Recipes with Black Beans

Stovetop, oven-baked or even cold, our recipes with black beans are easy, healthy and full of protein. The whole family will enjoy them!

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      The Best Black Beans to Add to Your Cart, According to Our Test Kitchen

      You want the best black beans for your recipes. But do you know which can is really the tastiest? Our Test Kitchen sampled 10 options to find out!

      56 Recipes That Start with a Can of Black Beans

      Nutritious and affordable beans are perfect for salads, casseroles, sides and so much more.

      Butternut Squash Burrito Bowl

      2 reviews

      This butternut squash burrito bowl is an easy-to-prep dinner that combines fresh ingredients with wholesome convenience foods. It comes together...

      Turkey and Black Bean Enchilada Casserole

      1 review

      When I don’t feel like pulling out the slow cooker, my next favorite weeknight meal is this warm black bean...

      Vegetarian Chili

      Vegetarian skillet chili screams comfort food to me. This recipe makes me feel warm and fuzzy, and it's loved by...

      Chicken Sweet Potato Skillet

      4 reviews

      One of the first things my husband made for me was a variation of this chicken sweet potato skillet. Over...

      Instant Pot Black Beans

      Instant Pot black beans are the key to a lot of my family's meals, whether for a weekend breakfast or...

      Air-Fryer Black Bean Veggie Burgers

      Meatless meals will be so tasty when these hearty air-fryer veggie burgers are on the menu. Guacamole and sour cream...

      Air-Fryer Loaded Pork Burritos

      Burritos are the perfect dinner for the whole family, especially this quick and easy recipe. Don't be afraid to load...

      Jicama and Black Bean Salad

      1 review

      There are so many colorful items in this black bean salad, there is no need for a garnish. The jicama...

      Spaghetti Squash & Black Bean Tacos

      Who knew that spaghetti squash could be so amazing stuffed inside tacos? This unique recipe is a whole new take...

      This 20-Minute Vegan Black Bean Soup Will Blow Your Mind

      Whip up a hearty, healthy vegan black bean soup for the perfect comfort meal.

      Instant Pot Chili con Carne

      1 review

      Although multicookers can’t replace every tool in the kitchen, they sure are coming close. Chili con carne is one of...

      Pumpkin Black Bean Soup

      I picked up this recipe at my local grocery store during a promotion for creative ways to use pumpkin. Black...

      Chorizo Chili

      I modified a bean soup recipe and came up with this wonderful chili. I make it mild for my family...

      Pressure-Cooker Black Bean Soup

      Life can get really crazy with young children, but I never want to compromise when it comes to cooking. This...

      25 Healthy Black Bean Recipes

      Black beans are the perfect addition to any dish. Here's how to make your favorite black bean recipes healthy.

      Slow-Cooked Black Bean Soup

      3 reviews

      Life can get really crazy with young children, but I never want to compromise when it comes to cooking. This...

      Smoky Sweet Potato and Black Bean Enchiladas

      10 reviews

      My hearty, delicious, nutrient-packed vegetarian dish is amazingly healthy. Everyone I've made it for has loved it—even carnivores! I always...

      Zippy Turkey Zoodles

      Eating healthy doesn't mean sacrificing flavor—and these spiced-up zoodles prove it. If you don't have a spiralizer, simply slice the...

      Cranberry Chipotle Chicken Enchiladas

      1 review

      Whether canned or homemade, cranberry sauce delivers a healthy dose of vitamins to this dish. A little bit sweet and...

      Southwest Turkey Patties with Beans

      1 review

      These turkey patties are delicious and low in calories. Skip the rice if you're looking to cut carbs. —Dot Carpenter,...

      Spiced Butternut Squash Chili

      1 review

      I love how a hint of heat with a touch of sweetness from the Gustus Vitae spicy chocolate cinnamon cane...

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      Vegetarian Buffalo Dip

      2 reviews

      A friend made Buffalo chicken dip and that got me thinking about creating a vegetarian dip with the same flavors....

      Black Bean Burgers with Chipotle Slaw

      2 reviews

      We like to eat meatless at least one day a week, so I always keep cans of various beans in...

      Black Bean Fajitas

      1 review

      "For lunch one day, I dreamed up these fajitas using leftover black beans I had in the refrigerator and a...

      Italian Meatball ‘n’ Bean Soup

      2 reviews

      This is a taste sensation the whole family will love.—Amanda Bowyer, Caldwell, Idaho

      Hearty Beef & Bean Soup

      2 reviews

      I love cooking, and often share my soups with my co-workers—and they're happy I do. This one is perfect for...

      Chicken Chili with Black Beans

      9 reviews

      Because it looks different than traditional chili, my family was a little hesitant to try this dish at first. Thanks...