This Map Shows the Most Popular Pies by State

Google search data uncovered the most popular pies in every state—from classic apple to regional favorites like possum pie and sour cream raisin pie.

There’s nothing better than a homemade pie. In honor of the beloved dessert, Google compiled a list of the most uniquely searched pies in every state in 2021. The results are even color-coded to differentiate between fruit pies, custard pies, savory pies, chocolate and nut pies and “other” types of pies. (Looking at you, ricotta pie.)

What Is the Most Popular Pie in America?

The search data reveals that the most popular pies across the country are apple pie and peanut butter pie. No surprises there!

Both pies are favored in five different states apiece: Arkansas, Kansas, Maine, New Mexico and West Virginia for apple pie and Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Wyoming for peanut butter pie.

The other popular picks were sweet potato pie in four states as well as buttermilk pie and French silk pie with three states each.

Most Popular Piesvia Google

Hungry for a slice of the most popular pie? You’ll want to check out our apple pie recipes that are as flaky, sweet and comforting as mom used to make.

You’ve Got to Check Out Grasshopper Pie

Meanwhile, there were some very interesting pies that won a few states, such as sour cream raisin pie in Nevada, North Dakota and South Dakota, and crawfish pie in Louisiana.

Possum pie was the most searched in Arkansas, and in Colorado and Washington, residents were searching for grasshopper pie. Luckily, the pies aren’t made with the ingredients their names might imply! The mint-flavored grasshopper pie gets its name because of its green color, while possum pie is made with chocolate, pecans and whipped cream.

Classic American Pie Recipes
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