Our Best Recipes for Easter Ham

Easter and ham go hand-in-hand thanks to its size and versatility. Whether you prefer it baked, slow-cooked or pan-fried, we have recipes for Easter ham everyone will enjoy.

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Baked Ham with Pineapple

Talk about a showstopper! Of all our recipes for Easter ham, this one may be the most impressive. A scored surface, cloves, pineapple rings and maraschino cherries help this ham make a tropical statement. Still hungry? Check out our top 10 ham recipes.

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Easter Ham

Brushed in a three-ingredient, sweet-spicy glaze, this ham is a mouthwatering addition to your Easter table. Serve it with mashed potatoes and asparagus for a traditional dinner, or enjoy the ham on warm rolls for brunch.
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Maple-Peach Glazed Ham

Skip spending Easter Sunday in the kitchen. With a mere five minute prep period, this ham recipe gives you plenty of time to relax with holiday guests. Keep it nice and sweet with a marmalade, maple syrup and orange juice glaze, or enjoy some extra spice by adding in ground ancho chile pepper.
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Country Ham and Potatoes

This rustic dish couldn’t be any simpler. Butter and parsley are all you need to create this country classic. Plus, since the potatoes and ham cook in one skillet, cleanup is easy, too!
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Root Beer Glazed Ham

For a unique spin on the traditional glazed ham recipe, try this southern specialty where the secret ingredient is root beer. Brown sugar gives the glaze extra sweetness, while Dijon mustard and crushed red pepper flakes provide a little kick.
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Baked Ham with Cherry Sauce

Recipes for Easter ham should scream spring, and this baked version with a succulent cherry sauce does just that. A hint of almond flavor really takes this dish over the top.
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Slow-Cooked Ham

Put your slow cooker to work! This effortless ham recipe calls for just five ingredients and five minutes of prep. Enjoy any extras in theses tasty leftover ham recipes.
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Five Spice Plum-Glazed Ham

For a new twist on classic recipes for Easter ham, give this Asian-inspired version a try. Chinese five-spice powder adds a licorice-like flavor while ginger and garlic provide some kick.
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Honey-Maple Glazed Ham

You’ll likely use a graham cracker crust for your Easter cheesecake, but have you ever tried it on your Easter ham? This buttery, honey-maple version forms a sweet, caramelized topping everyone at the table will love.
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Sliced Ham with Roasted Vegetables

Sliced Ham with Roasted Vegetables

Serving six people, this is one of the best small-batch recipes for Easter ham. We love how the ham slices—coated in a zesty orange and horseradish glaze—help to flavor the veggies as they cook. Discover more ham dinner recipes, too.
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Apple-Glazed Holiday Ham

Apple-Glazed Holiday Ham

The naturally sweet flavor of apple is the perfect complement to ham. This holiday-ready recipe features both applesauce and apple juice for optimal flavor, along with a touch of Dijon mustard to offset the sweetness.
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Orange-Glazed Ham

Few things are more enticing than the aroma of this glazed ham as it bakes. Three simple ingredients—ground mustard, allspice and orange marmalade—create a rub that smells (and tastes!) amazing.
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Apricot Ham Steak

Ham steaks are a great alternative to an entire ham, especially if you’re cooking for a small group. This skillet recipe relies on apricot preserves for a sticky-sweet glaze that’s hard to beat.
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Sugar-Glazed Ham

This old-fashioned ham glaze gives a pretty, golden brown coating—just like grandma used to make. The mustard and vinegar complement the brown sugar which adds a tangy flavor. Be prepared to serve seconds!
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Bourbon-Spiced Glazed Ham

Craving spirited recipes for Easter ham? Look to your bar cart! This bourbon-spiced beauty benefits from an overnight marinade that really infuses the flavor.

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