Target’s New Plastic-Free Cleaning Line Smells Incredible—and Cleans Even Better

You can now get Grove Co.'s eco-friendly cleaning products at Target! Spring cleaning ahead!

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Grove Co. is now at Target—just in time for spring cleaning and Earth Day. The eco-friendly brand offers refillable cleaning concentrates that reduce plastic consumption and are tough on grime. Plus, there’s a brand new fragrance only available for Target customers. Yes!

Check out the Grove Co. cleaning products Target launch details below. Then get going on spring cleaning—without the excess plastic. The new floral-inspired fragrance is the next best thing to having a rose garden! If you’re more into tropical spring scents, they’ve got those, too.

What Are Grove Co. Cleaning Products?

Grove Co. cleaning products take both cleaning AND eco-consciousness seriously. The brand champions its products as free from plastic and harsh chemicals like parabens, phthalates, phosphates, formaldehyde, ammonia and chlorine bleach. The products are also free of synthetic fragrances. But they still smell really, really good—thanks to essential oils. And yes, the cleaning products actually tackle stains, residue, dust and grime.

The expansive collection includes dishwasher detergent, multi-purpose kitchen and bathroom cleaners and hand soaps in a variety of yummy fragrances. But the citron and white rose scent is only available at Target. The cleaning concentrates and glass bottles are sold separately. The idea is that you buy a spray bottle once and refill it over time—which saves plastic, money and shipping costs. The spray bottles (with safety silicon grips) look beautiful displayed in a cleaning cart or simply left on the kitchen counter for easy cleaning access.

Switching to Grove Co. cleaning products has a major impact on the planet. In 2020 alone, Grove customers kept 1.93 million pounds of plastic from getting tossed into landfills. The cleaning concentrates and hand soaps prevented another 994,776 pounds of waste. Is it time for you to switch from plastic to glass cleaning products with refillable concentrates?

Grove Co. Cleaning Products

Refillable Cleaning Concentrates: Cut back on plastic waste with glass spray bottles that you refill with super effective concentrates (that smell heavenly). Even the concentrates come in glass bottles—there’s no plastic involved. Simply add water and start spraying everything from the tub to glass to the kitchen counter.

Refillable High-Performance Dish Soaps: Ditch the plastic bottle of dish soap and upgrade to an aluminum bottle of Grove Co. One bottle of dish soap can clean up to 1000 dishes and is still tough on grease. The lavender and thyme version smells amazing, but you can also get the unscented version.

Dishwasher Pods: These little dishwasher powerhouses are made with a plant-based formula with 91% plant-derived ingredients. They’re free of harsh chemicals, synthetic fragrances and synthetic colorants. The packs are made of polyvinyl alcohol, a non-toxic polymer that dissolves easily in water so the detergent activates quicker. Smart!

Where to Buy Grove Co. Cleaning Products

Ready to make the switch to more eco-friendly cleaning productsGrove Co. cleaning products used to be available only through Grove Collaboration with a subscription. But now, you can pick up Grove Co. cleaning products on your regular Target run! The collection is pretty affordable, too. Prices range between $5 and $15. Reducing your plastic consumption? Priceless.

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