Chipotle Is Offering FREE Delivery Through All of March, and We’re Ordering ASAP

Free Chipotle delivery = burrito bowls delivered to your door.

If you’re at home and you’ve already exhausted your repertoire of copycat recipes, you might be daydreaming about going out to eat. As we practice social distancing and self-quarantine, restaurants have to be creative about getting food to customers safely.

KFC partnered with Grubhub to offer free delivery, and now there’s free Chipotle delivery, too. Sign us up for a burrito with extra guac!

How Do I Get the Free Chipotle Delivery?

Chipotle announced that it’s offering free delivery through the end of March. You have to spend $10 minimum on orders placed through the Chipotle app or It shouldn’t be too hard, honestly.

The announcement didn’t specifically mention COVID-19, but Chipotle is making sure customers know their food is safe. Food will be delivered in tamper-resistant packaging with seals to indicate whether the bags have been opened. In the app you can track your order location in real-time, and even give specific directions if you want the driver to leave your food at the door. It’s easy as that!

You can also pick up mobile orders from your car at Chipotlanes, the drive-thru lanes at some locations.

Don’t Forget Your Manners!

As you can imagine, service industry workers are likely slammed right now, but that’s not stopping companies like Postmates and UberEats from getting food to customers. We hope you appreciate the convenience and remember delivery etiquette.

Don’t forget to wash your hands before and after handing your food and skip one-to-one contact with your delivery driver if you’ve been feeling unwell. Most importantly, practice patience and don’t forget to tip well!

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