12 Kitchen Cleaning Products That Make Chores Good, Clean Fun

These kitchen cleaning products are fun to use and guaranteed to leave your space sparkly clean—minimal elbow grease required

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Scrub Daddy Sponge Set Ecomm Via Amazon 001
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Scrub Mommy

Did you know the Scrub Daddy sponge also comes in a Mommy version? This pack of three Scrub Mommy sponges come in pretty flower shapes featuring two sides, one with ResoFoam (it’s six times more absorbent than traditional sponges!) and the other with the classic FlexTexture surface that lifts food and gunk easier than standard kitchen cleaning products. It’s one of many products under $30 that make living in your home that much better.

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If you like this, you’ll like another viral Scrub Daddy product, too—the Damp Duster.

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This Car Cleaning Putty Is All Over Tiktok Here's Why Ft Image High Res Via Amazon.com
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Cleaning Putty

Meet your new favorite multi-purpose cleaning tool that’s guaranteed to make chores fun. The ColorCoral Cleaning Gel is a winner for many reasons, including the fact that it picks up dust and crumbs from any surface. Though shoppers love this cleaning putty for their car, it doubles as a desk or countertop gunk picker upper. It’s fun to use (and play with) thanks to the non-sticky gel feel.

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Angry Mama Microwave Cleaner Ecomm Via Amazon
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Angry Mama Microwave Cleaner

Hate a sticky, dirty microwave? Not as much as the Angry Mama Microwave Cleaner does. This genius Amazon gadget de-gunks the microwave in just five minutes. Add vinegar and water to the base, heat in the microwave for five minutes and watch as steam releases from her head, magically loosening stuck-on food. After the fun of watching her get steamed, the microwave is ready for a wipe down with minimal elbow grease.

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Soap Dispenser Ecomm Via Amazon.com
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Soap Dispenser

Genius and effortless, this soap dispenser for sponges means never having to reach for the dish soap bottle again. The top layer pushes down to dispense dish soap onto the sponge, helping you save time and soap in the long run. It holds up to 13 ounces of soap at a time and sits pretty on the kitchen counter.

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Vigar Dolls Kalho Dish Brush Ecomm Via Amazon.com
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Dish Brush Doll

The best kitchen cleaning products are one that double as decor, like this adorable dish brush doll. With her help, your essential kitchen tools will never look cleaner. Simply remove the brush from the decorative stand (aka the dress) when it’s time to do the dishes. Plus, you don’t have to worry about getting your hands wet thanks to the handle design. It’s a clever dishwashing product that actually makes you want to do the dishes. You might also appreciate this mini vacuum—it keeps your kitchen drawers and cabinets dust-free without any hassle.

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Frjjthchy Warm Microfiber Slippers Floor Dust Ecomm Via Amazon 001
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Microfiber Mop Slippers

Pet lovers, this one’s for you. This pair of microfiber mop slippers come in cat and dog design options, and gets the most out of walking around the kitchen. The microfiber bristles instantly pick up dust with every step, ultimately saving time dusting floors later. Throw them in the wash when they need a refresh and enjoy wearing these cozy yet functional slippers.

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Silicone Dishwashing Gloves Ecomm Via Amazon 001
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Silicone Gloves

Unlike standard dishwashing gloves, these silicone gloves feature rubber bristles around the hand and fingers for easy scrubbing that requires no additional tools. Put them to work by lathering them with soap—they work in the kitchen, bathroom or while cleaning the car. You’ll wonder how you ever cleaned dishes without them.

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Chilly Mama Baking Soda Fridge And Freezer Odor Absorber Ecomm Via Amazon.com
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Chilly Mama Fridge Odor Absorber 

The twin to the Angry Mama, the Chilly Mama Fridge Odor Absorber hates a stinky fridge. Fill her with baking soda and she’ll absorb any funky odors for months at a time. This product is a much cuter upgrade to keeping a box of baking soda in the fridge or freezer.

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Swedish Wholesaale Dish Towels Ecomm Via Amazon.com
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Swedish Dish Cloths

What are Swedish dish cloths, you ask? Basically a way better (and more sustainable) alternative to paper towels. This pack of colorful Swedish dish clothes comes with 10 rags that are safe to use on marble, stainless steel, tile and wood. Wet one when it’s time to clean dishes or the countertop and throw it in the wash when it needs a refresh. You’ll be amazed at how many paper towels you save (and don’t end up buying again) thanks to this eco-friendly kitchen cleaning product.

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Stardrops The Pink Stuff Ecomm Via Amazon
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The Pink Stuff

This miracle-working goop makes the list thanks to how satisfying and easy it makes cleaning grease and gunk off hard-to-clean surfaces. A “TikTok Made Me Buy It” gadget, The Pink Stuff is quite literally a tub of pink stuff (read: paste) that leaves surfaces shinier than ever. Pair it with your best dish sponge and scrub the sink, stainless steel or wood surfaces, the stove and silverware. The best part? It’s only $6!

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Fun Dish Scrubber Ecomm Via Amazon 001
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Fruit Scrubbers

How cute are these fruit-shaped scrubbers? This three pack of dish scrubbers are guaranteed to leave cookware, serve ware and appliances sparkling clean and free of scratches. They feature two layers of durable nylon that outlasts dish cloths and sponges. They’re also quick-drying, so they won’t smell mildewy, and work on just about any surface—even cleaning fruit.

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Glisten Disposer Care Foaming Drain Pipe Cleaner Ecomm Via Amazon
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Glisten Foaming Garbage Disposal Cleaner

Because we love kitchen cleaning products that save time and are equally satisfying to use, this Glisten foaming garbage disposal cleaner is a must-have. One bag includes four biodegradable packets that scrub away tough grime and buildup from the garbage disposal and drain pipes. Run the packet under water and watch as your sink bubbles up with blue foam. It leaves a fresh lemon aroma that’ll leave your entire kitchen smelling clean.

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