8 Dishwashing Gloves That Keep Hands Clean and Dry

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Whether you’re trying to maintain your manicure or would simply rather not touch all that caked-on grease from the cookware you’re scrubbing, dishwashing gloves make a world of difference in kitchen cleanup. For starters, they protect your hands from hot and cold water. Additionally, they make it easier to grip heavy pots and pans. Yes, you’ll still have to do the dirty work, but dishwashing gloves are your partner in grime.

Need a hand in choosing which dishwashing gloves are right for you? Here are some dishwashing gloves that will help protect your manicure from chipping, shield your skin from drying dish soap and, most importantly, keep your hands clean.

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Scrubbing Rubber Gloves
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Best Scrubbing Dishwashing Gloves

When are dishwashing gloves more than just heavy-duty gloves? When they have built-in scrubbers in the palms, like these scrubbing gloves. This brilliant, ergonomic invention—your hand won’t cramp from gripping a sponge for so long!—makes quick work of cleaning up the dishes. But it’s also genius for cleaning produce, bathroom tile, your car—you can even use them to clean your pet! At such a low price, it’s worth it to get a pair for every use.

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Latex Free Rubber Gloves
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Best Latex-Free Dishwashing Gloves

If you have latex allergies, then the wrong gloves can do much more harm than good. Have peace of mind as you scrub with this pair of latex-free gloves that are made from PVC. They’ve got a soft cotton lining and feature a non-slip design—good news if you’re a kitchen klutz! Plus, they are long enough to keep soapy water from dripping down your arms. You won’t mind the work as much with these effective gloves that come in super-cute blue and purple.

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Platex Rubber Gloves
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Best Budget-Friendly Dishwashing Gloves

Remember those rubber ducky-yellow dishwashing gloves your parents had? They’re still around because, well, they work! Their value price mean you’ll definitely want to stock up, so you’ll always have a pair to grab whenever you need to wash dishes or clean the bathroom. Plus, they’ve got microbial protection so your gloves and hands smell fresh, and not like what you just cleaned.

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Stylish Rubber Gloves
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Most Stylish Dishwashing Gloves

Dishwashing gloves aren’t exactly what you might call high fashion, but retailers have expanded well beyond the boring, utilitarian dishwashing gloves that often come to mind. This pack of stylish gloves come in a pair of pink and blue, each with floral cuffs that make you feel like you’re off to a garden party rather than working in your garden. (Another excellent use for dishwashing gloves!)

Despite their daintier look, these gloves are up to any task. They’ve got temperature-resistant PVC, so you won’t burn your hands in scalding water, plus they’re resistant to odors. They also have a comfortable lining, so you won’t mind pulling them on and getting to work.

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Multipurpose Rubber Gloves
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Best Multipurpose Dishwashing Gloves

Just as you have different sponges for different cleaning tasks around the house (at least we hope you do), you shouldn’t be wearing the same rubber gloves to do all your dirty work. This three-pack of multipurpose gloves make it easy to stash a pair wherever you need it—under your kitchen sink, in your bathroom vanity or outside in the garage. These bright red rubber gloves mean business! They’ve got a flexible lining that makes wearing them comfortable, plus they’ve got non-slip cuffs that keep them in place as your digging into your work.

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Eco Rubber Gloves
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Best Eco-Conscious Dishwashing Gloves

Dishwashing isn’t the most thrilling task, but here’s something to make you happy! These eco-conscious gloves are made using biodegradable, non-toxic inks and glues that are much better for the environment. Plus they’re made from certified Fair Trade Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) natural rubber, sourced from forests that are managed in an eco-friendly manner.

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Extra Large Rubber Gloves
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Best Dishwashing Gloves for Big Hands

Got big hands and some big work to do? You need a glove that can handle both your size and the mess you need to clean. These dishwashing gloves for big hands work very nicely for taking care of dishes and diving into heavy cleaning with harsh chemicals. Best of all, you won’t have to pay big bucks for having big hands!

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Extra Long Rubber Gloves
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Best Long Dishwashing Gloves

Whether you have an extra-deep farm sink in your kitchen, or the task you’re working on is extra dirty (no judgment here!), you need a pair of extra-long rubber gloves. These certainly fit the bill, fitting your arms practically past your elbows. At nearly 18 inches long, these bright orange gloves won’t let any water seep in as you’re scrubbing dishes. They’re also good if you’re working with hot water or chemical cleaning products, as they protect your arms better. Are they the prettiest dishwashing gloves you’ll find? No, but then again, those dirty dishes aren’t pretty, either.

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