21 Harry Potter Recipes Inspired by the Wizarding World

Updated: Feb. 09, 2024

Pay tribute to the beloved series with these delightful Harry Potter recipes. Wizards and Muggles alike will feel the magic!

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Harry Potter Birthday Cake 022222 Toh 12 Adedit

Harry’s 11th Birthday Cake

You can bring some magic into your kitchen with a homemade version of Hagrid’s birthday cake for Harry. Don’t forget to buy some butterbeer to wash it down.

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Polyjuice Potion

While the real polyjuice potion takes a month (and a few human hairs) to brew, this bewitching beverage won’t take long to make. For a nonalcoholic version, just omit the vodka.
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Hogwarts Acceptance Letters

You might not have gotten a letter when you turned 11, but these savory puff pastry envelopes are magical enough to have come from Hogwarts.
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Harry Potter Treacle Tart 030122 Toh 16 Adedit

Treacle Tart

This tart has a flaky, buttery crust and sugary filling made with golden syrup. No wonder Harry loves it!

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Mother Lode Pretzels

I brought these savory-sweet pretzels to a family gathering, and they disappeared from the dessert tray before dessert was even served! My family raves about how awesome they are. —Carrie Bennett, Madison, Wisconsin
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Owl Post Pops

This friendly owl resembles poor Errol, but use white sprinkles to make a snowy Hedwig.
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Witch's Snack Hats

These treats go over well at parties, but they're guaranteed to be a hit at Halloween parties. They're well worth the prep time. —Mary Ann Dell, Phoenixville, Pennsylvania
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Hagrid Rock Cakes 041222 Toh 09 Lauren Habermehl Jvedit

Rock Cakes

As much as we love Hagrid, he wasn’t the best baker. Luckily these cookies have all the flavor of Hagrid’s but won’t break your teeth.

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Chocolate Billionaires

Everyone raves about these chocolate and caramel candies. I received the recipe from a friend while living in Texas. When we moved, I made sure this recipe made the trip with me! —June Humphrey, Strongsville, Ohio
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Jelly Bean Bark

Homemade Easter candy really doesn't get easier than this. It's so simple—all you need are three ingredients, a microwave and a pan! It makes a perfect gift. —Mavis Dement, Marcus, Iowa
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Butterbeer 092421 Toh 14 Adedit


This potion makes a batch of chilled butterbeer. It’s as close as you’ll get to the real thing without needing a ticket to Universal Studios or boarding the Hogwarts Express on platform 9 3/4.

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Neapolitan Fudge

If you like Neapolitan ice cream, you will devour my fudge version of the vanilla, strawberry and chocolate favorite. It makes a great addition to any candy platter. —Faith Leonard, Delbarton, West Virginia
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Cauldron Cakes

Transport yourself to Honeydukes with these chocolate and caramel cupcakes, a classic in Harry’s world.
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Lemon Jelly Candies

This timeless candy will add a little sparkle to any candy assortment. The tart jellies will be a refreshing treat.—Taste of Home Test Kitchen
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Slithering Snake Roll

There’s nothing sinister about this snake. It’s filled with meat, sweet red pepper and cheese. You can paint the pizza dough any color or leave it plain.—Jaclyn Scanlan, Dayton, Ohio
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Pumpkin Juice

Even Muggles can make this Harry Potter recipe any time of year.
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Spider Cupcakes

Spooky Spider Cupcakes are creepy—and easy! Make a chocolate cupcake into a spider by adding a half-marshmallow "body" under the frosting, licorice legs and mini M&M eyes. Add chocolate sprinkles for a "hairy" effect. —Darla Wester, Meriden, Iowa
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Honeydukes Gumdrops

A trip to Hogsmede wouldn’t be complete without a trip to Honeydukes—and a list of Harry Potter recipes wouldn’t be complete without these gumdrops.
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Mini Peanut Butter Sandwich Cookies

Peanut butter lovers go nuts for these rich little sandwich cookies. On a hot day, sandwich ice cream between the cookies instead of frosting. It cools you right down. —Keri Wolfe, Nappanee, Indiana
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Coconut Creme Chocolates

I'm a proud wife, mom of three and grandma of many. I've cooked many things over the years, including these marshmallowy chocolates. —Dolores Wilder, Texas City, Texas
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Never-Ending Ice Cream

Harry eats countless bowls of ice cream at Florean Fortescue’s Ice Cream Parlour. You can try to do the same with this easy ice cream recipe.

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