20 Products That Will Make You Want to Wash Dishes (Really!)

Updated: Mar. 28, 2024

These dishwashing gadgets and products will make you actually like doing the dish chores.

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20 Products That Will Make You Want To Wash Dishes
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Another day, another sink full of dishes. You can’t avoid this household chore, but getting your dishwashing- gloved hands on dishwashing gadgets and products that are luxe and easy to use definitely helps. There’s so much more out there for washing up than just the best dish soaps, but those definitely help too. It’s possible to actually like doing the dishes!
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Oxo Good Grips Foldaway Dish Rack 3 VIA AMAZON.COM


Make your drying dishes look cute with this adorable drying rack that folds away in a jiffy when you need more space. Our Test Kitchen named it one of the best dish drying racks on the market! The bold white design brings vintage flair to your kitchen, while the stainless steel and BPA-free plastic with easy self-draining keep things tidy. The handy utensil cups are also great for your cutlery and whisks. If you like this, you’re going to love these over-the-sink dish racks

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Scrub Daddy Sponge Daddy 2 via amazon.com

via amazon.com

This dual-sided version of the original Scrub Daddy sponge makes you smile every time you head for the sink. No, seriously, the brand famous for its smiley design now has a more typical-looking sponge with out-of-this-world capabilities. The texture of this dishwashing gadget transforms depending on the water temperature. Using cold water renders a firm deep-cleaning, while warm or hot water results in smooth and gentle wiping.

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Dawn Powerwash Dish Spray 2 via amazon.com

via amazon.com

This cleaning powerhouse went viral in 2021. It uses spray-activated suds to eliminate the need for soaking. Spritzed bubbles attack food messes by loosening caked-on sauce and gunk so all you have to do is spray, wipe and rinse. It even helps clean baking sheets with minimal effort. Check out our review to learn more.

While you’re at it, check out our list of the best countertop dishwashers for portable cleaning.

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Kitchen Sink Caddy 2 via amazon.com

via amazon.com

This thoughtful little kitchen sink caddy holds all your favorite dishwashing gadgets and then some in stylish stainless steel (and no suction cups). It’s an affordable minimalist solution that fits most sinks and helps manage all your cleaning and organizing gear.

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Umbra Otto Automatic Liquid Soap Dispenser 2 VIA WALMART.COM


This nifty tech-forward item sits on your countertop next to or behind your faucet. The Umbra Otto liquid soap dispenser makes getting that perfect dollop of soap an easy task every time—and you can even use it for hand sanitizer. It’s one of the best hands-free dishwashing gadgets that everyone in the house will agree on. Find more automatic soap dispensers here.

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Swedish Dishcloths 2 VIA AMAZON.COM


Upgrade your sustainability game with these eco-friendly Swedish dishcloths made of cellulose and cotton. What are Swedish dishcloths, you ask? They absorb far more than paper towels ever could and are meant to be used (and reused) hundreds of times before throwing in the compost pile or kitchen garbage. They can even be machine washed or run through the dishwasher between uses. They’re also great for cleaning delicate marble and granite surfaces.

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Pure Power Dishwasher Detergent Packs VIA GROVE.CO


If you’re a quick-rinse-and-throw-it-all-in-the-dishwasher type, that’s cool—us too. These Grove Co. dishwasher detergent packs take the effort and mess out of filling your detergent cup. The packs come in a variety of scents to keep a little surprise in every day of the week, and Grove Co.’s reviews are brimming with positive feedback thanks to a plastic-free lineup that really works.

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Xleader Soundangel A8 Waterproof Speaker 2 VIA AMAZON.COM

XLeader SoundAngel A8 Waterproof Speaker

Dance your way through the dishes with this affordable Bluetooth speaker that comes in a waterproof case. It’s small enough to put on the windowsill next to the sink and offers hours of battery life. File this one under: unexpected dishwashing gadgets.

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Ecos Hypoallergenic Dish Soap 2 VIA AMAZON.COM


Wash your dishes in healthy confidence with this planet-friendlier dish soap. ECOS Hypoallergenic Dish Soap also comes in a variety of high-end scents, like this Natural Almond fragrance, to keep your kitchen smelling almost spa-like.

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Hotpop Silicone Dish Drying Mat And Trivet 2 VIA AMAZON.COM


This dishwasher and heat-safe dish drying mat offers a cost-effective alternative to traditional drying racks. It also rolls up with ease for compact storage. The Hotpop silicone dish drying mat comes in a stylish gray shade as well.

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Sea Stone Splash Sponge & Brush Holder 2 VIA UNCOMMONGOODS.COM


This handmade sponge holder is one of the chicest dishwashing gadgets we’ve seen. It’s made from real stone and granite. This higher-end dishwashing accessory adds a dose of charm and style to your sink area while keeping brushes in perfect air-drying position.

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Parent’s Choice Bottle Brush 2 VIA WALMART.COM


Don’t be fooled by the name— this Parent’s Choice Bottle Brush is also a gem for cleaning out those to-go coffee mugs you take to work each day, as well as reusable water and sports bottles. You’ll never have to jam a sponge and your smallest fingers into a bottle again, and that alone is worth the small expenditure on this cheap but smart dishwashing gadget.

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Full Circle Ceramic Soap Dispenser And Bamboo Dish 2 via amazon.com

Full Circle Ceramic Soap Dispenser and Bamboo Dish

Ditch your average sponge for this eco-friendly soap and brush set. The ceramic bowl on the bottom acts as a soap dispenser when you press down on the spring-loaded base, creating extra-sudsy soap. Smart!

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Jarmazing Mason Jar Soap Dispenser 2 VIA AMAZON.COM

Jarmazing Mason Jar Soap Dispenser

Give your kitchen a touch of the rustic without the rust! The stainless steel topped Jarmazing mason jar dispenser is totally rust-proof and you’ll save a bundle on individual soap containers by buying in bulk. Also, organize your kitchen further with these mason jar accessories.

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Bamboo Towels 3 VIA AMAZON.COM

Bamboo Towels

Dealing with messes a little too extreme for a dishcloth? Forget paper towels—bamboo towels are made from sustainable, organic bamboo and each sheet can be reused over 120 times. They dispense like a paper towel for easy storage, but unlike paper towels, you can actually put these in a washing machine and reuse them again and again. One roll is the equivalent of using 60 paper towel rolls. Here are other easy ways to go green in the kitchen.

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Casabella Premium Waterblock Gloves 3 VIA AMAZON.COM

Casabella Premium Waterblock Gloves

Get deluxe in your kitchen. Casabella’s gloves are cotton-lined inside for comfort, with a double cuff to keep water out. They come in several cute colors, including aqua, lipstick pink and cherry red. Consider buying a second pair to clean the bathroom!

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Baby Bottle Drying Rack 2 VIA AMAZON.COM

Baby Bottle Drying Rack

This baby bottle drying rack is incredibly useful—and incredibly cute! The rack looks like a patch of rubber grass, and it’s perfect for drying all your baby items like pacifiers, bottles and breast pumps.

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Magic Silicone Scrubbing Gloves 2 VIA AMAZON.COM

Magic Silicone Scrubbing Gloves

If you like getting hands-on, these gloves are for you. With little scrubbing pads on the actual palms and fingertips, you can get into corners that are hard to clean with a brush or scrub pad—without drying out your hands. The gloves are antibacterial, non-toxic and totally dishwasher safe.

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Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day Liquid Dish Soap 2 VIA AMAZON.COM

Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day Liquid Dish Soap

Mrs. Meyer’s has tons of eco-friendly dish soaps, in refreshing scents like basil, honeysuckle and lemon verbena. However, the lavender scent works best for convincing yourself you’re relaxed and loving your dish washing moment.

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Gelpro Anti Fatigue Kitchen Floor Mat 3 VIA AMAZON.COM

GelPro Anti-Fatigue Kitchen Floor Mat

So you’ve let the dishes pile up past the earth’s atmosphere, and you’re in for a long, intimate session with your kitchen sink and sponge. Enter the GelPro kitchen floor mat. The mat’s thick ergo-foam core helps prevent feet, leg and back pain that comes from standing in one place for too long. Slip-resistant and trip-proof, the mats come in tons of cute colors and patterns. Here are even more kitchen mat options.