Grove Collaborative Fall Scents Are Here—and They Smell Like a Bright Autumn Day

We tried Grove Co.'s eco-friendly fall cleaning products. Packed full of pumpkin- and apple-scented items, this collection is the perfect way to welcome fall into your home!

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Lovers of all things fall and cozy weather, rejoice! It’s officially pumpkin spice season—at least for Grove Collaborative, that is. The eco-friendly cleaning brand just launched their fall “Naturelust” collection that’s guaranteed to leave your home smelling like a pumpkin spice latte served with warm apple pie.

The collection features everything shoppers love about Grove Collaborative: Sustainably-packaged hand soaps, dish soaps, cleaning concentrates, refillable containers and candles. So, what are you waiting for? Here’s everything you need to know about the Grove Collaborative fall scents collection.

What Are the Grove Collaborative Fall Scents?

Featuring two limited edition scents—spiced pumpkin and mulled apple—the Grove Collaborative fall collection includes everything you need to get your house smelling like fall. Unlike some cleaning products, the pumpkin and apple aromas smell natural and don’t overwhelm the senses. I’ve been using the collection for days and it’s the perfect balance of sweet, spicy and fresh-smelling clean.

The warm and cozy scents come in almost every type of sustainable cleaning product Grove Co. offers. You can pick them up individually. Or, order a bundle and make your seasonal shopping as easy as (apple) pie. Read on to see our top picks from the new collection.

Our Favorite Grove Collaborative Fall Products

Grove. Co Dish Soap and Dispenser

Toh Ecomm Putty Grove Pumpkin Fall Dish Soap Via Grove.comvia merchant

I’ve been using the spiced pumpkin dish soap for a few days now, and I can confirm it smells exactly like what pumpkin spice dreams are made of. I love that the fragrance is 100% natural and doesn’t irritate my sensitive skin after washing dishes for several minutes. Plus, it bubbles up perfectly and rinses easily. All it takes is three pumps to get a sink full of dirty dishes full of warm, soapy water. If spiced pumpkin isn’t your thing, the dish soap is also available in mulled apple.

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Grove Co. Hand Soap and Dispenser

Toh Ecomm Putty Grove Apple Hand Soap Via Grove.comvia merchant

Again, I can’t say enough good things about Grove Collaborative’s all-natural soaps. I’ve been using the regular hand soap scents for months, but the mulled apple is hard to beat. It quite literally smells like a spiced apple cocktail—but make it bubbly. Bonus points for the frosted amber reusable dispenser that adds a luxurious touch to my bathroom. You’ll want to snag the soap in both the mulled apple and spiced pumpkin scents to keep your hands smelling like fall all spooky season long.

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Grove Co. Multi-Purpose Cleaning Concentrate and Reusable Glass Spray Bottle

Toh Ecomm Grove Multi Purpose Cleaner Fall Apple Scent Via Grove.comvia merchant

We’re already of a fan of every single one of Grove Co.’s reusable spray bottle colors, and this limited edition pumpkin-orange bottle is our new favorite. It comes with two multi-purpose cleaning concentrate bottles to keep you stocked until the holiday scents roll in!

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Grove Co. Naturelust Soy Wax Candle

Toh Ecomm Grove Fall Pumpkin Soy Candle Via Grove.comvia merchant

Available in spiced pumpkin and mulled apple scents, this limited edition soy wax candle fills any room with balanced aromas of cinnamon and cider. I lit the spiced pumpkin candle and let it burn for a few hours and was shocked at how fragrant it was. I’m always disappointed when lit candles are hard to smell, so I was pleasantly surprised at how well the spice pumpkin aroma filled my kitchen. The wax candle is formulated with essential oils and plant extracts that keep rooms smelling warm and clean. It burns for 40 hours and the seasonal print with a matte finish is a pretty fall home accessory.

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Grove. Co Laundry Detergent Sheets

Toh Ecomm Fall Grove Laundry Sheets Via Grove.comvia merchant

What’s a laundry detergent sheet, you ask? Essentially, it’s a highly-concentrated sheet that instantly dissolves and removes stains. The sheet is better for the environment and makes laundry day easier since it doesn’t come in a bulky plastic bottle. Grove Collaborative’s mulled apple laundry detergent sheets feature a powerful blend of essential oils and plant extracts to clean clothes while leaving them smelling like an apple orchard.

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Grove Co. Reusable Dish Cloth

Toh Ecomm Putty Grove Fall Dish Rag Via Grove.comvia merchant

As if the hand and dish soaps weren’t enough, the Grove Collaborative fall scents collection is topped off with this adorable reusable dish cloth. The autumn leaves design will brighten up your kitchen cleaning gear and save up to a dozen paper towel rolls. (If you’re new to the concept, learn more about Swedish dishcloths.)

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Where to Buy Grove Collaborative Fall Products

Toh Ecomm All Fall Grove Via Grove.comvia merchant

If you’re ready to fill your kitchen with the warm scents of fall, head on over to Grove Collaborative’s website to fill your basket with their new fall collection. Select products are also available at Target for a limited time. Prices range from $4.99 for a single hand soap to over $100 for a large bundle.

As one of the best cleaning subscription boxes, I love that I can effortlessly stock up on all my kitchen cleaning staples with Grove Collaborative—and reduce my plastic footprint along the way. A cleaner, greener and fall-filled home awaits!

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