Biscuit Recipes

Having a go-to biscuit recipe is essential in any kitchen. Try our takes on drop biscuits, buttermilk biscuits and Southern biscuit recipes.

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Sticky Apple Biscuits

Instead of the typical drop or cut biscuits, this hearty version is rolled up like a cinnamon roll. Tender apples, crunchy pecans and sweet honey make these a wonderful breakfast treat.

Cranberry-Apple Biscuits

Tangy cranberries and sweet apples blend beautifully with tender biscuits on this pretty holiday dessert. Serve the fruity treats alone...

Apple-Topped Biscuits

1 review

Sharon Rose Ristich of Rochester, New York creates a tasty fruit topping for convenient refrigerated biscuits. “I usually double this...

Buttery Apple Biscuits

2 reviews

What better way to start the day than with warm biscuits filled with apple and the homey sweetness of molasses?...