I Cleaned My Whole House with Grove Co. Plastic-Free Cleaning Products—Here’s My Review

Updated: Apr. 26, 2024

Can Grove Co. natural cleaning products clean my home and leave behind a pleasant scent? I tried the plastic-free cleaners to find out.

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Reducing plastic use in my kitchen and home is important. Less plastic is better for the earth, and my health. Along with replacing single-use snack bags with washable silicone bags, I decided to switch from plastic-based cleaning products to cleaning concentrates in refillable glass bottles. I wasn’t willing to compromise on cleaning results, however, and I wanted the cleaning products to smell good. Enter: Grove Collaborative. Spoiler alert: I’ve used their cleaning products since August 2021 and they’re still my preferred brand of eco-friendly cleaning products. Here’s my Grove Co. review.

What is Grove Collaborative?

Grove Collaborative is an online retailer that specializes in natural household and personal products. Along with its line of household cleaning products, the retailer carries everyday favorites from eco-friendly brands like Mrs. Meyer’s, Method, Stasher and more. Everything from hand soap to shower cleaner and lip balm meets strict standards for being non-toxic, effective, sustainable and cruelty-free. Grove is a wonderful destination to discover new brands and must-have favorites.

Grove Co. cleaning products take both cleaning and eco-consciousness seriously. The brand champions its products as free from plastic and harsh chemicals like parabens, phthalates, phosphates, formaldehyde, ammonia and chlorine bleach. In 2020 alone, Grove customers kept 1.93 million pounds of plastic from getting tossed into landfills. The cleaning concentrates and hand soaps prevented another 994,776 pounds of waste. That’s a really good start!

The Grove Co. cleaning collection includes multi-purpose kitchen and bathroom cleaners, glass cleaners and dishwashing liquid in delicious fragrances. The cleaning concentrates (which come in a pack of two one-ounce glass bottles) and reusable glass spray bottles are sold separately. The idea is that you buy a spray bottle once and refill it with cleaning concentrates over time—which saves plastic, money and shipping costs.

We Tried It

Grove Collaborative

Grove Collaborative is an online marketplace transforming the home with eco-friendly cleaning solutions.

Grove Co. Features

Grove Collaborative’s products are also free of synthetic fragrances. And they smell really, really good thanks to essential oils like orange, rosemary, citron and white rose (there are even cozy fall scents). Bonus: Grove Co. is at Target and offers a customizable cleaning subscription option. Pick and choose what products you want delivered to your door and when. We love the accessibility!

How We Tested It: Grove Co. Review

Empty Bottle containersMadi Koetting/Taste of Home

Grove Co. cleaning products sound like a smart eco-friendly cleaning solution. But do they actually tackle stains, residue, dust and grime? And, would they leave my home smelling clean for more than a few minutes? I’ve been using the service since August 2021. I rely on their eco-friendly solutions for my weekly deep cleaning, laundry and window washing. See how it holds up in my Grove Co. review.

Test One: Multipurpose Cleaner

Cleaning the fridge with Groove CoMadi Koetting/Taste of Home

I use this cleaning spray multiple times a day. Coffee spill on the marble countertop? Spritz and wipe. Olive oil splatter on the glass range after dinner? Spritz and wipe. Toothpaste in the bathroom sink? Spritz, spritz and wipe. I’ve gone through almost every multipurpose cleaning spray in the cleaning aisle, tossing out a plastic bottle every time it’s empty.

For my initial test of the Grove Co. multipurpose cleaning concentrates, I emptied the contents from the one-ounce glass bottle concentrate into the reusable glass spray bottle, added tap water and gave it a good shake. Then, I cleared all the small appliances off the countertops and sprayed them down. Immediately, the orange and rosemary scent gave a wonderful, herb-forward smell that was clean without the chemicals.

I waited a few seconds and wiped the cleaner off with a microfiber towel. The formula immediately cut through the grease and residue that gathered on my kitchen surfaces. I moved on to the stainless steel refrigerator and watched fingerprints disappear without streaks. Same thing on the stainless steel sink fixtures and even inside the microwave, which had some icky baked-on food stains.

Impressed with the kitchen results, I took the Grove Co. multipurpose cleaner to the living room and bedroom to dust furniture and appliances. The essential oils didn’t leave residue behind and smelled fresh. I even spritzed some cleaner on a spot on the vinyl floor. Success!

If you’re going to take just one product from this Grove Co. review, the Multipurpose Cleaner is it.

Additionally, here’s why I like the Grove Co. reusable cleaning glass spray bottle. The silicone sleeve is available in multiple colors so you can color code your glass cleaner bottle from your tile cleaner bottle. The bottles are labeled, too. The silicone sleeve also prevents slips and breakage.

Some refillable spray bottles have a cheap spray top. Not with Grove Co. I’ve used these bottles daily and haven’t had any issues with leaks or drips. The spray is strong and evenly applies the product, which is extra important for the glass cleaner when you don’t want an inconsistent spray.

Test Two: Glass Cleaner

Filling empty bottle Madi Koetting/Taste of Home

Confession time: my patio door is covered in water droplets and streaks. The real confession is I’ve never once tried to clean it because, well, I’m lazy. It’s the patio door, after all, and it’s just going to get dirty when it rains again, which is why it’s the perfect victim for my Grove Co. review.

Thankfully, I had nothing to worry about. The Grove Co. glass cleaner concentrates formula is almost thick, but buffs out to a streak-free shine with paper towels. I was shocked at how quickly it cleaned my patio door and moved right along to removing water spots from the bathroom vanity mirror. I even went all in and cleaned my interior windows—a chore I usually skip.

Test Three: Tub and Tile Cleaner

Filling empty bottleMadi Koetting/Taste of Home

I worry about using harsh chemicals to clean the shower. The combination of a steaming hot shower and toxic chemicals feels unsafe. Plus, bathrooms don’t have the best ventilation. But cleaning soap scum is a serious job. Would Grove Co. Tub and Tile Cleaner Concentrates be up to the task?

Just like the multipurpose and glass cleaners, the tub and tile cleaners come in two one-ounce glass bottles to be poured into a spray bottle and mixed with water. To test the product, I removed all of my shampoo bottles from the shower shelves and liberally spritzed the whole shower down. Out of habit, I held my breath to avoid breathing in chemicals. But the lavender and thyme scent smelled refreshing! No burning eyes or coughing lungs.

As for performance, the tub and tile cleaner eliminated soap scum on the stainless steel faucet, dried hair mask on the walls and made quick work of dust and debris that gathered on the shower floor. I wiped everything down with a sponge and was done in a matter of minutes. The trick with this stuff is to use it a few times a week to prevent soap scum buildup. And since it smells good, that’s an easy ask.

Test Four: Laundry Detergent Sheets

Holding box in front of a washing machineMadi Koetting/Taste of Home

The house isn’t truly clean unless the hamper is empty. To test Grove Co. laundry detergent sheets, I did multiple loads of laundry in my front-loading washing machine. For the first test, I tossed a single laundry detergent sheet in the machine’s drum and turned the washing cycle to whites with hot water.

The laundry sheet dissolved completely in about 30 seconds and created sudsy bubbles scented with lavender. Then I added the soiled white towels, closed the front and waited for the cycle to finish. I appreciate how fast and mess-free it is to use the laundry sheets—no measuring or pouring required.

I pulled the wet towels from the washing machine and immediately noticed a subtle lavender scent. A few spots of black mascara smears were cleaned from the towels. After drying the towels with the same wool dryer balls I always use, the towels felt fluffy and soft.

I also washed sweaty workout clothes and a load of denim in cold water with the Grove Co. laundry detergent sheets. Sometimes I have issues with laundry detergent not completely dissolving in cold water and leaving a white film on my dark clothes—grrrr. But that wasn’t a problem in my Grove Co. laundry detergent sheets tests. The laundry sheets are my go-to for washing sheets and towels that I want lightly scented with lavender. For large loads of laundry, use two laundry detergent sheets.


  • New customers get a free starter set
  • Plastic-free
  • Plant-based ingredients
  • Sustainable packaging
  • Glass spray bottles come in multiple fun colors
  • Cleaning concentrates are recyclable
  • Laundry detergent sheets are mess-free
  • Variety of fragrances available
  • Products smell bright and fresh (no harsh dyes and perfumes!)
  • Option to subscribe to recurring deliveries
  • Grove Collaborative’s marketplace offers a large inventory of household products


  • Glass spray bottles sold separately
  • Grove may automatically subscribe customers to recurring deliveries after their initial order (it’s 100% free though). If you don’t want recurring deliveries, you must manually cancel them.


Can I use Grove without a membership?

Yes, you can use Grove without a membership. After your initial order, you can subscribe to recurring deliveries on certain items. A Grove subscription does not cost money and it’s accessible without a membership. The optional VIP membership ($19.99 per year), however, grants free shipping on orders over $29, gifts and exclusive sales and promotions throughout the year—along with some extra perks, too.

Is Grove and Mrs. Meyer’s the same?

While both Grove and Mrs. Meyer’s rely on the power of essential oils and plant-powered ingredients, they aren’t the same brand. Grove Collaborative is an online marketplace that sells eco-friendly brands like Mrs. Meyer’s while offering its own line of natural household cleaners.

Is Grove Co. really non-toxic?

Yes! Cleaning products sold on Grove Collaborative meet standards that rule them non-toxic, ethically made and cruelty-free.

How does Grove Co. work?

The beauty of Grove Collaborative is orders are completely customizable. You can subscribe to recurring deliveries for household cleaning products like the cleaning concentrates so they arrive before you run out. Or, buy what you need now and come back when it’s time to stock up. Whatever you choose, Grove Co. makes it easy to edit shipments you’re subscribed to and discover more eco-friendly cleaning brands.

Final Verdict

Empty bottles on marble surfaceMadi Koetting/Taste of Home

OK, so the real test. After my first round of cleaning my entire house with Grove Co. Cleaning products, I took the dog for a walk and ran some errands. When I returned home a few hours later I opened the door, took a big whiff and smelled…essential oils! I love returning home to the scent of a freshly cleaned house, and Grove Co. delivers every. single. time.

Since my first test in August 2021, it’s still my preferred brand of cleaning products, especially the multipurpose cleaning concentrates. One refill lasts multiple months, and I’ve experimented with the holiday scents, which are also lovely. The refillable glass bottles get daily use between the bathroom and kitchen and still hold up with a strong spray—no broken or chipped glass either.

Before Grove Co., I’d always assumed eco-friendly cleaning products had to either be prohibitively expensive or not work well. Grove Co. proved me wrong. I estimate these sustainable products have saved me from tossing about a dozen plastic bottles in the recycling bin.

Where to Buy

We Tried It

Grove Collaborative

We love their natural household cleaners, and they offer solutions from beloved brands like Mrs. Meyer's and Molly's Suds.

Ready to join me and make the switch to eco-friendly cleaning? Grove Co. cleaning products are available through Grove Collaborative via an easy subscription model. You can also find Grove Co. cleaning products at Target. The collection is pretty affordable, too. Prices range between $5 and $15.

In the last year, I’ve also used Grove Co. to try new products, like Molly’s Suds oxygen whitener as a safer alternative to bleach. Happily, I found low prices on household essentials like dishwasher detergent packs, Method stain remover and beeswax wrap for leftovers. Trust me, you can’t go wrong with making the switch to Grove Co. Happy cleaning!

Additional research contributed by former Executive Editor and contributing writer, Megan Wood