I Cleaned My Entire Kitchen with The Pink Stuff—Here’s What Happened

Does The Pink Stuff stand up to its internet fame? We tested it on the stove, oven, sink and appliances. Here's what we thought.

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I’m always on the hunt for kitchen cleaning products that make life easier. For years, my cleaning arsenal has included Grove Co.’s eco-friendly solutions. But when it comes to really grimy areas like the oven, stovetop and kitchen sink, I need a little extra power.

When I first heard about The Pink Stuff—just like everyone else on social media—I had to get my hands on it. This viral TikTok cleaner claims to attack baked-on grease like a pro. Are those satisfying cleaning videos too good to be true? This was my mission for testing The Pink Stuff, on top of achieving a sparkling clean finish on my kitchen appliances, of course. Here’s my honest The Pink Stuff review.

What is The Pink Stuff?

The Pink Stuff is an Amazon cleaning product that sky rocketed to fame on social media about three years ago. Just like its name, it quite literally is “pink stuff.” It’s a multipurpose pink paste that eliminates stains, grease and grime better than most household cleaners thanks to its magic formula.

Shoppers can’t stop raving about its ability to leave grout and tile looking like new, remove limescale buildup on sinks, leave stovetops sparkling clean, eliminate years of baked-on food residue inside the oven and so. much. more. Some users have found it even helps restore white shoes. There’s almost nothing the viral cleaning paste can’t do.

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Why is The Pink Stuff trending?

The “TikTok Made Me Buy It“-worthy product has racked up more than 550 million views under #thepinkstuff on TikTok for a reason. For starters, the cleaning paste is just $6. Layer that with the fact that it miraculously cleans nearly every surface and it’s clear why it’s an internet sensation. Shoppers love how it makes greasy ovens look like new, it leaves sinks and tubs sparkly clean and that it even restores the bottom of burnt pans. Its affordable price point is the cherry on top.

How We Tested It

hand holding The Pink Stuff with a stove in the backgroundMadi Koetting/Taste of Home

Intrigued by the fact that The Pink Stuff cleans sinks and kitchen appliances like a pro, I immediately ordered a tub for my kitchen and bathroom. I went for The Pink Stuff bundle, which includes the cleaning paste and multipurpose spray. The spray caught my attention for the exterior of appliances and stovetop since they don’t require as much scrubbing.

I tested The Pink Stuff during my weekly kitchen cleaning routine. This includes clearing everything from the counter to wipe it down, scrubbing the sink, cleaning the garbage disposal with the Glisten foaming solution, wiping down the stovetop and microwave, spot cleaning the oven and wiping the exterior of my appliances.

Editor’s note: Because The Pink Stuff paste is more abrasive, we don’t recommend using it on glass, stainless steel appliances or areas prone to scratching. To be safe, I always spot clean one area before applying it all over. The spray is safe to use on delicate surfaces, though.


First up: the stove and oven. I used The Pink Stuff Multipurpose Spray for the stovetop and the paste for the oven. Starting with the stove, I generously sprayed the solution all over it. Then, I grabbed a sponge and Swedish dishcloth to wipe it down. The area around the burners needed more attention, which is where the sponge came in handy. Pro tip: Wear dishwashing gloves so it doesn’t get all over your hands.

I was impressed with how easily the burnt food residue lifted from the stovetop. Next, I wiped the rest of it with a damp Swedish dishcloth to make sure the solution was applied to every nook and cranny. To achieve a streak free finish, I spritzed a tiny bit more on a microfiber cloth and wiped down the stovetop. Success! No streaks in sight.


Next, I removed the oven racks and got to work. I scooped a generous amount of paste onto a sponge. Several social media videos pair The Pink Stuff with Scrub Daddy products. I don’t have any, but my regular dish sponge worked well when applying the solution all over the inside of the oven and the door. I also took care to avoid the glass window.

After the solution was applied, I let it sit for about 10 minutes while I rung the sponge out and grabbed a microfiber cloth to finish it off. In just a few swipes, my oven looked noticeably cleaner (maybe even a little sparkly) and burnt food residue vanished. I spritzed some of the spray on the interior glass window and exterior of the oven to finish.

Kitchen Sink

Spoiler alert: This is my favorite area to clean with The Pink Stuff. The kitchen sink is one of those areas that may seem like it doesn’t need to be cleaned, but it does need a good scrub from time to time. I scooped a generous amount of paste on my dish sponge and got to scrubbing. Call me crazy, but scrubbing my sink with The Pink Stuff is so satisfying. The best part is spraying it down. I swear my sink sparkles after using the cleaning paste. It always looks noticeably brighter and never fails to impress me.

Exterior of Appliances

The kitchen isn’t clean until the exterior of my appliances are wiped down. I usually lean on the same multipurpose spray I use for my counters for the job, but I wanted to see if The Pink Stuff multipurpose spray worked better.

I spritzed it all over the exterior of my oven, microwave and fridge. Immediately after, I wiped it down with a microfiber cloth. Much to my delight, fingerprints were gone and there were no streaks in sight.


  • Removes grease and grime with minimal scrubbing
  • Cleans faster than any other cleaning product I own
  • Safe for a variety of surfaces
  • Doesn’t have a toxic smell
  • Affordable price point


  • The paste is abrasive on some surfaces like glass
  • The Pink Stuff multipurpose spray isn’t as tough as the paste


What is The Pink Stuff best for?

The cleaning paste is ideal for almost every surface. It cleans dirt, stains and grime from stovetops, sinks, ceramic tiles, showers, paintwork, brass, rust, outdoor furniture, PVC, ovens, cookware and more. A good rule of thumb is using it on kitchen surfaces, outdoor furniture, floors, walls and bathrooms. Just beware of glass.

What should you not use The Pink Stuff on?

Because The Pink Stuff is more abrasive than some household cleaners, avoid stainless steel kitchen appliances, plated metals, enamel, finished flooring and glass. Test a small area with The Pink Stuff before applying it all over.

How long do you leave The Pink Stuff on for?

For tough messes, leave The Pink Stuff on for 10-15 minutes. Otherwise, apply it to the surface you wish to clean and wipe it away immediately for quicker results.

What Other The Pink Stuff Reviews Say

There’s a reason the powerhouse cleaning duo has garnered over 12,000 five-star reviews on Amazon. Here’s why other shoppers are obsessed with the viral cleaning paste:

“I’ve had a jar of The Pink Stuff for over a year, and nothing removes hard water stains and black grime from the shower faster,” shares Taste of Home‘s Executive Shopping Editor, Megan Wood. “The tiniest bit tackles big cleaning jobs in the kitchen and bathroom.”

Verified Amazon reviewer, Kyle, adds, “I’ve tried degreasers and every kind of household cleaner you can think of to clean up the old porcelain sink in my basement. Took some of The Pink Stuff and scrubbed it real good and what do you know it actually turned it back white! If you have any stubborn old stains I highly recommend this stuff.”

Another five-star reviewer, W. Steller, writes, “My hot chocolate overheated over the edge of the pot. Even though I quickly tried to clean it up, it turned into a baked on mess. I tried vinegar, glass top cleaner, baking soda with a hot towel/dish soap and nothing worked. I used the paste and it came right off with a little work. It also cleaned other spots that have been on it for a while. It looks great!”

Final Verdict

Since using The Pink Stuff on my oven, kitchen sink and stovetop, I’m impressed with the results. I’ve been using the paste for over a year and can confidently say nothing cleans my dirty sink like The Pink Stuff. It saves time from rigorously scrubbing with ordinary spray, which is enough to add to cart. The best part? It leaves surfaces cleaner for longer. The Pink Stuff holds up to its internet fame, and I’m excited to try it on the bottom of burnt pans and in my bathroom.

Where to Buy

the pink stuffvia merchant

Find The Pink Stuff and Multipurpose Spray bundle at Amazon and Walmart where it retails for $20. You can also order the cleaning paste on its own for $6. I prefer the bundle because the multipurpose spray is better for cleaning the stovetop and the exterior of appliances.

Trust me, you’re going to want to snag the duo now if you care about a sparkling clean finish on appliances (who doesn’t?!). There’s truly nothing else that tackles grease and grime better. Ready, set, shop The Pink Stuff!

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