookies. This recipe eliminates extra work by swapping homemade cookie dough with butter pecan cake mix. Fold in butterscotch chips to create a unique flavor for the final product.

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Chocolate Scotcheroos

These no-bake bars are a Midwestern favorite. Don’t forget to top these crunchy treats with plenty of chocolate.
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Monster Cookies

Bake these chewy monster cookies from start to finish in 20 minutes or less. Chances are, you already have most of the ingredients in your kitchen (like peanut butter and brown sugar). It’s one of the tastiest butterscotch chip recipes you can make!
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Double Butterscotch Coconut Cake

This Bundt cake gets a double dose of butterscotch thanks to a box of pudding mix and butterscotch chips. Don’t forget to grease the Bundt pan well so it comes out easily.
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Butterscotch Apple Cake

Minimal prep goes into this old-fashioned butterscotch apple cake. To prevent over-browning, cover the cake loosely with foil during the last 10 to 15 minutes of baking.
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Chewy Salted Peanut Bars

Butterscotch chips and dry roasted peanuts star in this ultra salty-sweet combo. Try not to overcook the homemade butterscotch sauce, otherwise the chewy salted peanut bars could lose their rich taste.
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Butterscotch Shortbread

After sampling these tender cookies in a specialty store, I knew I had to duplicate them. My version has lots of toffee bits and butterscotch chips. I’ve given away dozens as home-baked gifts. —Sandra McKenzie, Braham, MN
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Butterscotch Fudge

Lovers of butterscotch and fudge will agree—this award-winning recipe is a match made in heaven! Special add-ins like walnuts and marshmallow take this butterscotch fudge recipe to a whole new level. Don’t forget to toast the walnuts first!
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Butterscotch-Pecan Bread Pudding

Pour the ingredients of this butterscotch-pecan bread pudding recipe into a slow cooker before you run some errands. You won’t have to worry about it again until you return home, in about three hours!
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Texas Tumbleweeds

Texas tumbleweeds are a sweet and savory ode to the lone star state’s native tumbleweed plant. You’ll only need three ingredients and a microwave to recreate them, making this one of the simplest butterscotch chip recipes yet.
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Peanutty Candy Bars

Peanuts give the butterscotch and chocolate chip topping an enjoyable, textured taste on these peanutty candy bars. Give the homemade spread enough time to chill on each bar so it’s completely set.
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Pot of S’mores

Delight guests on your next camping trip with this sweet pot of s’mores. It’s one of our favorite reasons to bring that Dutch oven on a camping trip.
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Butterscotch Oatmeal Cookies

Switch up your classic oatmeal cookie recipe by adding in a few handfuls of butterscotch chips.
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Choco-Scotch Marble Cake

Marble cake gets an upgrade in this choco-scotch marble cake recipe. Create the swirl pattern of a marble cake by cutting through the batter with a knife. While making the frosting, opt for unsweetened chocolate to keep the sweetness level in check.
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Upside-Down Apple Cake with Butterscotch Topping

This upside-down apple cake with butterscotch topping recipe yields a perfectly sized dessert for post-family dinner, making six servings. You’ll need a 7-inch cast-iron or other ovenproof skillet for this recipe. And don’t forget to check out some other fun twists on upside-down cake recipes.
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Butterscotch Fruit Dip

If you like the sweetness of butterscotch chips, you’ll enjoy this warm rum-flavored fruit dip. Serve it with pretzels or apple slices.
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Butterscotch Pumpkin Fudge

Fall-flavored fudge just got better! When baking butterscotch pumpkin fudge, have a candy thermometer at the ready to ensure the consistency is correct. Constantly stir the ingredients while heating so the mixture doesn’t harden too early.
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Butterscotch No-Bake Cookies

These no-bake cookies are part cookie, part candy and 100% delicious.
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Butterscotch-Toffee Cheesecake Bars

Butterscotch chips and butterscotch pudding mix completely revamped a basic cheesecake bar recipe. These butterscotch-toffee cheesecake bars are pretty to look at, too.

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