Amazon Shoppers Love This $4 Garbage Disposal Cleaner That Instantly Transforms Kitchen Sinks

Reviewers can't stop raving about how cheap and easy to use this top-rated garbage disposal cleaner is!

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Having a garbage disposal in your sink is one of the greatest kitchen luxuries if you hate scooping debris out of your sink, but keeping a clean garbage disposal can feel like a tiresome task. A bottle of top-rated Glisten Foaming Garbage Disposal Cleaner makes keeping a clean, stink-free garbage disposal a breeze though—and it has over 30,000 impressive Amazon ratings! It’s one of our favorite TikTok-made-me-buy-it products and it works like a charm.

What is Glisten Garbage Disposal Cleaner?

Each packet of cleaning and deodorizing Glisten Garbage Disposal Cleaner offers a powerful foaming formula that reaches deep into crevices, pockets and corners to scrub away even the grossest gunk. It’s made with natural, sink- and disposal-safe ingredients. Plus, it’s biodegradable, gentle enough for septic systems and even removes buildup in the pipes.

The blue, foamy substance leaves a totally clean kitchen sink disposal system with only a mild lingering lemon scent behind. Plus, it’s a relatively compact product that neatly fits in under-sink organizers next to your favorite dish soaps and detergents and answers the question of how to clean one the most complicated kitchen items without calling in a pro. It even prevents the dreaded fruit-flies-in-the-drain issue that plagues so many kitchens when the weather is warm.

How to Use Glisten Garbage Disposal Cleaner

Each order of Glisten Garbage Disposal Cleaner comes with four individually portioned drop-in packets. The manufacturer suggests use one each week, but you can adjust the frequency depending on how often you use your disposal system. Start by turning your disposer off. Then, run a strong stream of hot water into the sink (not the drain) for about a minute. Reduce the hot water to a trickle and insert one complete packet into the disposer. It’s important to note that the packet should be left whole! Don’t open or tear the packet. Then, turn the disposer on for 20 to 30 seconds. You’ll quickly see the drain puff up with blue cleaning foam that spreads to the sink basin.

When it sounds like the packet is fully dissolved in the disposer, switch it off. Let the gentle trickle of water continue until the foam disappears in your sink. It’s that easy, and has earned this Amazon bestseller over 30,000 ratings with a 4.5-stars average.

The Best Amazon User Reviews

Lindsay, a verified Amazon purchaser, gives Glisten a full five stars in her review. “This is the coolest thing ever. It’s super easy to use and works SO well! I’ve only ever used DIY methods to clean my disposal and just assumed it was working. I decided to buy this because I noticed that flies were starting to hover around my sink. So glad I did! After using this, I saw something silver in my drain that caught my eye and OMG—it was my garbage disposal. I’ve lived in this apartment for three years and legit didn’t know it was silver down there—and I clean it regularly! Absolutely incredible.”

“The first time I tried it, it didn’t foam that much, but I could still hear a difference when the process was completed,” writes Flnative75, another verified Amazon purchaser. “The second time, I took more time letting the water get very hot and had the water on at a little more than the pencil width as the instructions stated. It foamed up perfectly! Each time used, I could immediately hear how much more smoothly the disposal sounded when it finished working. No yucky smells anymore either.”

Sarah, another verified Amazon purchaser shares, “For weeks we had this lingering smell in our kitchen, and we were unable to determine the source. We cleaned out the fridge, checked all our cabinets for mold, cleaned the floors and even brought pest control in to look for any dead mice. NOTHING. I got sick before Christmas and then got the flu after New Year’s so when I finally felt better mid-January and the smell was still there, I raged. I figured it had to be our garbage disposal because there was simply nothing left as a viable source. I found this product on Amazon and used it the day it came in. I could have actually cried because this stuff worked!”

Where to Buy Glisten Garbage Disposal Cleaner

Glisten Disposer Care Foaming Drain Pipe Cleaner Ecomm Via Amazonvia merchant

Glisten Garbage Disposal Cleaner comes in nifty four-packs that retail for about $4 (or $1 per use) at Amazon, Walmart and Home Depot. Deal hunters should head to Amazon though, because the brand offers occasional discounts, coupons and bundle deals on this perennial bestseller.

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