6 Automatic Soap Dispensers Perfect for the Kitchen

Don't get raw meat, eggs and other icky things on your soap dispenser while cooking. You can keep the kitchen clean and germ-free by upgrading to a touch-free soap dispenser.

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Itouchless Automatic Sensor Soap Dispenser
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iTouchless Automatic Sensor Soap Dispenser

If you don’t have the counter space for a soap dispenser, this automatic option can be a great solution. You can place it either on the counter or mount it to a wall with its included docking station, making it a versatile and convenient choice. (Read more about tricks for limited counter space.)

Why It Made Our List: The non-drip spout on this smart dispenser ensures a mess-free experience every time.

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Sensor Soap Pump Liquid
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Simplehuman Liquid Sensor Pump

Even minimalists will appreciate this sleek soap dispenser that hardly looks like a soap dispenser at all. One charge lasts 3 months, and you can even fill it up with hand sanitizer if you prefer.

Why It Made Our List: It can dispense a lot of soap or a little, depending on where you place your hand. That’s pretty cool—and handy!

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Nozama Automatic Soap Dispenser
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Stainless Steel Automatic Soap Dispenser

For kitchens full of stainless steel appliances, this automatic dispenser is a great choice. It blends in among your appliances, using a precise infrared sensor and rust-free material to keep in top shape for years to come.

Why It Made Our List: With a 280 ml capacity, you can avoid refilling this dispenser as frequently as you do with other traditional dispensers.

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Oxo Stainless Steel Soap Dispenser
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OXO Soap Dispenser

Whether you use this dispenser for hand soap, dish soap or hand sanitizer (or maybe one for each purpose), it’s a sink-side must-have. It dispenses the perfect amount of liquid every time so you can get on with your task quickly and efficiently.

Why It Made Our List: The see-through bottom in this automatic soap dispenser shows you when it needs to be refilled.

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Home Touchless Automatic Liquid Soap Dispenser
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Home Touchless Automatic Soap Dispenser

Among the most wallet-friendly options out there is this touch-free dispenser. It still contains a sensor for automatic soap release without the high-end bells and whistles of some of the other options.

Why It Made Our List: The body of this automatic dispenser is translucent, so you can always see how much soap is left.

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Solvac Wall Mounted Soap Dispenser Touchless
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Solvac Automatic Soap Dispenser

If you’re tired of soap dispensers that leak, drip and make a mess all over your countertop, try this automatic dispenser. It’s been improved to eliminate that common complaint, with a longer battery life than most models, too.

Why It Made Our List: You can easily adjust the amount of soap released with a switch on the side of this dispenser.

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