We Used Domino Golden Sugar in a Sugar Cookie Taste Test. Here’s What Happened.

Is there a difference in the cookies' appearance and taste? We did a blind tasting to find out.

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Have you heard the news? Domino just launched a new, less-processed sugar called Golden Sugar. It retains some of the naturally-occurring molasses, giving it a golden color. Here’s why people are buzzing about it. I had the opportunity recently to tour the sugar cane fields where it’s grown and learn all about this new sugar—plus sample it in many sugar-infused desserts!

One of the first things I wanted to do when I got home was conduct a side-by-side test. Domino claims you can use it cup-for-cup in place of granulated sugar (you sure can). But since it has more molasses in it, would that make the cookies a tad darker and a bit sweeter? There was only one way to find out.

The Test

To test this out, I used this easy sugar cookie recipe, the perfect testing vehicle. Anything more flavorful and complex would mask any difference between the sugars.

domino sugar cookies taste test Brianna Griepentrog/Taste of Home

The Appearance

While making the batter, I could detect a significant difference in color after creaming the butter and sugar. It was less noticeable in the final doughs.

After the first two batches finally came out of the oven, I was pleased to find there wasn’t much of a difference at all! The traditional sugar cookies were slightly brighter and contrasted more against the golden-brown edges. The Golden Sugar cookies’ color was more subdued. Some Taste of Home staffers initially thought the traditional sugar cookies were the Golden batch because they had a golden hue, but overall, they looked virtually identical.

The Taste

The cookies look the same, but do they taste the same? In one word: yes. Some Taste of Home editors thought the Golden cookies were softer and fluffier, while the traditional cookies were doughier. But everyone thought the cookies were equally delish.

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The Verdict

So, when you give the new Domino Golden Sugar a try, rest assured it won’t affect the look or taste of your beloved cookie recipes. And since it can be used cup for cup in place of granulated sugar, you won’t need to alter any baking recipes, either. Thank goodness!

Editor’s note: Currently, Domino Golden Sugar is only available in grocery stores on the East Coast. But anyone can buy it on Amazon.

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