Ham Recipes

Take a peek at these recipes that will take you from glazed and baked hams to classic leftovers including roll-ups, casseroles, crepes and more.

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    How to Cook a Ham

    Our Test Kitchen experts share their tips and tricks for cooking the best ham. Put your ham skills to the test in this ham glaze recipe or in a scalloped potatoes and ham recipe.

    Contest-Winning, Glazed Thanksgiving Ham

    I like to serve this juicy, mouthwatering Thanksgiving ham with mashed potatoes and colorful vegetables. The apricot glaze is delicious,...

    Mother’s Day Ham

    1 review

    After one bite, my husband informed me this slow-cooker ham was the best I've ever made. I invented it because...

    How to Make Pan de Jamon (Venezuelan Ham Bread)

    Pan de Jamon isn't just for Christmas—it makes a tasty snack bread any time of year.

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    I Made Dolly Parton’s Recipe for Hickory-Grilled Ham—Here’s What I Thought

    Learn how to make Dolly Parton's famous family recipe for a juicy, glazed hickory ham fit for any holiday table.

    Brown Sugar Air-Fryer Ham

    This air-fryer ham features a simple, old-fashioned glaze just like Grandma used to make. The mustard and vinegar counter the...

    Copycat Honey Baked Ham

    4 reviews

    For holidays and special occasions my family loves a good old fashioned baked ham. One year I decided to see...

    Air-Fryer Honey Brussels Sprouts with Ham

    1 review

    After having caramelized sprouts at my favorite restaurant, I knew that I wanted to enjoy these at home too. It...

    Slow-Cooker Spiral Ham

    My family loves when I make this slow-cooker spiral ham. I'm not sure which they love more though: eating it...

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    The Best Easter Ham Recipes

    Easter and ham go hand-in-hand thanks to its size and versatility. Whether you prefer it baked, slow-cooked or pan-fried, we...

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    50 Best Leftover Ham Recipes

    Find new ways to use up your Easter or Christmas leftovers with these ham casseroles, soups, pasta dishes, breakfast...

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    This Brown Sugar Ham Glaze Recipe Will Instantly Upgrade Dinner

    Don't spend extra money on a glazed ham. Make your own with a store-bought ham and this easy ham glaze...

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    How to Choose the Best Ham to Buy

    When it comes to picking the best ham to buy for your next gathering, the choice is bone-deep.

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    50 Ham Recipes for Dinner the Whole Family will Love

    Serve up savory ham recipes for dinner that feel like a big hug to everyone around the table.

    How to Carve a Ham

    That whole ham will look impressive on your holiday table, but carving it up can feel overwhelming. Don't worry, though....

    How to Cook a Crockpot Ham

    Overwhelmed by all the holiday recipes taking up your oven real estate? Here's how to heat up a precooked ham...

    How to Smoke a Ham

    Give that grocery store ham an upgrade! This smoked ham recipe has lots of hickory flavor and is finished with...

    What Is a Ham Hock and How Do You Cook with One?

    Ham hock...what the hock is that? It's the secret ingredient used for infusing flavor into soups, stocks, bean dishes and...

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    The Best Ham to Order for Your Holiday Dinner

    Easter is coming (and before you know it Thanksgiving and Christmas). Find out what the best ham options are to...

    What Is Tasso Ham?

    If you live outside Louisiana, you might not know what tasso ham is (or where to find it). We can...

    Five Spice Plum-Glazed Ham

    1 review

    Baked ham is one of my favorite dishes, and this plum-baked ham recipe adds something a little bit different to...

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    42 Meat Soup Recipes That’ll Satisfy Your Meat Craving

    From classic split pea and ham to cheesy bacon cheeseburger, these meat soup recipes are filled to the brim with...

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    Air-Fryer Ham and Brie Pastries

    Fancy appetizers don’t have to be difficult. In fact, this recipe proves it’s easy to make something impressive. You can...

    You Need to Bring Southern Ham Salad to Your Next Picnic

    Ham salad is a classic Southern staple, and it's perfect for a picnic! With salty, smoky ham, celery, green onion...

    Kilbourn Sandwich

    1 review

    This is a fun take on a Monte Cristo. It makes a big batch, so you can stock your freezer...

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    Hot Italian Party Sandwiches

    4 reviews

    It doesn’t get much easier or more delicious than this hot Italian sandwich recipe. The sandwiches are wonderful as an...

    Cubano Macaroni Salad

    2 reviews

    One of my favorite sandwiches is a hot Cubano, piled high with juicy pork, layers of ham and melty Swiss...

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    Freezer Breakfast Sandwiches

    3 reviews

    These sandwiches contain a hearty combo of eggs, Canadian bacon and cheese will keep you fueled through lunchtime. —Christine Rukavena,...

    Sourdough Bread Bowl Sandwich

    I created this recipe for when my husband and I go to the lake. I don’t like to spend a...

    Chicken-Prosciutto Pinwheels in Wine Sauce

    2 reviews

    We host a large group for holiday meals, and these pinwheels always go over well alongside the regular dishes. I...

    Southern Hash Browns and Ham Sheet-Pan Bake

    7 reviews

    Why not take the convenience of sheet-pan cooking and apply it to breakfast? I love how easily this meal comes...